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  1. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Well you're missing the opportunity to use your bench as a virtual luge... You should really think about it.
  2. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Clearly you need another PS4 and a PSVR.
  3. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    So, I've been think a lot about this issue. The hockey game is meant to reflect the fight between Batman and Thwane. So is the referee Dr Manhattan in this fight? He's nowhere to be seen. He's not stopping the fight. He's complicit in the fight. The commentator says "We're all just trying to have fun out here. I mean, is this fun?" as one of the players is being gratuitously beaten to death. One of the themes about Rebirth is about reinstating hope and joy into the universe, so is the commentator meant to reflect us, the readers? Except Dr Manhattan (or whoever) does step into the fight between Batman and Thawne. Although maybe not intentionally, since Thawne picks up the Button and gets pulled somewhere else. Maybe Dr Manhattan didn't intend to step in and his transportation was an accident. Another thing, Thawne returns and literally no one escapes Dr Manhattan in one piece. Which makes me think Thawne stood a chance of escaping. And then it starts to click a little. Manhattan gets rid of Wally West (and thus his kids). He de-ages and sends Jay Garrick to Earth 2. With Thawne the only person in the history of comics to escape (at least partially) intact from Manhattan, that makes me think that Manhattan is targeting speedsters, and that speedsters will be a problem for him. I've got to read this issue again. It was so dope. Edit: Also, holy shit there's more, Trinity #8
  4. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I didn't, although I've been meaning to read Morrison's Batman & Robin for a while. I basically jumped on with the New 52 so my reading beforehand is a bit all over the place.
  5. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Weirdly I've basically just kept up with the Supes books. Superman, Action Comics (I've fallen a little behind on both but I'll catch up soon) and Super Sons which I think is a blast. The art is really lovely. Jon and Damian are super cute together, they're like a pair of squabbling brothers.
  6. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Batman #21 is so great. This whole Flashpoint-New52-Rebirth-Button story has been so exciting. The way Forever Evil got pulled into Darkseid War and then into this. That it's pulling so many threads from everywhere is amazing, along with the little touches like Reverse Flash's appearance back in the first issue of Rebirth Flash, the call-back to Before Watchmen, the hand of creation, etc. It feels like I can see a lot of the pieces of a bigger picture but I can't quite see how they connect, not just yet. But they're slowly coming together. I've never been so excited by a story.
  7. Nex Machina (PS4)

    This looks damn rad. Any news on co-op?
  8. Wonder Boy: the Dragon's Trap

    I pre-ordered and had a go on it this morning. I used to have this game on my Game Gear and I'm so happy it's back. Like HoT said it feels very retro. And the art style is bloody wonderful. Got to add, in terms of UI, it's immaculate. Definitely give it a go.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    You're lucky you're pretty.
  10. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Was making progress in January and got a chest infection. Started making really good progress again and I get hit with a cold over the weekend. I hate being ill. I think it's mostly gone and I took the past four days off so I'm going to do a light gym session today. And probably for the wrest of the week so I can come back strong next week.
  11. Persona 5

    Yeah, I'm on the third palace and with Takemi levelled up to Rank 7 I got SP Adhesive 3 for 50,000. Plus with my boost in negotiation it's super easy to extort more money from Personas. Literally got about 13,000 Yen from one battle, although that was an extreme example.
  12. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    I've had real trouble progressing squats. My consistency was all over the place. While I've managed to steadily go up on bench (I hit 5x3 at 110kg) my squats can vary from a tough 120kg to some days not being especially happy doing 90kg. So I bought these... Adidas Power Perfect 2 Weightlifting Shoes. Tried them out today andI felt a solid as a rock. Scratch that, I felt as solid as The Rock. I'm hoping they will help me push past my inconsistency.
  13. Just had that moment where the BF says "I didn't realise you knew [iNSERT NAME]". And I said "Who?" Even though I was 99% sure I knew who he was talking about. I'm not really a fan of, nor especially dislike, [iNSERT NAME]. Nor do I mind that they know each other but whatever, I'm not that fussed since the past is the past but he sent me a photo indicating who he was talking about so I responded with "Oh, yeah..." Then he said "He say's he still has your comicbook." I'm thinking, I had a two-week thang with this dude literally almost four years ago (I know because the comic is a New 52 Villains Month issue). It didn't really end that amicably (he decided to end things...in a real asshole way, I'll add) but we've spoken a few times since, and I've said every time he mentioned it that I appreciate him getting it but to just chuck the single issue. It's literally a single issue. Costs $2.99. Chuck the fucking comic. Some people are strange and now I'm wondering what else he said... Had to get that off my chest.
  14. Persona 5

    In Persona 4, if I remember correctly, you had a 'Shuffle Time' mechanic at the end of fights, it's triggered when the protagonist deals the final blow or the party ends a battle with an All-Out Attack.
  15. Persona 5

    Ah! I haven't. I was trying to work out their personalities from what they were saying and hopefully gleaming a better idea the more I held them up. I'll check the tutorial out later.
  16. Persona 5

    I really want to gush about this game but like @Hero\-of\-Time I have found the occasional encounter a bit...overwhelming. As in I'm capable of doing them but I needed to know my strategy off-the-bat otherwise I'm at a serious disadvantage. Also, random enemy spawns. There's one part on Kamoshida's palace which is quite tough, I cleared the area, stupidly sprung an ambush on myself, managed to survive that only to return from battle almost directly on an enemy. Also, I absolutely love the music. I kind of feel Persona 4 has slightly more memorable melodies, my mind keeps going back to the sinister piano bit for the Midnight Channel and weird stuff like the "Every day's great at your Junes" jingle but goddamn every battle I'm singing this out loud... So great.
  17. This won't change anything and Sony will pull the trigger on the PS5 two years after Scorpio's release. The best thing Microsoft could have done was invest in studios, and go head-to-head with the PS5 on release with good launch titles and a solid follow up for the first year.
  18. Stardew Valley

    @drahkon Nice! Thanks for the tips. I don't know why I thought the scarecrows had such limited range. I think maybe I saw the sprinklers had crappy range assumed like the sprinkler I'd eventually be able to build better scarecrows...so just assumed the easy to craft one is poop. Ha! Yeah, I'm not stressed about making money. It's fun taking it easy. I got a little stressed that my chickens were starving to death. Still need to work out how to look after them. I've got not grass to cut and I basically need to buy Hay from the neighbour (who wasn't there the day my chickens 'looked thin'). @Tales Do you know how you come across the improved sprinkler? Do I have to build a few of the basic ones and then learn how to craft the the improved version?
  19. Stardew Valley

    So I bought this on the weekend. Even though Persona 5 is coming out. Thought it sounded nice. And I know Persona 5 will be waiting for me later. But...my farm. It needs attention. I'm in my first year and it's finally turned to summer. I bought a chicken coop, my first lot of animals. It's all very exciting but I have a few questions. I have four scarecrows, am I too paranoid about crows? The item description says they effect 8 spaces...but is that the surrounding eight spaces or eight spaces outward? Watering is a hassle with a lot of crops but the basic sprinkler seems a bit...shitty. And I'm not swimming in Iron Ore. I only just got to level 40 in the mine. Any advice? Also, some of my crops seem to die even though I water them and fertilise the ground. Does that just occasionally happen or am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier way to feed my chickens? I put some grass in their pen and...well, they went at it like fucking piranhas. That shit ain't cheep. I just built a silo but I have virtually no grass to harvest and putting down a grass starter pack doesn't seem to get things going too quickly. Is there an easier way to get grass to grow? Currently my next investment is going to be a beehive. I'm not really making big bucks. I'm a bit of a poor farmer.
  20. Does it matter if Microsoft haven't got any games? They really need to get their house in order before they need to worry about their hardware.
  21. I didn't go looking for it, I was searching for Hestu and it was placed right next to him. I think it's honestly hard to avoid. It feels like one of the few things in the game you are steered towards. Did you go without Hestu's inventory upgrades for a chunk of the game, too?
  22. Nah! I didn't have a problem with the powers. They were fun to use. I had a problem with how they were implemented. And the Master sword, I enjoyed getting that. It felt like one of the rewards worth getting in the game. The powers were fun to use. As was shooting laser beams out of the Master Sword. I don't see why you would get the Master Sword after doing all the Divine Beasts, it's designed specifically to be extra effective against them. Why would I want to miss out on the most iconic item in the series? And really, neither the Master Sword nor the Divine Powers were problematic for me. I'm not sure I ever said they were; it was the implementation of those two items, that was something I had a minor issue about.
  23. This is kind of bizarre. A game that is built on choosing your own way to play...except for the one I picked? It's not my job to curate the experience Nintendo presents. I might understand if you asked me to play it on a harder difficulty, I've done that plenty of times (and that option doesn't exist in this game), but to moderate myself? To me that flies in the face of what the openness and freedom this game presented. At what point do I start to play the game correctly? What's an inventive solution to a puzzle and what is me breaking the game? And it wasn't really a case of feeling overpowered. I didn't really feel overpowered. I got one-shot enough to know I wasn't OP. It was more a case that you basically have an infinite amount of health and, for most of the game, the challenges weren't worth the rewards. Same with Stamina, it was never a problem; climbing gear, elixir, Revali's Gale. Why give me these things if I shouldn't use them? (And honestly, I didn't need to resort to these stamina tricks bar a couple occasions.)
  24. The Voice Acting I can kind of get over. But it's ridiculous that not everything was voice acted. I found it really pulled me out of the moment when a character who was just speaking boastfully suddenly went mute. It's just bizarre when a game like Persona 4/5, Witcher 3, etc, have fully voiced...everything and Zelda – Nintendo's premiere franchise – is not treated with the same kind of commitment.