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  1. Super Mario Odyssey

    I...will give that a go. Not sure why that didn't cross my mind, I take the moped everywhere ha
  2. Super Mario Odyssey

    Is there an easier way to get the skipping rope going because jumping into that is frustrating?
  3. Super Mario Odyssey

    110% deserved. Mario Odyssey is an absolute joy to play. I can't play it in handheld mode though because I want to be all comfy and have my big-ass TV to see it in all its glory. My only negative of the game is that you can't pose Mario in any way for photo mode. Which is a shame because there are so many awesome things to take pictures of, but Mario's face is most just dead...starring off into the distance...he's been doing this shit for over 20 years...this is it...this is as good as it gets....Where was I? Ah yes, I want to select stupid faces for Mario to make. Like in the latest Uncharted photo mode. The omission is doubly weird since you can pose Link in Zelda.
  4. I don't remember the last EA game I bought on PS4 so I can't say it effects me massively. Although I am sad to say I find their Star wars games...lacking. Don't you buy FIFA every year?
  5. Xbox One Console Discussion

    Many many moons ago I ditched the Wii for an Xbox 360. Oh how the tables have turned, I didn't hesitate for a moment buying a Switch this weekend even with the XboneX out so soon. Sure, I bought a PS4 Pro, but I did that because I was already invested in the system – with how many hours I put in one the PS4, it had earned an upgrade. (And if the Switch ever receives an upgrade – and I can actually transfer all my stuff across – I'd be inclined to upgrade that too). The Xbox One X isn't even on my radar.
  6. Marvel's Phase Three

    Going against the general vibe, I thought Thor was not a good film. Completely under-baked villain...which is a shame because Hela had – on paper – a great back story, and good motivation...except she has no one to talk to because her parents are both dead, and her two brothers are off somewhere else for most the film... so it's just her and Judge Dredd... who is unlikeable from the start for his incompetence and goes out on some weird...heroic act that was done for no other benefit of the audience. Because no one else is there to morn his death (not to mention all of Thor's friends who get killed at the start, apparently Thor isn't bothered about their deaths). Also, how POORLY characterised is Loki in this? He's shown to be super astute, a true trickster a manipulator, and yet he leaves a moronic Judge Dredd as his doorman and is acting like an utter goof when Thor turns up. What was his end game? Am I meant to believe he managed to replace Odin and take the thrown of Asgard for the sole purpose of acting like an idiot? The Collector was...underwhelming, unintimidating, and under developed. The music...was almost great at points, but mostly unremarkable. Some of the visuals were absolutely superb, like the Valkyrie memory bit but those bits were all too short. I didn't think it was an especially bad film (until I start thinking harder about it), but I'll say probably the most damning thing I can say about any film.... It was boring.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Awesome sauce.
  8. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4/PS5)

    I'm hoping it's grounded. Nothing in the trailer or what SP have said have indicated anything magic-y.
  9. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4/PS5)

    All I need to know is that Sucker Punch are making it. I am SO excited to see what they do. What a wonderful surprise.
  10. good stuff thread.

    I'm glad it worked out! And welcome to the flat!
  11. General Switch Discussion

    I bought a Nintendo Switch because of Mario Galaxy.
  12. Tron Legacy

    New info on GOTY 2010, Tron Legacy. Based on, Winner of 23 Oscars (including greatest soundtrack ever conceived), Film of The Year 2010 - ∞, Tron Legacy. Sexy.
  13. Who's Daft Birthdaymon?

    ...Something like that. Ha
  14. Who's Daft Birthdaymon?

    Oh lord, that picture. Thanks for the bday wishes!
  15. Destiny 2

    I played for about an hour last week. Or maybe less. Long enough to do the Fashpoint. I'd say I'm struggling to find reasons to go back to Destiny 2, but the truth is I'm not even trying to find reasons. I am done with the current content.
  16. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    I'm brimming with excitement. Looks rad. Perfect choice of song, great looking visuals, everyone smiles at one point in the trailer, didn't ruin the bad guy, didn't ruin Superman, but teased him perfectly. I love Ezra Miller. He is a genuine joy to watch in interviews. It's the Justice League, fuck yeah.
  17. Fortnite

    If anyone sees me online, shoot me a voice chat or an invite. I'm up for giving a squad a try. Also, anyone got any tips for building? I really really haven't got the hang of it and I'm super preoccupied with...not dying.
  18. Fortnite

    Downloaded this last night and... Blown away. Wasn't really sure I'd enjoy this kind of game but I FUCKING LOVED IT. It was so thrilling. I managed to get to the last 9 on my first proper game, which I'm pleased with since I still hadn't worked out how to crouch. It kind of gives me the same vibe as Overwatch. Nowhere near as polished or as charming but it's easy to pick up and play, but there's a high skill ceiling. I'd love to know what the plans for it are because I am so ready to get behind this.
  19. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I caught Suicune on my second raid. I'm pleased. Got to hatch as many eggs as humanly possible by 9pm tonight, gone from about 40,000 Stardust to 618,000. Banging.
  20. Star Trek Discovery (2017)

    I...thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some really artful shots. As far as pilots go, I thought it was excellent... but then I'm not especially fond of a lot of pilots. And I thought the ending was intriguing... I need to watch more, so job done. It actually reminded me a lot of Destiny, from the opening into with the drawings, to the space suits and style of the force fields, to the neo-gothic Klingons, even to the way the ship travelled at warp. But there was actual story here. I liked the Klingons. I've never been a fan but their opposition to 'We come in peace' was succinct. It's a phrase that itself is at the root of another kind of violence. I could understand why war was the only choice for them. And Michael's comment about race and culture was interesting. Which reminds me, it moved at quite a pace. Felt like I was watching one of the better films. It incorporated a lot of the modern TV conventions but kept the heart of Star Trek. It felt fresh. I look forward to more.
  21. Destiny 2

    If you see me online tonight and need a member for Trials, shoot me an invite. I should be on but not sure at what time exactly.
  22. Destiny 2

    A blind raid was decided for Sat 23rd since Dan, Shorty and Zell were away for the first two weeks of the raiding and I think there was an assumption that people would have raided three weeks in (and there was a preference to do it in a group completely blind). It was tentatively on the cards, before being confirmed last Friday. This involves Sheikah, Shorty, Dan_Dare, Zell, me and my bf.
  23. Destiny 2

    Was? So you aren't any more. Which one is the 'other' raid. You can't do the one on Saturday? I'm a bit confused.
  24. Destiny 2

    @Sheikah I thought you were part of the blind raid on Saturday? ('Blind' being the emphasis here)
  25. Destiny 2

    I feel a bit meh about the new Trials. I really wish reviving team mates was as it used to be. It gave the rounds a bit of back and forth, and created dynamic points of conflict when guarding dead ghosts. I liked the idea that once you got a kill you had to keep the kills secured and it made it more advantageous to stik close to one another. Now it feels really disparate. And I don't understand the locked loadout. That's another shit thing. And the Titan class ability is fucking OP in that mode. If you're team don't communicate well, you're going to be shredded.