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  1. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Let me know your thoughts. Bar Romita Jr's art, which I think is mostly vile, it's a great issue. Kind of a slow building of tension. In a weird way it doesn't feel too dissimilar to Rebirth, I guess because it has a few left-field characters.
  2. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Speaking of Crisis and Infinite Crisis... Read the oversized Dark Days: The Forge, which is the lead up to Metal. Wasn't sure what to expect...but it was great. Snyder bringing in elements from his Batman run was good. Felt like it gave a bit more weight to Death of the Family. I can't wait to see where it goes. Had a similar vibe to The Wake, which I though was absolutely superb.
  3. Overwatch

    Proud of this one, and since I'll likely never pull of something this good again, I wanted to share it on the thread (soz to everyone who's already seen it). This match was not going well and I figured sometimes the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line...with some massive air curtsey of the enemy Junkrat.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    If Xbox sales weren't in the tank, they wouldn't be pushing through cross-play so hard which makes all this Microsoft 'sincerity' reek.
  5. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Sony and Nintendo have signature games that seem to be diametrically opposed to each other; Nintendo make aesthetically cartoonish, Japanese-centric games where gameplay is king and story is (almost literally) non-existent; Sony make technically stunning, visually realistic games, with (almost unparalleled) levels or narrative and emotion. Which I think is fine. Both companies know what they excel at, and they deliver it. I think it's a slightly less tenable position for Nintendo though since their third party support does not pick up the slack and Sony still do on occasion release games like Ratchet & Clank. Obviously this is a generalisation but I would say it holds pretty true.
  6. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    I don't much see the appeal of it. Looked nice but boring.
  7. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Solid but mostly forgettable. I thought it would be a quiet year and as far as quiet years go, it was a good one. But still quiet. But in some ways I'm thankful because the release schedule so far this year has been unrelenting.
  8. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    Ha! Afraid I am out of the loop. And that isn't a hint; I'm not that subtle.
  9. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    I said I wasn't going to watch it live this year and I....have changed my mind.
  10. My reaction to the Cuntservative/DUP partnership.
  11. E3 2017 - PlayStation Live from E3

    First E3 in yonks where I'm not fussed. I've got too much to play. Kind of wouldn't mind some kind of dry spell.
  12. The thought of the Tories winning tomorrow turns my stomach. They've been in power for almost a decade; national debt has gone up, inequality has increased massively, the housing market is a mess, wages have stagnated, terrorism is becoming a regular occurrence, the NHS is underfunded, and the police are underfunded. And people will vote Tory, for what? Because a set of fucking media outlets repeated a mantra that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable without any sound reasoning. It is nothing but an injustice.
  13. Wonder Woman (2017)

    I loved it. I was going to preface comments about it's 'not perfect but'...but that seems like I'm apologising for my enthusiasm for it. There were so many bloody great moments, just little accents in the acting and the writing that made the film so personable.
  14. Overwatch

    She's fun to use with the right support. I can't say I'm too good as her. On Mayhem she is a blast, too. Me and Superbass found ourselves in a whole string of games with utter idiots. It usually happens at the start of the competitive season, QP is left with people who just want to bugger around or take a break from Comp. No worries about leaving. If I'm on feel free to send me an invite. I think we had a lot of enjoyable matches yesterday. I'm really enjoying Reaper. His changes are going to be interesting. I think they're good changes that aren't massive buffs so much as QoL changes. I wouldn't worry too much about how many levels someone is (although I understand there's a clear advantage when you might not have a wealth of experience across a whole swathe of characters compared to someone a few hundred levels above you), I've played 800+ level players and they sucked and I've played ~100 level players and they were wrecking balls. Also, apologise to Rowan, Emerald and gmac for going off on one about Hanzo's Scatter Arrow but I'm bitter and it's a piece of shit skill and I refuse to not get annoyed at people not even bothering to shoot me and instead aiming for the floor right in front of me.
  15. Overwatch

    Orisa is the only really forgettable character for me. Otherwise I really like how everyone is connected to one another. In terms of dynamic voice lines there hasn't been a game like this since Halo.
  16. Overwatch

    I've been playing Mercy a little more recently (I'm an Ana main. 'Witness Me'. Etc,.) and it is both the most rewarding roll and the most thankless soul-crushing role in the game. I had one match when my team were putting down some good damage which I could sit behind and there was a Genji that just kept coming for me – this fucker was blood-thirsty – but every time he closed ground on me I could pull myself across the area to a fellow team mate who was perfectly positioned (to the point where I had a good chuckle at his futile attempts...and then he Dragon Blades me...). Then I had another match where the Genji, Tracer and Pharah (who one-man Ulted me) just kept going for me first. I was effectively removed from the game. I could even get back to my team from spawn because a Tracer was behind our lines. "Plz, someone halp." And understandably everyone is distracted by their own fight. (And I really think this game needs more healers because the only solution against a good Tracer is to switch to Lucio, because Mercy, Ana and Zen have no mobility and are essentially sitting ducks.) I always feel bad when a Mercy on my team dies. I've had my best luck protecting them as a D.Va. Defence Matrix is invaluable for protecting her. I think weirdly I'm more protective over a Mercy I'm not on voice chat with...probably because I can't apologise for failing to save them because I know how frustrating it can be on occasion. I'm also a big fan of changing support to suit the level. Eichenwalde first leg, Mercy/Ana. Second leg Ana/Mercy/Zen. Third Mercy/Ana (And that inclusion of Ana in all of those is because I absolutely bloody love Ana). Those are what I tend towards but obviously team comp comes into play massively. The potential for a big Mercy rez on the last leg is huge – the chance to instantly respawn most of your team at full health is a big game-winner.
  17. Wonder Woman (2017)

    Currently sitting at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm excited.
  18. Wonder Woman (2017)

    I just posted those as an indicator that it isn't a pile of wank. Which, let's be honest, is a relief.
  19. Wonder Woman (2017)

    So...one week until this is out. And there are some early reactions in from reviews. The embargo has also been brought forward a couple days from the Wednesday to the Monday. So...things are looking positive. Not long now. Katie Walsh, LA Times [TWEET]867480992491216896[/TWEET] Josh Horowitz, MTV [TWEET]867487727763292160[/TWEET] Josh Lasser, IGN [TWEET]867476005451173889[/TWEET] David Sims, The Atlantic [TWEET]867475342281367552[/TWEET] Melissa Leon, The Daily Beast [TWEET]867488428459425793[/TWEET] Grace Randolph [TWEET]867477777326510080[/TWEET]
  20. Injustice 2

    I think she's awfully written. Especially if you read the comics, she's just an incredibly vindictive, power-thirsty bitch. There's very little of the Wonder Woman that I know and love in there. There are times in the Injustice comics (early on) when Superman would doubt that what he was doing was right, but she is always there to give him that little bit of encouragement to keep going. Aquaman tries to reach out to Clark and Wonder Woman lies about it. She breaks Huntress' neck in the comic with her noose lasso. She shows no remorse for the execution of Lisa Snart either. Nor does she bat an eyelid at stabbing Harley. In the first Injustice game the Wonder Woman from the 'normal' earth is disgusted by what Injustice Wonder Woman has done. She's basically written like she is in John's Justice League run.
  21. Injustice 2

    Wonder Woman is so unlike her comic counterpart. She is a complete nutcase. Lady Macbeth through and through.
  22. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Joss Whedon To Wrap Up ‘Justice League’ Movie After Snyder Family Tragedy Sad news and a strange turn of events.
  23. Uncharted (The Movie)

    I think this is good casting and I think if an Uncharted movie is to be made, the angle of it being a younger Drake is a good one that doesn't really step on the toes of the game. ...But, we'll see what the reality is.
  24. Destiny 2

    Yeah, me too. :|
  25. Alien: Covenant

    I found it entertaining, but it was blockbuster crap (although streets ahead of the gash that was Prometheus). David spoke like he just read the GCSE English syllabus. I still don't understand why David dropped the goo on the Engineers.