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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

  2. PC Gaming Discussion

    Got my PC parts comming tomorrow. Hopefully this isn't a big £1500 mistake >_<
  3. What Have You Bought?

    And here is the rest of it. Had to fight with my bank to put the payment through. £1360 total plus the motherboard it's £1500 ish
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Screw it! i'm committing! MSI MPG B550 GAMING EDGE Wi-Fi Motherboard.
  5. The VIZ Sig 21st Century Boys arrived yesterday. Really nice spine art but that circle at the end is annoying me. They should have finished it! >_<
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    So i'm thinknig about building a PC. However my desk is a piece of crappy plywood that would snap like a toothpick if i sat a case on it. All the desks i'm seeing on amazon or argos or wherever have the case at your feet, off to the side and I don't want that. I've got a glass pannle on there so i want to see it. I want to put my case on the desk but i see these max load weights of 30kg and 40kg. I just need someone to reccomend a good strong desk. One that I can sit a mid-tower on.
  7. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (14th May 2021)

    I've kinda moved on to other things, really need to get back to Mass Effect 2. I'm still pretty early on in the game, just landed on Omega.
  8. What Have You Bought?

    Was reading through the guide to JRPGs and i came across a game i used to have years ago. Seems they ported it to the PS3 in 2009 or so. I never really finished it at the time. Found it on ebay for cheep so i'm going to try and go through it again.
  9. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    One of the better final fantasy soundtracks in my oppinion. Probably because i played this one alot more than the others.
  10. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    When i was playing the ball through the tornadoes there were no problems. But if i landed close to one that I needed to use then the ball would get pushed upwards then end up hitting off of the cliff wall and back to where it started. It's not as frustrating as I make it out to be. I was probably making it harder for myself than it should have been. The stroke limit is very generious in hindsight.
  11. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    It's the elevation changes that really screw up my shots. The tornadoes also don't put my ball where i want it, usually ends up bouncing off of a cliff face again and again. I got through it last night, hopefully I don't have to do any of it again.
  12. Mario Golf Super Rush (25th June 2021)

    Cross Country golf can do one! I hope I never see it again.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    Special Edition of "A Guide to Japanese Role Playing Games" by Bitmap Books
  14. Balan Wonderworld

    I wouldn't take it if the damn thing was free. What a waste of development time.
  15. What Have You Bought?

  16. What Have You Bought?

    The second best Burnout.
  17. Mario Party Superstars (29th Oct)

    Not playing Mario Party
  18. Mario Party Superstars (29th Oct)

    So they're finally seeing sence and getting rid of the car and the free roam board styles? I might actually buy this one for once.
  19. WarioWare Get It Together! (10th Sept)

    I was wondering when they were gonig to stick a Warioware game on the Switch... Took them a while, I think the Wii U launched with Game & Wario.
  20. What Have You Bought?

    Stop making me want to spend money! I already bought a Series X now i'm tempted to drop £60 on this too.
  21. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Damn this thing attracts fingerprints like Chris Hansen attracts child predators.
  22. R.I.P Satoru Iwata

    Mine arrived with the dust cover. No idea what happened to yours.
  23. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Are the fans ment to be running all the time? I can't hear the fans themselves but when i put my hand over the top vent i can feel air being blown out even when the console is off. I've got it set to instant on mode. Will they stop if i put it in power saving mode? or would that effect my background downloads?
  24. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    So i've got it set up and downloading Froza Horizon 4 from Gamepass. I'm getting some wierd speeds. I'm getting anywhere from a few kbps to about 200mbps. Is this normal? and is there any way to turn this thing off while my stuff downloads in the background? I'm comming off a PS4 and i'm kinda used to stuff downloading while the machine is in standby.