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  1. Official Wii Play Thread

    I love the funky noen lights air hocky type game!!!

    This film looks so effing awesome!!! I saw the trailer a couple months ago and decided to buy the graphic novel...It kicks ass! I can't effing wait for it!
  3. Mario, Metroid, Zelda DS Delayed..?

    Nintendo knows whats best!
  4. Just played Gunstar Heroe for the first time ever! IT ROCKS! I downloaded Ristar by a mistake...oh well, won't make that mistake again! Does anyone remember Mischief Makers on the N64? I would absolutly love to see that on the VC, anyone else? It was also made my Treasure, and I don't think it got a good reception, but over time it grew on me and I effing loved it! I really hope it comes out!
  5. Voice-acting in the next Zelda game

    I don't think anyone should speak but I think they should make more coherent (sp?) noises to correspond with the text!
  6. Zelda Wii Underway!!

    Yea, in the end I think Nintendo will gt it right so I'm happy whatever!
  7. Zelda Wii Underway!!

    This is just a few unstructured ideas and feelings I have... To tell you the truth I think Zelda does need to be redesigned. I have loved all the old games and I'm loving TP but I feel that the whole dungeon after dungeon has been done to death. I predict that will be the first thing to go. The second thing I would like to see is a lt more interaction between the different races along with slightly more convincing town structures (I know that sounds over the top but the devil is in the detail!). Another thing, and some people are probably gonna have an issue with this, the graphics need to be improved and I am sure they will be. I am extremely aware that TP is a GC game and for that it looks fantastic but the game looks a bit barren and I hope, and am sure this will be addressed in the next Zelda. One of my favourite things in TP is the fact that there are loads of animals and I think it gives the game a real feeling of movement and life but I would love to see more of this, herds of horses in Hyrule Field, flocks of birds, rabbits and then these animals interacting with the environment and enenies. The fantastic music needs to be orcestral instead of lame MIDI files. I don't want voice acting but the characters, I feel, need to make some kind of noise, a bit like Lylat Wars on the N64, and if they are its too subtle. The actual structure of the map I feel could change with less sections and more a larger flowing world. This isn't meant to be a criticism of Zelda cos I love it and I'm loving TP, I would love to see some of these things get integrated... So thats my incoherent talk over...
  8. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Can someone tell me if there is a proper was to switch the Wiimote off because I swear I'm losing battery even though I'm not playing!?
  9. Everyone, http://www.xploder.net has component cables in. Order by the 17th and they will be dispatched on Monday!!! This is for Blaze component cables and they look pretty good!
  10. Best Film 2006

    I saw this awesome film about Capote in the British Film Festival called 'Infamous' and Danial Craig is also in it! lol! Really good film, go see it when it is on general release...I didn't see that other Capote film so I can't compare, but this film was funny and moving!
  11. You And Your Hair

    My hair hates me, thats how it keeps its lack of shape...
  12. Wii Sports Thread

    I don't like golf cos I am way too impatient, I just want to smack it...probably why I like baseball so much, but my friend who plays golf though it was awesome.
  13. Mercury Meltdown Revolution

    I don't like the style, it seems to be a bit too....zany!
  14. Wii Disc Slot Light

    Mine does this aswell...I'm just assuming it is normal! I am pretty sure the light doesn't stay on all the times but the light does stay on on the demo Wiis that Nintendo use for shows and stuff.... Hope that helps!
  15. Wii firmware update notification thread

    I hate the BBC. Whenever they talk about Wii and make a positive remark they always follow it up with some snide, Sony philating, remark.... e.g. 'There is a disappointingly limited range of options for each sport - just one course for golf, no variation in the bowling or baseball games and only a few rounds of action in the boxing.' IT'S FREE FOR F&%KS Sake...There are better examples but Ill be damned if I look for them!
  16. Midnight Launches

    I was ther too, it rocked! There is a picture of me on eurogamer taking a picture! The Zelda tin is nothing special...except that it is somehow affiliated with Zelda so it is special! Somehow HMV duped me into buying a memory card by telling me Nintendo took out the 512 mb in the console...to be fair by that time I was sooo tired I would have believed anything!
  17. I ordered ofrom Amazon and its estimated they are arriving 5 f&*king days ago! At least they could change their estimate!
  18. Wii Sports Thread

    Has anyone else hit the ball out of the stadium in WiiBaseball? Its awesome!
  19. Wii on the Gadget Show

    I do't know if anyone saw, you probably have, but the Wii was no. 1 best item of 2006 in T3 magazine. T3 seem to really like the Wii where as Stuff always makes some sarky remark about it being for childern while they philate the PS3 while not giving a single reason, I hate Stuff...
  20. How's your Arm?

    FACT: It is a sin to play WiiSports sitting down!!! Do it and you will anger the GODS...and make the Mii's cry:cry:
  21. How's your Arm?

    I tried to play real pool today...bad idea...
  22. Wii Sports Thread

    Like I said before my mum absolutely destroyed me at golf:nono: I got her back with everything else though!!: peace:
  23. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Does anyone know what a good distance is to have the chrostmas tree from the sensor bar cos I heard they interfear!?
  24. Wii Sports Thread

    OK I first though baseball was lame, cos quite frankly zzzz..., but after you get use to it and start smacking those home runs it is awesome! I actually managed to hit the ball out of the stadium, "Its outta here!!!" Batting is awesome, pitching is not as good but still cool!
  25. Post Your Strangest Dream

    Wow, insightful...