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  1. Daft

    I find your lack of faith in Daft Punk disturbing.

  2. I've been utterly lame in using it for filming video (although that should be rectified very soon) but in terms of taking photos I bloody love it. I have nothing but good things to say.


    Tbh, from what I can understand there isn't much difference between the 600D and the 60D.

  3. Okay, so I'm getting close to buying everything and because you've been super helpful I'm just going to run this by you, if that's okay. :)


    I'm going for the Canon 600D (The more I think about it the more I think the swivel screen is a must) with the 18-55mm kit lens as well as a Canon EF 50mm f1/8 II Lens. Which comes to about £660.


    I'm kind of hesitating but I'm not too sure why. I think because I was set on the 550D and now I'm definitely pro 600D but from everything I've read they're virtually the same camera.


    Also, do you know much about the custom Magic Lantern firmware??

  4. Yeah, I think I'm definitely going to go for the Zoom. When it comes to it I can't overlook the sound, it makes the difference between an amateur video and a potentially professional one. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. I'd just have glanced at it otherwise.


    And yeah, sounds like I should stick with that kit lens. As for the over-the-shoulder shots it's something I'll just have to experiment with. I'm good with a bit of shake, as long as it doesn't turn into something Michael Bay would be proud of. :heh: But yeah, you're dead on, I'll leave any extra stuff to do with stabilisation for when/if I need it.


    Thank you for everything!!!


    Hopefully I'll pick this up when I get paid (which should be right after Xmas, fingers crossed! Maybe I can catch the sales for a cheaper price too! :p ).

  5. Tbh, both indoor and outdoor would be great. Outdoor mainly for very wide shots (an extreme case would be a night time cityscape). Otherwise I like over-the-shoulder shots. But as versatile as possible, really.


    This is kind of stupid since this video was filmed with a 550D, but this is the look I'd like with the very wide shots:

    . I guess the video pretty much speaks for itself. I'm a little unsure of what the camera is achieving in the video against Vimeo's compression.


    Those kind of shots would be the widest/biggest (my terminology is probably waaay off, sorry) I'd be looking to do and if I could pull that off at night, that would be amazing.


    I'm hoping the shorts are more visually driven but contain dialogue, too. That's the plan. Kind of minimalist.


    This probably didn't help but I'm not too sure what to add. To be honest, I'm not sure about the specifics. Those are just the vague ideas. Sorry, I'm not being any clearer.

  6. I'm definitely done with parkour videos and the like. So slower paced shorts are the aim. Both close and wide shots. I'll have to look at the difference between prime and zoom lenses, I have no idea. :heh: But yeah, usage in low light would be useful.


    I guess my budget for the camera and lens, at most, if it were worth it I would buy the 550D with the 135mm lens for £719. That's if that was what I needed. £800 is the most I'm willing to spend on just the camera and lense, probably. I have an okay tripod, will buy a better one at a later date. I have access to a Manfrotto.


    I would like to film shorts. With dialogue (so the Zoom when it comes to it). So it'll need to to be pretty versatile. Close and wide shots with the ability to shoot in low light. That type of video sounds pretty general. I guess it's not really set in my head. I guess I need something versatile. That's probably not much help.

  7. I may hold off on the Zoom until I have a project ready to go. I'm not going to need it right away but like you said, it's an investment.


    You've helped me so much! I hope this sin't getting annoying!! :)




    Sorry, this is part 2 of the message. I went over the 1000 character limit. :p

  8. Nice! I'll put gorillapod on my list. My friend, who helped me do my parkour video, has a real pricey Manfretto which is lucky (thanks for reminding me of it!). I'm thinking the 550D is the way to go. It seems like a really popular choice too, which is comforting. Hopefully it'll last a good while, too.


    All I'm left wondering is what lens I should get with the 550D. I'm not too clued up on lenses, sadly. I have the standard 18-55 mm for my Nikon (Which I don't think is compatible unless I get some kind of adapter but I'm going to sell it anyway, so yeah). The 18-135mm on Amazon is an extra £200...don't really know if that necessary. But then separately it's a lot more. Do you know what the advantages of the -135mm over the -55mm one? Like I said, I have very little idea about lenses.

  9. That's crazy! I was looking at the Zoom H4N this morning! Yesterday I met the manager of a local recording studio and it was on their website and I was wondering what they hell it was. :heh: If I see him again I'll press him further for details but that combined with the DSLR seems like the way to go. (Actually, the combo of kit they offer to rent at the studios is an 550D and an H4N so you've totally nailed it!)


    I'll need to look into the 550D a little more since I don't know much about it. (Although then again might not need the H4N with this since it has an external microphone jack. Interesting. Would mean I might be able to delay buying the H4N for a little bit. Now I've read up on the H4N my greedy self wants it!) I think I'll scope Vimeo out and see what kind of footage has been captured with one.


    What kind of accessories did you have in mind for the 550D?

  10. Wow, okay. That's a lot to think about...I'm think a lot of it is coming down to price. I was thinking of spending about £800. Hmmm, must ponder. Thank you again!!


    The sound is kind of concerning me. I know that with camcorders you can often plug in an external mic but will have to look into if you can do the same with DSLRs.

  11. That's absolutely awesome!! Thank you so much!!!!

  12. Hey!! I just wanted to ask you, what do you think about camcorders? Unless I overlooked something you've pretty much just sent me DSLRs (and actually on t'internet I'm mostly directed to DSLRs) with video functionality.


    Say if I wanted to shoot a short film, would a camcorder be better? Sorry to badger you but you've been so so much help and I don't want to invest in something and then realise something else could have been better! :)

  13. Haha!! Will do! :)

  14. I used to check Engadget daily, too but exams came and I had to stop procrastinating and then I just fell out of the habit. I love editing and I'm getting more and more into the idea of filming so I'm just grasping what is out there and I freaking love slow motion stuff. :heh:

  15. Just read it! Awesome stuff. I'll have to wait a little to see how much I can afford to spend.


    How do you know all this stuff??



  17. You have GGGGGmail.

  18. Haha!!! Words fail me. That's amazing.

  19. I think I wet myself a little. Thank you for making my day. Wish I was neon and multicoloured.