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  1. Need Europe 3DS Owner to Help Me Get My Flipnotes!!

    Ah fantastic!! Yeah I do want the 3DS files so I can edit them and stuff on my 3DS or do whatever, view them on the 3DS, but AVI's might be nice too. and my email address is [email protected] I really appreciate you doing this for me!
  2. Need Europe 3DS Owner to Help Me Get My Flipnotes!!

    Thanks, I'm super new to forums.
  3. Howdy! So here's my situation. In 2009 I moved from the UK to the USA. I brought my lovely Nintendo DSi, and mainly used it for flipnotes. European DSi, European account. I've since sold that DSi and gotten myself a shiny Nintendo 3DS. I'm looking to get my flipnotes on Flipnote Studio 3D. Because my Flipnote Hatena account is European, I don't think the USA region will let me find it when I search in my Flipnote Hatena ID (which I have, thankfully), all it says is, "There are no posted flipnotes." LIES, I SAY!! I was wondering if some Euopean 3DS user would be willing to help me find my account, save the flipnotes onto an SD card, and email them to me in a zipped folder so I can finally have them again! I would REALLY appreciate any help I can get! Many many many thanks in advance! My Flipnote Hatena User ID is: 9EDA039031D25125 The username to it is: Penguinburger