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  1. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Look, I'm not here for reasonable discussion. I'm here to demand my boi Waluigi get recognised as the Nintendo royalty that he is.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Except for the absolutely heinous decision to not have Waluigi as a playable character, this looks great. I am super exited for it. And I actually pre-ordered it last week. I haven't played either of the last two Smash games, so this has a whole lot of new stuff for me. Can someone explain what everyone is talking about when they talk about 'tripping'? Also, what are Fighter Profiles?
  3. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    It was okay. I really did expect a little more. Smash looked great, especially for someone like me who skipped out the last two games but seriously... WHERE IS MY BOY WALUIGI? An Assist Trophy? Just a bloody Assist Trophy? In a game where a failed forgotten accessory and the WiiFit trainer are playable characters, my boi Waluigi wasn't deemed worth fleshing out into a full character? I am...not happy. I'm being slightly hyperbolic, but it actually did put a bit of a dampener on Smash for me. Wario is there at the very least, but...my boi!! Can anyone explain to me what the Amiibo stuff is? And the Fighter Profile? I've only just really started Nintendoing again and I only just got two Amiibos (Wario and Waluigi, obviously)
  4. Paladins

    Oh yeah, I'm totally with you. It was pretty jarring to me that you couldn't switch character during a match – and little thinks like not having a communications wheel a button press away (unless I missed how to do it) made it feel lacking – but it's fun overall. It's just not stunningly well crafted and polished like Overwatch (OW feels like something Nintendo had a hand it). Just compare the flying dragon dude (who has a similar move set to Pharah) with Pharah herself and it's night and day.
  5. Paladins

    I think comparisons to Overwatch are going to cause issues. If you have that comparison in mind, it is an uglier, less polished Overwatch with far worse level design and its characters are pretty charmless. The controls feel fuzzy, the UI is ugly and the UX muddled. However, taken on its own merits, it's pretty enjoyable. It's much more a MOBA than it is similar to Overwatch (OW requires much better mechanical skill too, which is actually why I think Paladins works better on the Switch).
  6. Mario Tennis Aces

    I try to mix things up as much a possible. The easiest opponents are the predictable ones, ha! Although I'm sure if I watched some of my games back there are things that I do a bit too much. One thing I'm pretty certain of is that I usually push forward toward the net the longer a rally goes on for. I've definitely not got the hang of trick shots and such, I cannot block to save my life. Although I did KO someone using Bowser in a Semi-Final match. I hadn't actually realised I'd already broken on of his rackets.
  7. Mario Tennis Aces

    I found a good way to use them was to basically hug one side of the court, giving your opponent good reason to go for the wide open space and then when they fall for the invitation, just twinkle-toe moonwalk (because I'm playing as Waluigi) across the court and bam it back over for a pretty good chance of a winning shot and a nice bit of charge. Some trick shots are easier to pull off than others, too. So it might be worth using it more with some people. I played someone who was Toad who was annoying good at getting their Trick Shot.
  8. Job woes/wins

    Experience is invaluable
  9. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Yeah, this was surprisingly enjoyable
  10. Mario Tennis Aces

    Downloaded this on a whim. I've never been able to really get into Mario Tennis even though I enjoy the real sport and I love the idea it kind if just never happened. I remember there was one Mario Tennis game I enjoyed, I think on the N64 but I never properly bought into the series. I... love Love LOVE this. I've honestly not had this much laugh-out-loud fun playing a game in ages. It's relatively easy to pick up, although I'm hoping in the final game it goes into shot selection a little more and reveals it's almost hidden mechanics a little more, too (like placing your body in relation to the racket hit, shot timing, how taunting benefits you over a whole match, etc,.). I'm sure it will with its single campaign and all, so that's not an issue – I just have high hopes and it looks like I won't be let down. I have a couple issues. Rosalina is a bullshit character. I hate that she floats. It makes reading her shifting momentum frustratingly hard to read and she can curve shot like a mo-fo, which compounds the matter. Maybe I just need to play a few more matches against her but my first impressions of here were that she has an annoying Oddjob advantages to her. Maybe this was just me. Did anyone else have this issue? Second issue, as many of you have pointed out, is the online. It can be good, but it can be abjectly awful (when it's good it's good so when it's bad it feels brutally unfair). I like that you can choose your opponent and avoid really crap connections, but I think I only ever encountered one person with 4 bars – the rest were 3 bars and I rejected anyone lower. So it was nice to have that kind of control, I really appreciate that. But, the connection just shouldn't be that unreliable. And I think without fail, the connection always degraded as the match went on. It never seemed to improve. If Nintendo want to charge for its online, this cannot continue. Ignoring the online issue, I had some super intense and fun matches. Trying to read the opponent was a lot of fun. I ended up in a massive rally against someone who seemed about my level and we basically pulled out every trick in the book. I had a full charge bar but decided to keep it in the pocket and managed to lob him for the point. Felt super satisfying to be a part of. I kind of wish there was a way of communicating in game in the same was as Rocket League or Overwatch. I know you can taunt but I think like a 'Well played' line would be cool, or something like that. (The cynic in me thinks someone would find a way to abuse it.) Anyway, super excited for this. I wish it was out this week. But whatever, it's pre-ordered.
  11. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I am all over this. I was a bit meh at first but with a proper game coming next year, a streamlined Gen 1 game with PoGo integration is great. As far as I see it, this could be a series that gets sequels alongside PoGo as that game develops. And that's exciting. I really enjoyed Sun and Moon, but it's not an easy game to play when you're busy. Not battling wild Pokemon is a great idea for this (as long as it's kept in the main game because I agree it is important) because with EXP Share in S/M I never grinded in the wild. So to me, EXP Share was casual mode and this game is basically all casual and I think it's dope. And I am also excited for a full blown Pokemon game next year.
  12. Battlefield V — 20th November 2018

    The trailer made this look like a pretty bland lightgun game.
  13. Virtual Reality

    I just think VR is great but most days I'm happy enough using my TV. Maybe, as you guys say, if it was simpler to set up I'd be more inclined to throw it on when I play a game but currently it's in a box and I can't be bothered to unpack it again.
  14. General TV Thread

    lol, The only show that matters.
  15. Marvel's Phase Three

    Infinity War was entertaining. But, that was not Thanos. Thanos is not an anti-hero. He is not trying to save the universe. And it really irks me that they can get away with changing a character so fundamentally and everyone's just dandy with it. The run on from this, is that the story makes no fucking sense. If Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet and can reshape reality then the issue of the universe's 'finite' resources because null and void. He could literally wish everyone a Big Mac if he really wanted. Why does killing half the universe make any sense at all? It doesn't. This is a hangover from Thanos' real intentions and character in the comics; his unending crusade to woo Lady Death (the physical manifestation of Death). And the reason why killing half the universe makes sense there is because her brother is Eternity and they must exist together. The snap is the most cosmically overblown romantic gesture ever and its great. It makes no sense in the film. Thanos is a nasty, cruel, unforgiving, mutant tyrant. Not whatever this crappy Disney villain was. Watching these Marvel films is like one of your friends telling people your anecdotes but they've got the details all wrongs and they've forgetten why they were telling it in the first place. They're a bunch wish-washy, pseudo-emotive films with virtually no intelligent or memorable points to make. Entertaining and pretty forgettable trash. Worth the price of admission but not really worth thinking about. But yeah, I enjoyed the ride a lot.
  16. I don't think you're being weird; there's a lot to process, you've both go to work through it and in time I'm sure you will. You guys will sort it out, maybe that reassurance is enough without committing to anything? Good luck with the trials. May the odds be ever in your favour.
  17. There's a whole conflux of issues about what both parties want, and what both parties will not compromise on – and there is the issue of a child's health at hand. I think you need to both see a therapist, together. I would say it is a tad odd that the would consider a sperm donor as a primary option over adoption, while dismissing your desire to sire the child. You want another kid that you are both part of., and she wants to make another kid and ideally you are a part of... but that's not essential. Would she consider adopting? You've established that it's something you aren't keen on, but if she holds the same view I think her requests are completely unfair and unreasonable. But yeah, I think this is above everyone's pay-grade and you both need to talk to a professional.
  18. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Yeah, Pinap Moltres for double candy and transfer the worse...for even more candy. Also, there is no guarantee that the Special Reward will change once the research streak starts. So you might as well just keep running through them until it changes and we know how it works a little better.
  19. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    If I couldn't do it at lunchtime I definitely would have taken a break by now. As it is, it's a relief to get away from my desk and out of work for a bit ha!
  20. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I basically go a lunch when I'm at work, so it's thankfully not a big time drain for me. But I remember taking a few months off waaaay back and it did me a world of good. Guess I've just been scared to loose my good habits.
  21. Fitness, Weight Loss & Strength 2018

    I'm going to take 12 days off the week after next. I've not had time off the gym for longer than a week for over half a decade. So...I think it'll do me some good.
  22. Playstation 5 rumours have started

    Honestly, I can't quite believe the PS4 has been out coming up to half a decade. It has aged incredibly well. My feeling is that the PS5 won't be happening this year. But next year seems pretty strong since I think Sony would want to be seen as proactive in the industry instead of reactive to anything Xbox does. I guess we'll see. I can't say I'm surprised, while at the same time I'm really quite satisfied with my PS4/Pro. As long as Overwatch works on it.
  23. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    No idea why he requires 400 candy. Maybe his mega evolution will be amazing or something. Whailmer as well, like wut? But I think the quest should cover more pokemon with that candy requirement since if you live in the wrong biome, you're a bit out of luck.
  24. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I don't think Dittos are really that rare. I think the Magikarp thing is a bit crap. At least give an alternative evolution for Swablu as well, since he requires 400 candy too. I'm not in any rush to complete this though so I can't say I'm that fussed. Especially since a Legendary encounter appears to be guaranteed for the seven stamps.