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  1. Fortnite

    So less than four months.
  2. Fortnite

    Right, but that's not my point. If I buy a Season Pass on PSN, does it work for my XBL and for my Nintendo Switch? And if it does, who gets my money from the Season Pass? Sony? Okay, but Microsoft have a discount on V-bucks, so I'm going to buy it on XBL and use it on my Switch. That's just one game with a relatively homogenised system in place, but take Warframe for example, if I sell an item on one system to someone on another system...then I've just put money in the pocket of a competitor. I'm going to play Destiny on Xbox, but I'm going to use my Playstation exclusive gun... and Bungie have accidentally made this gun a bit too OP, but now I have an unfair advantage. Obviously Bungie is at fault...but it's going to tilt people. I'm going to play Overwatch on Xbox because Microsoft support Keyboard and Mouse, except that isn't supported on Playstation... I don't need to explain this one (but I will say K&M should be a standard option in all games and matchmaking should take into account input device). But what about when it comes to reporting people for abuse? Or party chat? Or sending messages? What about game invites? Cross-game cross-platform invite? The legals of signing into PSN has, up until this point, only had to concern itself with other PSN users – who all sign the same agreement. But how does that have to change to accommodate another network of gamers with its own T&Cs? Clearly, it's not too hard, but it was never simply about the flip of a switch IF this is meant to be rolled out into more games. And, this isn't just cross-play. It's 'cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce'. I too am happy that Sony have come around, but I would hardly call them slow on the up take – how long have Xbox and Switch players been playing together? About four months. I'd hardly say that was long when the real aim is standardised cross-play across both/all networks. I mean, the Fortnite cross-play is still in Beta. If it was as easy as flipping a switch, why would we even need that? We've had numerous cross-platform games before, so why is this different? It's either a pointless PR stunt for everyone, or we're actually looking at a more open way to play, and that has a lot of logistical and legal implications.
  3. Fortnite

    You say the backed down, but these things take time to implement and this beta is going live today. I'm not saying they weren't pushed into doing this, but cross-play is not a simple matter and if it is to be rolled out across more titles it needs a measured approach, especially since this isn't just cross-play, it's 'cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems'. Now if they could sort Keyboard and Mouse support out, we'd be golden.
  4. Golden Sun, you say? * Screams from space *
  5. Job woes/wins

    I'm anxious because the account I work on basically gives me less work than it used to. I've done a few bits on other accounts recently but I don't really feel part of the process and I don't get much feedback. While I was picked for pretty particular reasons for this role, the two people involved in my hiring have left/are leaving; one agency side, the other client side, so I kind of think my role has become redundant. I've kind of just hoped things would return to normal and I'd start getting more regular briefs in (because I really like this account), but I think I'm kind of in denial. I could be over thinking it, I usually assume the worst but...part of me thinks this job is handled really fucking stupidly and that having someone full time on it is not worth it. Things do tend to calm down around this time of year but there's just been a bit too much change. While the processes involved in the job have never been efficient (and part of my job was dealing with that) I feel that it's got to a tipping point. So, yeah, I dunno. I'm having a catch up with one of the higher ups in the agency tomorrow. Last time we did a catch up, they were really accommodating but this account is just awkward. I often feel redundant, so I'm kind of expecting them to make me so at some point.
  6. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I used compressed air to clear out my Pro when I got God of War, it sounded distressed. Afterward it would still rev up occasionally (usually during cutscenes) but it's so much quieter now.
  7. Destiny 2

    Also, I really enjoyed starting on the ground floor, being there at the start. I like that my Warframe account is 4 years old, but realistically I've only played it properly the past 2 months. Or how I played Pokemon Go for a couple weeks at launch and then didn't touch it again for over a year...but what I had done was still there. But I can't shift how all my shit was just deleted moving from Destiny 1.
  8. Destiny 2

    In terms of size, I paid (I can't quite recall) £70/80 for Destiny 2 and the season pass? And it was tragically small. It's in no way a big or expansive game. Curse of Osiris was 1) abjectly trite 2) had no curse to speak of. On top of that, the whole game actually had less features than the first game, which I spent about the same money on, every year (not to mention the retconned a lot of the lore from the first game – fuck me for enjoying their world-building for three years, amiright?!). Year 1 of Destiny 2 was an absolute swindle. They took everything I earned on my 10-year journey and canned it. Replaced it with a new version that was far less enjoyable to play and they didn't even bother changing basics like the character creator. They took all the meaningful and interesting loot and dropped it in Eververse and turned everything into a pointless utilitarian token-vending machine quest. The game may have changed now, but that doesn't change what happened. Destiny 2 was a terrible game and Bungie's approach to the whole IP has garnered absolutely no good will from me. They shouldn't be trusted. Not until they prove they can handle a game as a service after the loss of their biggest talent. Anyone else remember how good Taken King was? Yeah, it was baller. Forsaken might be the best thing since but there's nothing to say they won't tank the whole IP again. Destiny is also absolutely ripe with false progression and addict-creating gameplay loops. Being a time-sink doesn't a big game make. Does Warframe need to improve its PvP? Honestly, I'd rather play a game specifically built around PvP like Overwatch than have the shit-fest that was Destiny 1's balancing. Edit: One of the worst parts is that I feel like I do want to play this, but I just cannot objectively justify it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again and agin and again – fuck this shit, I'm outtahere!
  9. Destiny 2

    Neither of these things are true. I've played Warframe for a couple months now (got my 50-day log in yesterday) and since then I have got myself 9 Prime warframes and 11 normal warframes. I've played more events in those 50 days than Destiny has given me in 6 months. I've customised everything from my warframe to my Operator to my own Clan Dojo and ship. I've got mods that make an actual difference to how weapons, warframes and builds work. And played a much more compelling story and sidequests. There are so many things in Warframe that should be in Destiny but aren't (space battles, procedural generation, invasions, actual clans, Syndicates that aren't a popularity contest), it's genuinely embarrassing. Limited scope? That's Destiny through and through. There's certain things that Destiny absolutely nails – music, big enemy encounters, raids, art direction – but it just doesn't cut it as a compelling RPG and it's a rip-off. While Forsaken looks good, pretty much like everything I've ever wanted, I've fallen for this shit-fest too many times. I won't do it again.
  10. Warframe (PC/PS4) - F2P

    In the past couple weeks I have been playing this a lot. I built my first Prime, completed as of Friday. Rhino Prime. He's so rad and lets me jump in to activities slightly beyond me for now. Got all the parts for Valkyrie Prime too. Apart from that, I've built Oberon, who's ace. And Frost, who I'll probably try and trade for soon because he is also rad. I've polarised 2 of my Hek weapon slots and I have an Othros Prime which is amazing. It's like a blender. I've started The Second Dream. And it's a lot of fun. I am absolutely loving this game.
  11. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Black Manta looks amazing. Better than the comics. I'm wet for Orm, the trench, Atlana, Mera, Mamoa, Vulko.
  12. Warframe (PC/PS4) - F2P

    It's SO overwhelming. I did the same as you, jumped back in last week to give it a go again. For some reason I had LOKI as my Warframe. And I'm not really sure how. Maybe on my initial attempt I used the Platinum you start with to get him? I definitely haven't spent real money on this game (...yet. I've no problem dropping money on games I think are worth it but clearly I bumbled around in the menus at some point and spent Platinum on him) Anyway, I still had enough Platinum to pick up Excalibur so I did that. And...I think I kind of love it. It is really overwhelming. I think I'd have ignored upgrading mods if the other half hadn't worked out how to do it and pointed it out to me. I'm making my way through Mars at the moment. I've grasped the basics now but still have so many questions. I've almost built my first new Warframe, Rhino. I've built the Helmet and the Chassis but still need the material for the Systems, but I don't think that'll take too long.
  13. Mario Tennis Aces

    Honestly, if Nintendo announced a Golden Sun game for Switch you'd be able to hear my scream in the vacuum of space.
  14. Mario Tennis Aces

    I don't want to make friends just so I can play doubles in a non-torturous way. I want to play this game casually and jump on randomly for a few games and then jump off. If I want to play a game with friends I'd rather just play Overwatch tbh.
  15. Mario Tennis Aces

    Blocking is good and all, but screwing an attempt up shouldn't mean a fail state for the game. Especially when I'm co-oping with friends who has little to no experience playing the game. Considering the pick-up-and-playness of the game – to the point that you can only play Tie Break in online doubles (with a local co-op partner) and not a full set – this implementation is nothing but incredibly stupid. I genuinely had to tell my friend that when the other team did the super move to just leave it; the pros far outweigh the cons; I'd rather lose the point than risk THE WHOLE GAME. (Obviously he still went for it and failed and we lost...despite out reading the opponent at every turn) I don't really have an issue with tactics. I actually think this is one of the few games where you can read your opponents (and even kite them) pretty well, it's one of the best things. Yeah, you have a point with Boo. I started to cotton onto his schemes. Online doubles (with a local partner) seems to only let you choose between the normal and the simple rule set, but you can't change things like the number of rackets or if KOs are allowed. Edit: Also, how you select courts is atrocious. Why can't there be a normal stage select after the character select? Between this and the dumb stage rotation in Splatoon, I'm really starting to remember the inverse silver lining that comes with everything good from Nintendo.
  16. Mario Tennis Aces

    Played local Doubles online. The KO mechanic is the dumbest thing ever. Basically, if anyone's racket breaks, they lose the whole thing so it not worth the risk so every time someone pulls off one of those super shots everyone just runs away. Also, you can only do Tie Breaker. And you basically can't tweak any of the other options (so you can't switch the KO mechanic off, or change the number of rackets everyone has...which is set at 1 for no good reason). Genuinely terrible, all of this. And I know people have mentioned there is an option to reject bad connections, but you can't reject the people who have apparently good/fine connections that then turn to crap (and usually never recover) over the course of a match. It's frustrating, because if it works and none of the players are gaming the systems, then it's a hell of a lot of fun. Also, fuck Boo. Edit: As for single player... Fuck Boo AND Why can you only play as Mario? And why is Toad even there. And why can't I restart challenges straight away? And why do I have to sit through crap before a challenge AND AFTER WHEN I'VE LOST?! I can't play this game for too long. It both brilliant and driving me barmy.
  17. Mario Tennis Aces

    The lag online is absolutely awful. Edit: Second match was less awful
  18. Mario Tennis Aces

    They seem to have the multiplayer DLC locked down with a free character every month (if I've read rightly), which shows their intent to keep interest in this game ongoing. So I don't think single player DLC is too farfetched. Fingers crossed
  19. Mario Tennis Aces

    Any chance there might be Splatoon 2 like DLC for more single player?
  20. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    I really like how they've integrated trading. I think this makes it virtually pointless for spoofers while actually being quite rewarding for friends who play. Sadly it won't really be an issue for the multi--accounters who I have more of a practical problem with...but then the fact Raiding with one Best Friend gives you 4 more Premium Balls is great and helps alleviate their presence a little.
  21. Hollow Knight

    That's what I'm hoping for so that's good to hear!
  22. Hollow Knight

    I picked this up because everyone was singing its praise. I was a little worried that it would be too hard, or too unforgiving. But, I am really enjoying it. To me, it feels like Dark Sous meets Metroid. I think maybe because you get punished bad for mistakes, the enemies all signal their attacks, going back to pick up your dead body, etc,. I just fought the boss with the needle and thread weapon (for the first time?). I love the music. Love the art direction and the animation. I'm enjoying the enemy design. I love playing it on the TV and in portable. Yeah...hopefully it doesn't get too hard because I'm sad to say it only takes one incredibly frustrating boss to cock-block me from progressing through a game.
  23. Splatoon 2

    I may try and pick up a Pro Controller then. I'll dip back into it again soon.
  24. Splatoon 2

    I picked this up on the sale. Reached lvl 7 or 8. I'm a bit meh on it. I think the controls are fiddly, maybe that's just the tiny Switch sticks. I really don't like that you can't change weapons once you're in a game. It feels a bit unfriendly to beginners. It's enjoyable to play while watching something on TV but I could hardly say it holds my attention. Is there any skill based matchmaking in this? I came top of my team every game in a 10-game losing streak. I was usually the lowest level by quite some way. What am I missing? Also, sitting through a 'News update' every time I switch the game on is getting real old real fast.
  25. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Yeah, I am very excited. And I love the returning old stages too. A perfect mix of nostalgia and newness!