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  1. I will say, stuff like this was never particularly obvious when playing as for about 11-13 years or so of playing RPGs I didn't pay too much attention to how my stats were actually affecting my attack etc, there was no real obvious feedback from what I could see about the impact that my stats were having. Stuff like that is the sort of stuff I feel you'd only really find out on the internet anyway. This might be why I was able to enjoy the game a fair bit more than you did. Not a scratch on the 93% review score in ONM that basically sold me on the game though!
  2. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I would have loved to have seen tracks from all across the series too (I don't really like Destiny's Force that much as a tune personally, it never really stood out to me although I understand that it's in there for how often it gets played), but from what they chose, Hand in Hand, Gummi Ship, Hollow Bastion, Scherzo Di Notte, Fragments of Sorrow and Destati are my favourites. Would have loved to see stuff like Tension Rising, Darkness of the Unknown, Lock, Load and Blast, L'Imperto Oscuro, Untamable, The Tumbling and Hunter of the Dark in the game. Actually there's a lot more but I figure if they're tied to Disney worlds specifically there would be issues. I like a lot more of the battle themes in Kingdom Hearts II than ! but at least they put my favourite rendition of Hollow Bastion in the game.
  3. Everyone hates Sonic Chronicles and here I am thinking it wasn't THAT bad. Sure, its not a classic by any means, the music is terrible and I forgot a lot about it over time but I had relatively few issues with the actual game itself and found the story rather interesting. The final boss was a bit of a letdown though. I'll go into more detail about it when the Sonic video eventually drops, I'm almost done with it, just need do to a lot of post produiction and testing.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    But you can at least pair Sora up with Donald and Goofy... just do a team match with Duck Hunt Duo as your teammate!
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I must admit I had written off Sora's chances thinking that Sephiroth was going to be the Square-Enix rep and thought Dr. Eggman was going to be it given that Sega haven't had a rep in the pass. However, I'm kind of glade I was wrong. Legit a character I'd really enjoy playing as and I wasn't even among the people highly requesting Sora for the game. Shame the whole reveal ended up getting leaked but... oh well.
  6. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    Tell you what, in both races that have followed Sprint Races this season both Hamilton and Verstappen have crashed into each other. Coincidence? For pure entertainment spectacle I suspect that might lead to Sprint being adopted full time.
  7. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Normally when I'm playing a game I tend to flood this thread with all my favourite tunes from said game. But in this case I'm finding a situation that whenever I'm playing a new level the soundtrack is an instant classic so... I'm just going to post a link to the entire OST here... Surprisingly Grand Kirkhope only did one theme and David Wise barely did half of it with two new composers accounting for much of the tunes.
  8. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Doesm't seem like SEGA have much of an idea when it comes to their older game franchises anymore in general really...
  9. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Picked up a new game to play recently. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair which is basically the sixth Donkey Kong Country game as far as I'm concerned. Played the first two levels and it feels very much like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Not that that's a bad thing, Tropical Freeze is one of my top 10 favourrite games of all time and my favourite platformer so having a game in that style can't hurt. Not quite sure how you're supposed to get some of the secrets yet as I missed two coins on Factory Fright (amazing music for this stage btw). Although, I did manage to die on the first boss battle through what should have been a simple jump and was then booted out as if I was supposed to have died somewhere else in the Impossible Lair. I'm probably going to be doing all the other levels before I look to attempt the Impossible Lair and I'm still learning what certain things do. Like the bells I didn't realise were for resummoning Laylee but the damage part reminds me so much of Yoshi's Island so its a bit forgiving really as you can then just get Laylee back immediately, though it looks like fast paced sequences like chase sequences as well as areas with lots of hazards are going to make that harder. Overall, liking this game so far, looking forward to the rest of it.
  10. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Doing some footage recording for my Gaming Anniversaries series on Youtube and during the process I noticed that there were a few regular missions that I never actually got the emblems for in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I was on 161 Emblems but that number has been bumped up to 168 after pretty much doing all of the Death Chamber missions with a few A Ranks in there. I then went and finished Rouge's Kart stage and then did Egg Quaters hard mode. So hard that the game never tells you what you actually need to do in order to be able to beat the level, picking up bombs that enemies throw in order to break certain containers? Really? I never knew you could do that and I don't know how the game expects you to know thats something that can be done. So now on 168 Emblems but the last 12 I think are in the Chao races, A Ranks and Chao Karate.
  11. But has he managed to find the computer room yet?
  12. I've got to admit Casino Night is actually one of my favourite tunes in Sonic Heroes, which is probably an unpopular opinion but it just sounds good to me.. I don't know... Also with regards to Unleashed I have never played the HD version, only the Wii version. I'm reserving judgement on that version until I play it again later this year. I'm in the process of making a video for Sonic's 30th Anniversary so this thread is going to be helpful in covering some of the more obscure games I've never played and getting takes on them. I have a lot more personal attachment to Sonic Adventure 2 than any other Sonic game just because of the sheer amount of time you can put into the game even after finishing it. The Chao Garden might as well be enough to last a lifetime, the fact that this was included on top of a speed platformer is mind blowing to think about and the soundtrack is one of my all time favourites in gaming.
  13. General Gaming Sales/Charts Discussion

    While I'm sure I and many others like their single player experiences the market is clearly speaking towards wanting to buy games that will last forever. Things like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart is indicative of this. Its frankly still impressive how well Mario Kart continues to sell to this day. I think online is a huge factor in game sales these days as people are more likely to buy a game if their friends have the game so that they can play online with their friends. This seems to have helped in Mario Kart 8's favour as Nintendo has just rereleased the game but since many people didn't get a a Wii U they didn't get this particular iteration of the game and its just done crazy numbers as a result. The fact that the game manages to remain in top 10 sales all the time is seriously impressive, selling almost as well as new games.
  14. Never played Power Paintbrush. I have however, played Canvas Curse Was never my copy though, so no idea if its even something we still have. I have found myself listening a bit to its OST though, it does its job as a best of Kirby OSTs and as the only Kirby game I've actually played is most of my exposure to Kirby soundtrack apart from Smash Bros.
  15. Pokèmon Prèsents 18/08/2021

    Am I the only one who thought that the combat system in Pokemon Legends Arceus was basically the same one that Final Fantasy X used? A turn order in the top right is pretty much exactly the same as FFX. I think I know what Square Enix's reaction was to seeing that battle system...
  16. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    I pretty much detailed my entire thoughts on Other M in the video I posted further up this page. Metroid Other M is about an hour into the video. Basically I don't think the story is that great... in the English language version because Sakamoto insisted on being the one in charge of localisation. But his original Japanese script was incredibly nuanced and was meant to have Samus growing as a character throughout the entire thing. What Sakamoto didn't realise was that the English language doesn't have the same kind of nuance that the Japanese language does considering they have multiple words for what we in English would have as one word and the words are meant to express the intent (Ore-sama for instance is considered offensive as it indicates a seflish character). I do go into full detail in the video and playing the game reminded me of a few things I'd forgotten about. I still think its the weakest entry in the Metroid series but its far from the turd the internet makes it out to be as the gameplay is solid overall. It would be even better if it had a more traditional control system but I think that says something about what Team Ninja did that the game feels good to play in spite of a bad control system. You can also tell a ton of budget was pumped into this game given how graphically impressive some of those cutscenes look (space vistas are stunning). Anyway, I've found something to play, Super Castlevania IV. I finally continued my playthrough of that game and have reached Stage 3-2. Curiously Stage 2-2 had a boss but not Stage 3. Odd....
  17. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Most of my gaming lately has been solely dedicated to my Youtube series Gaming Anniversaries. For the Metroid series I added to my replay of Prime Hunters with some gameplay of Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion. Yes, I went through Other M again, at least up until the hell run. There was a fair bit I forgot about, such as the fact that the game locks the save room doors until you actually save and coming to the realisation that this game was trying to be like Metal Gear Solid. The game over screen reminds me so much of MGS. I posed this video in the Metroid Dread thread but I figured since it covers the whole series and is relevant to what I'm doing here I might as well post it here too. This does mean that actually playing new games or playing games I haven't finished yet has taken a backseat to playing games for these videos and I've still got three more planned. I will try and balance that with getting some more Switch games done and also playing that Ratchet & Clank demo I downloaded a while ago
  18. Metroid Dread

    Oh hey, Nintendo remembered Metroid's 35th anniversary this year! Speaking of the anniversary, I've just released a video to commemorate the occasion, it's another gaming diary/series retrospective.
  19. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    They came out to Proof of a Hero. The whole thing ended with the Dragon Quest theme.
  20. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    It WAS the main Dragon Quest theme though. I've only heard it once in the loop so far but they started the entire show with the tune and then went into the main theme. They should definitely play Soulcalibur music during the fencing events though!
  21. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    There's been a lot of bad organisation on the part of the Olympics. The director of the opening ceremony got fired just a day before the ceremony started and multiple others have been sacked. Nintendo probably didn't want to associate themselves with such a badly organised event.
  22. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    So in case anyone isn't aware, they're playing a bunch of video game music in the Olympics opening ceremony right now. Here's the full list
  23. Well, Konami have just announced a new game that's coming to all platforms... Looks suspiciously similar to MTG Arena but with Yugioh cards..
  24. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Powered through the rest of my Metroid Prime Huntyers replay today. Got past the dreaded Piston Tunnel and that was enough to help me get all the way to the end, scanning everything and... beating Gorea's second phase for the first time. You see, I never actually beat Gorea's second form back in the day. I always got to the final boss and beat it multiple times while repeatedly getting the bad ending. I thought that I had basically beaten the game at that point but I was confused by the fact that there were still some locked features which I had no idea how to unlock. I was also confused by online matches taking place on the Oubliette stage which I'd never unlocked. I would later find out that you were supposed to read the Alimbic Prophecy lore which tells you that you need to shoot the spinny things in the final boss battle in a certain order with the corresponding weapons. But during my proper playthrough I lost the cartridge. This leads into this year when I finally replaced it with a proper digital version. So now I've gone through and got that 100% on Prime Hunters:
  25. Dark Souls

    I wound up taking a three year break from Dark Souls after getting stuck on Ornstein and Smough originally. I didn't do the second half of the game until this year. Definitely one of the hardest boss battles I've ever had to face. Turns out though that one of the best grinding spots in the game is in Anor Londo. The large knights drops a ton of souls and there's about six in the vicinity of the first bonfire in Anor Londo so if you keep fighting those knights over and over again and rest at the bonfire you can get a ton of souls and that helps upgrade your armour and level up a fair bit. I wound up power levelling to help myself against Ornstein and Smough and it was that moment that sent me down a more dexterity focused build. Personally I think Ornstein and Smough is the apex of this game's difficulty. In the second half of the game you're pretty strong and you have a strong familiarity with the game's systems and how to deal with enemies, added with the ability to warp between bonfires it gives more confidence to exploration. You can be a bit more aggressive against the earlier enemies in the game as you can kill many in the first hit. By this point I think its important to decide what kind of character you want to be. There's about three recommended good builds in this game, a setup prioritising strength and health, a setup prioritising dexterity and movement and a more magic focused sefup. Rounding stat powerups down to a couple of stats will help considerably in the second half.