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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    Indeed shame shes not into gaming :P and she has shouted at me cause im spinning around in the kitchen trying to show her face raiders while shes trying to do the washing xD baring in mind im 21 to make the imagination more epic
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    My mum loves the 3DS cause her faceraiders face said she was a young lady
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    just had exaclt the same feeling xD lol and yea the sound is awsome just tested it with some pendulum any1 with headphones can test weither itll play music while closed?
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    Thanks cube but i dont see a folder to select in it :/ do you have to make 1 on the SD card and does it need a specific name?
  5. 3DS Console Discussion

    Anyone know how to add the QR stuff? and how to play Mp3's from an SD card ?
  6. 3DS Console Discussion

    Just got the 3D video available on my 3DS, its the icon before the game catriage if thats the one u mean, it wasnt there earlyer this morning
  7. 3DS Console Discussion

    Managed to get mine from tesco although none of the tech staff were there and left the rest of the shop clueless as to what there doing with them :P saw 2 other people there at around midnight to get 1 I hadnt seen the 3d effect before i bought it and im really impressed with it Although my eyes hurt alittle after a while but im sure with time they'll get used to it One question though, how do you get to play mp3 files from ur SD card? (if thats even possible)
  8. Good luck hope you get to keep your saves :P I remember my cousin trying to fix his sons DS cause part of the screen connector fell off and i just went to him "you know they usually repair it for free" he almost killed me and the DS xD but it was cool seeing inside a DS the bit he was trying to fix was soooo small and fiddly
  9. US August Sales

    How about u put some effort into your Wii editions of games and then people may actually spend money to reward your actual effort EA are going back to their roots here
  10. yea i would see that as being true, u can tell americans are alot more.. how to say it.. overexageratting when they get into something. Although i do love looking like a plank on Wiisports myself :P
  11. US March Sales

    Well thinking about it, its like Wiiplay is the MUST have thing when u buy a Wii, its basicly like just buying an extra Wii-mote but getting a free gift with it :P so when there are Wii sales, there are WiiPlay sales
  12. Mario Kart Wii

    Just got the game and i love it but man am i crap with the wheel, managed to switch to GC controller and it feels more accurate, but the wheel is tons of fun now for some serious gaming
  13. Nintendo Media Summit 2008

    Completly depends on your taste in games, i mean with the Wii sales. im sure many 3rd partys by now have games underway as a few months back they were all announcing making Wii-specidfic developtment teams.... and it takes a while to make a game
  14. Nintendo Media Summit 2008

    Did any of you actually expect ANY news, i mean comeon... this is hardly as popular as E3 in terms of revealing stuff for publicity... its just bad business sence if they did