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  1. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    It's funny really because the X/Y ending theme song talks about every nation uniting together and living in peace... Britain has done the exact opposite.
  2. Euro 2016

    Nope, Iceland are our opponents in the last 16. Cracking game between Hungary and Portugal though.
  3. Euro 2016

    If Portugal fail to beat Hungary tomorrow then they could end up finishing 3rd and end up playing England. Meaning we could have England, Portugal, Italy, Spain. France and Germany on the same side of the draw. Looking at that just shows what a poor decision it was by Roy Hodgson to make wholesale changes. The other side of the draw looks more favourable.
  4. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    But Weregreymon is too OP. Smogon already banned him...
  5. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Fair enough, I've seen both terms used in relation to the idea. So yeah, fusion does seem like it could happen especially given we're getting the Zygarde formes in Sun and Moon. The plot appears to have some ties to alchemy too if multiple theorists are to be believed, which is also why Solgaleo is Psychic/Steel type. In alchemy there is a lion who eats the Sun, which may be why a lion has been chosen to be the Sun mascot. I hear the new Pokemon movie also seems to have some links to alchemy with the plotline regarding Magearna... Pokemon and the Philosopher's Stone anyone?
  6. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    To be honest, it wouldn't be surprising if that bracelet that the characters are wearing turns out to be some sort of synchro evolution thing. If the anime's been pushing it then chances are that you will be able to fuse with your starter's final evos in Pokemon Sun/Moon (and possibly other Pokemon too, if Iwanko has the same kind of "secret" as Rowlet, Litten and Popplio do). But it'll probably be limited so as to not take away from Mega Evolution, with the bracelet doubling up as a Mega Bracelet. There is definately something going on with the bracelet given that they were saying at E3 that they weren't allowed to talk about it yet.
  7. Your 2016 Gaming Diary

    Been playing a mix of games. Started the year playing Xenoblade Chronicles X but I have found it difficult to keep my attention on that game for very long periods of time, and as soon as I downloaded Undertale I began playing that all the time instread. Then I started to learn about the Pokemon20 legendary distributions throughout this year and gradually my Pokemon addiction returned, which has lead me to want to get all of the legendaries that I had never been able to get before. I then bought Pokken Tournament and have been playing that quite a bit, beat the first three leagues with Chandelure and began the Chroma League and recently decided to download Pokemon Yellow on Virtual Console and start a Nuzlocke. Also dabbled with playing Final Fantasy X, but like Xenobalde it is struggling to hold my attention for long periods of time. While it has an interesting premisce I can't look past the fact that all the environments are blatantly a straight line, with only the odd diverging path for extras. I do hear that it opens up later on but at the moment it's difficult to really get invested. Then again, it might just be me struggling to pay attention to these big RPGs... might give them both another go and try and make some progression.
  8. Euro 2016

    Well, at least we didn't finish in 3rd I guess. Still, the only team we managed to beat finished ahead of us...
  9. Euro 2016

    That challenge on Peter Pekarik... that looked horrible...
  10. Euro 2016

    Hodgson apparently making 6 changes for England's game against Slovakia this evening. If that's the case then I can see why given Vardy and Sturridge have been better in 45 minutes than Kane and Sterling were in 135. At the same time I would rather we win the group and avoid having to play a group winner in the knockout rounds so hopefully the team isn't disturbed too much. Wales have an easier final game than England imo.
  11. 3DS eShop Thread

    Oracle games are pretty good games from what I can remember. But it's been ages since I touched Seasons and I still need to finish it. I think I must have gotten lost about halfway through trying to find either the 5th or the 6th dungeon or something. I can't quite remember.