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  1. ZombiU

    Looks amazing! Love the hidden room
  2. Wii HDMI adapter

    Found this in Japan. I love it. You can find similar adapters on amazon and ebay.
  3. Wii HDMI adapter

    I bought one to enjoy my gamecube games, for wii games I'll just use my future Wii U Sharper image and better colors
  4. Why "everyone" should port to the Wii U

    You might be right. I just looked at the dollar modell of game sales where about 60% goes to the developer/publisher/marketing. But the split is probably different in different countries. I'll be getting both Aliens and AC3 on Wii U
  5. Why "everyone" should port to the Wii U

    I'll agree I'd rather see new games. But that is a way bigger risk on a new console.
  6. ZombiU

    Is it just me or does the guns sound like impotent firecrackers...
  7. ZombiU

    That make sence. It's probably to much to ask that the game simulates the movement of living zombies when you die, and putting them in "cinematic" places probably makes for an overall better experience. But all in all I realy hope we get a feeling of persistence and not respawning zombies. update: I just watched it again and you also see ammo respawning. The zombies are in the same positions. "I am disappoint" Does not look beyond ps3/360. I think this is ingame shoots.
  8. ZombiU

  9. ZombiU

    I like what I see. Better resolution, better lighting and more detail. But it looks like the zombies respawned in this build. I thought they stayed dead when you respawned.
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    That is also a possibility ^^ when I first read the news it seemed like Sakurai was the only one from the old team to work on this.
  11. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    This means Nintendos own team is making something secret for WiiU
  12. Ghost Recon Online

    I don't want this to become the norm, but I want this to exist.
  13. Ghost Recon Online

    Altough it's hard to believe, f2p is extremely profitable. Crytek just announced they will stop making regular games and focus solely on f2p. Since the games are free they get a huge customer base, and when people start buying small items they get hooked. Lord of the rings online is a great example, before they went free to play they where losing money. Now it's a huge success. One thing that is a big focus is that it's not pay2win. But that you can invest cash instead of time or get exlusive items/looks. And the way the business model would work is that Nintendo gets a percentage of each micro transaction. That way it would be very profitable for Nintendo aswell. The more f2p games the more money trickle inn to Nintendo withouth they doing any work. I do understand that people don't like this model, but there's a huge chance you will try a good looking free game instead of having to invest full price for.
  14. ZombiU

    With smartglass the xbox will connect to most tablets [Android/ios/win8]
  15. Ghost Recon Online

    If this game is F2p on wiiU its a huge step in console gaming. The F2P model has been a Pc thing that needed to come to consoles. I know ps3 is getting Dust, but to see Nintendo supporting this from the start would be great news.
  16. I understand that Nintendo will downplay the importance of graphics. But the truth is that great graphics sell. And if Nintendo could prove the U is noticably better than 360/PS3 they would have way better sales. I think Nintendo should help the current developers to shine their products so that the games are #BestonwiiU. A system launch is an important time to impress both gamers and potential deveopers.
  17. ZombiU

    Ahh. I misunderstood you. That is a fantastic idea that's something I would like to see in the game. I thought you ment that you failed/respawned if you didn't complete your goals.
  18. ZombiU

    Then it would be like any other game. I'm glad they are doing something something new.
  19. EA Sports Games Are Coming

    I still can't understand why Nintendo didn't show to logo for games like FIFA and Madden during the press conference. Having EA support can mean life or death to a console. I really hope we see NFS most wanted. I also find it strange that the only confirmed game is the year old Mass Effect 3. ( Good news for the 1% that has only owned a Wii )
  20. ZombiU

    From what I saw in the video you spawn in a hub, this hub can then transport you to the location you want to go. So you don't need to run all the way to visit the locations. ( unless you haven't finished the quests in the previous location )
  21. What is the strategy for the Wii?

    The smartest move IMO is the cut the Wii as soon as the Wii U is launched. Sell the machines at reasonable prices and keep the good games as they are playable on Wii U. There's no reason to buy a new Wii when you can buy a Wii U. Many stores sell the preowned Wiis at the same price as a new 360/PS3 game. Those who still want a wii can get it cheap used.
  22. Miiverse Messaging Could Take 30 Minutes

    QFT Remember friendcodes? Nintendo has always focused on keeping our younglings safe. And if any Idiot can post garbage that is visible for the whole world I'm glad there's someone moderating it. How would you like to logg into the miiverse and see the word "nigger" all around the COD space? I for one is glad they are doing something to prevent this. But I do think they could have solved a lot by having a good automatic censoring system.
  23. Wii U = DreamCast

    Zechs Merquise: You are now my favorite person People need to stop only thinking from their closed perspective, I can understand that many people feel that the Wii was a weak Nintendo console. But the fact is [as proven by Zechs] That the Wii is a commercial success, and even though you might not find it your core system of choice it has won the casual market. Nintendo has made a fortune on the Wii. And it will again with its amazing first party titles. As a core gamer I hope Nintendo start focusing on getting more third party support as there's no reason why the Wii U can't be the best of both worlds. If Nintendo manges to get GTA V/COD:BLOPS2 [or another huge thirdparty game ] on Wii U and it's the best version of the game I'm sure Wii U will be in the lead of the next gen machines, even though it's the least powerful.
  24. I'm pretty sure this is the reason we see games looking the way they look. If you look at any systems launch lineup you will see that he developers has not yet gotten used to the new system. It takes time to learn the system. And I'm sure Nintendo sent out the latest version of their dev-kits way to late for developers to have time to impress us. I have read interviews where the developers say the kits are powerful but they have to think outside the box to pull of somethings that the 360 and PS3 does. Not because it lacks power, but due to underlying differences in architecture. Another thing I have been thinking about is developmentcosts/sales. Is it smart to use a big budget on launch games when there's not that many consoles out? Isn't it smarter to use the budget on a game that will sell more copies when the Wii U has a gotten into more homes?