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  1. Post Your Strangest Dream

    I had the wierdest dream... I was in a shiny silver passneger plane, like the ones from the 60s, and we had just taken of from this half Chinese half Japanese Madievel Castle where there was a Cherry Blossom in full bloom but everything was covered in snow. So we took off over this silver ocean with small islands dotted around and there was this huge orange sunset which reflected off the water which looked like mercury. I was sitting next to my sister, she seemed quite excited, who was next to the window. I was all quite relaxing, the plane seemed to float through the air. So we were about to fly over this oriental bridge and we were making a sweaping turn when one of the wings of the plane his the water and got ripped off. There remaining wing was burning. The plane started to shack. Everyone looked concerned but not overly so...which is obviously quite wierd in a situation like that. Then the scarieast thing happened, I became aware of my own mortality. I knew I was going to die and I felt really helpless. The plane crashed and I was thrown out of the wreckage and landed on my back. I could see the burning cabin of the plane as the sun set behind me and at that point I passed out and/or died... Consequently I woke up immediatly in time for Uni... Now that was wierd! This happened about a week ago! I didn't make any of that up, it was the wierdest dream I have ever had and have never experienced anything that intense in my dreams before...I wonder what it all means?!
  2. Yay - I lost the vodka belly.

    Me student = me poor = me hungry = me forced diet... Seriously though, Good on ya!!!
  3. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    I think another batch came in today cos HMV called to say my Wii was ready and when they called on Friday they said they thought they would be getting them on Monday High: Going to HMV Oxford Street at 9:00 to que for 14 hours and then finding out I only had to sign my name and come back in the evening, and then being able to give my brother-in-law my other pre-=rder so his niece, who only told him the previouse night that she wanted a Wii, could get one! Low: Waiting for damn Amazon to tell me something about when my composite cables are going to be ready, (estimated shipping time 7th to arrive next day, last time I checked it was the 10th and I still have no idea when they are coming!) And waiting 1 for 1 more week of Uni to end so I can get stuck into Zelda....hopefully WITH the composite cables!! P.S. Does anyone know anything about Amazon and their Composite Cables??? Thanks
  4. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    Cheers! When I found I could make the eyes that scarily large I knew it would work! If anyone else want my MJ feal free to ask!: peace: And if we havn't swaped Wii No. PM me!
  5. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    Cool it worked! Ill send you my M Jackson...I'm very proud of it! Ill start adding Page 5 tonight or tomorrow and PM everyone! Tour e-mail account should have recieved an e-mail from youe Wii all you need to do now is to reply! And your Wii will start glowing blue! Hope that helped!
  6. Bringing The Family Together

    Ill tell you which is an awesome mini game, the weird neon paddle/air hocky game on Wii Play. After 2 goes I was addicted!
  7. Wii Sports Thread

    I don't have the patience for golf...I just like the brute force of Boxing.
  8. How's your Arm?

    Upper right arm soar..but in a good way, it doesn't feel like I've been playing video games for three hours! Boxing is the most tiring and my favourite! I open a can of woop ass and then do my Terry Tate impression! "Whooo, That was Sharonda's cake!" I love Terry Tate!
  9. Red Steel Thread

    Bingo! Zooming is a pain in the butt! Plus I hope there is a cheat to use your sword, and gun together, outside battles! That would rock!
  10. Wii Connects to Nintendo VIP

    I didn't gt any stars with Red Steel! Almost on 4000 points!!!
  11. Wii Hardware Discussion

    I ordered amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000FAFOPG/203-8423361-2643118 I hpe its good! At least it is cheap!!
  12. Red Steel Thread

    I haven't got that far so I can't fill you in o the details, It doesn't really start off bad its more you learn how to play it. The lighting is fantastic, the characters are pretty detailed, you come across similar enemy models a lot. Level design, I think is good, it could be better but it could have been a lot worse!!! Ultimatly is a really enjoyable launch game and shows a lot of potential! Hope that helped a bit!
  13. Red Steel Thread

    First 20 mins...lame...I now love it! Controls sometimes a bit annoying but nothing that effects the game too badly! Multiplayer is real good althugh think the maps are too big! I really can't wait till they sort everything out and blow us away with Red Steel 2: Bloody Vengence...(Lame name I made up,lol!)
  14. WiiPlay and Extra Wiimotes AWOL?

    I think there is a new shipment in cos HMV called me earlier that saying my Wii was ready to pick up! (I actually gave the pre-order to my sister and want to the HMV lauch!!) So if they have new Wiis in they probably have at least a couple WiiPlays...I got mine a the launch!!!
  15. Bringing The Family Together

    My mum kick my ass at golf on Wii Sports:cry: ...I don't know it that was a good thing! I got her back in Tennis:yay:and boxing:p
  16. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    Hi everyone! Congrats on getting your Wii's!! WOO HOOO!!! Lets mingle!! Console name: Daft Wii Number: 8292-4058-4646-2226 I've added everyone on this board before me (except ndreamer whos number doesn't seem to work!!?) so please add me soon!!! Thanks! EDIT: I've now added everyone up to, and including Sparko...my eyes hurt...
  17. Midnight Launches

    I got to HMV at about 9:00, just as they were opening the shop. From what I could see I was 7th or 8th on the list! AAAHH!!! I can wait, plus I just got Red Steel in the post!!!
  18. @ darthbane2k Cheers! Iwas just trying to gauge the time people might start to que! My lectures finish at 1 on that day so I'm might go around 2:00! We will see! I don't really want to stand around for a couple hourse by myself! Thanks for the travel info! I'm really looking forward to this!
  19. I've got my pre-oreder and am mentally am already in the que...DS banter sounds good! I havn't decided what time to start quing though! Any thoughts?
  20. This is from clubskill.com... AAAAHHH!!! Has anyone else heard anything about this!? Please don't be true!!! :shock: