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  1. Pulp are awesome, but...

    Different Class is the obvious choice here but This Is Hardcore is also an amazing album. Pulp are definately on par with the best bands of the 90's for sure. Jarvis Cocker is actually incredible..
  2. Slow speeds

    with bittorrent... I realise this may be a touchy subject with all the conflicts about it being illegal and things but I download alot of fansubbed anime and I have a 100k line yet i barely recieve 20k and it takes quite a while. I have a netgear router and ive read up on the internet but alot of it I dont understand most of it. I did try opening some ports or something but that didnt really work. Maybe im doing it wrong. If anyone can help me that would be cool. cheers Edit: I use Azureus, I have tried other aplications but no results.
  3. Slow speeds

    OK! Port 20084 is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections. So the port is open.... And my speed test came out just fine. And yeah i know about the downloading off others but the speed I get is constant whatever i download, even if it has over 1000 seeds. And isnt fansubbed anime legal shorty as it hasnt yet been liscensed? What I always thought... EDIT: go here if you use Pipex or are experiencing slow speeds... http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=181062 My problem is solved. Apparently traffic shapening was the problem. Im in the right mind to fuck pipex off now. Ive had no problems with them but this is really ridiculous.
  4. Albums of the year!

    Nas - Hip Hop is dead T.I - King The Roots - Game Theory Gnarles Barkly - St Elsewhere
  5. Love Music Hate Racism

    Closest I could come.... Dead Kennedys are amazing
  6. top 20 world footballers

    I must be the only person who thinks Didier Drogba is a fucking good player. He has flair, speed but most importantly strength. I rate him.
  7. Modest Mouse.

    Word. Punk is Funk.
  8. Modest Mouse.

    Shows your knowledge of all things musical. Do yourself a favour, go down to your local record shop and trade your lame modest mouse cd's for a good NFG album. You won't regret it.
  9. Modest Mouse.

    Expletives get the point across, they are fun to use, and get people wound up. Il carry on using them. New Found glory are pop punk thanyou very muchos.
  10. Modest Mouse.

    Alright, do what you want, but I know Id rather listen too slipknot than some fat whiney **** anyday, and slipknot are not my forté either. Im sorry, but emo is a damn sight better than fucking Indie. Thats the thing, people get mistaken to what Emo actually is. Oh my fucking god emo is well shitez innsit, I means My ChEmiCaAL ROMANCE, WTFwtfWtf?!?!1111? Emo bands: New Found Glory, Saves the Day, The Weakerthans, Texas is the Reason, Braid, Jets to Brazil, Indian Summer, Owltian Mia, Postal Sevice, Threadbare, You and I, Moss Icon. If any of you so called 'Indie' boys can find anymusic by these bands, fair enough you can label Emo what ever the hell yo uwant, but until then, get fucked. And why on earth do Indie faggots now think that they have the right too call another underground scene? Because they enjoy music called 'indie', which actually stands for - 'Corporate, drug abusing, untalented muscicians who like to steal other peoples fashions and call it their own little corn holing motherfuckers who sing more about emotions etc more than any emo band I know. Listen to Metal, even if you dont like it, and youl find a lesson in how to play instruments.
  11. I have Toothache

    Worst shit ever Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you? p.s its not the worst thing ever but whatever
  12. Modest Mouse.

    Do your self a favour, don't. Whiney Indie. Not the worst but pretty damn close.
  13. Christmas Charities.

    Why on earth are you showing us charity sites? Surely people can see them verywhere they go, people asking for money and shit. Dumb idea. People, don't trust him with your money. Hes an internet fraudster currently living in the caves of Afghanistan, tricking young boys into giving their money and much more.
  14. United out of Europe

    Fuck off Ruud Van Nistelrooy........
  15. How would you like that cooked sir?

    Dont eat meat and I shant call you one. Bowser........cool
  16. Hair - Brad Pitt Eyes - Andy Roddick Nose - David Beckham Mouth - Freddie Lungberg Skin Colour - Will Smith
  17. How would you like that cooked sir?

    gay ____________________________________________________
  18. How would you like that cooked sir?

    Its not really the consumption idea of meat eating that makes me want to stay vegetarian, more the intensive-farming-murdering-cruel-inhuman way in which they are reared and killed for the sole benefit of some fat steak eating motherfucker who doesnt give a flying fuck about the life of anyone but himself. Period. AND told you quinny....mormons.....
  19. How would you like that cooked sir?

    I will have my tofu alternative steak/tofurky well done with added crisp please
  20. Its cos your a geek mate =))
  21. E-Bay ownage

    Are you stupid or were you actually posting this knowing it was a bluff sale?
  22. Please help you rock/emo/metal fans!

    Matt Freeman from Rancid..... Not the hottest but the best by far.....and I mean by far