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  1. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Honestly, there's no reason you shouldn't also do cardio if you want. Just make sure you make up the calorie deficit it creates (if you need to).
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Next to the Plus folder titled 'Shovelware'.
  3. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Has it improved at all since Wednesday? Remember you can always focus on other things. Maybe legs, or even flexibility/mobility. I wouldn't worry too much about losing progress. These things happen and there are ways of dealing that can actually be productive in the long run.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Timing worked out perfectly. Ha Honestly, we've waited how many years already? What's a few more months?
  5. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Yaaaas Persona 5. Just as long as TLG isn't delayed... I already knew
  6. What Have You Bought?

    Yeah, it's a pretty great perk. I'm sure if you shop around you can find a it under the RRP.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    Employee discount through a friend.
  8. What Have You Bought?

    A 55" Sony XD80 4K HDR TV. £759 including delivery. Not bad at all. Anyone know about buying warranties? I couldn't get anything beyond the standard year because of the discount.
  9. PS4 Pro

    So I ordered a 55" Sony 4K HDR TV. Including delivery it was only £759. So I'm pleased with that.
  10. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    How many Ks and HDRs does it have?
  11. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    Essentially it was about presenting a version of the PS4 that would work with incoming TV standards (and better suits VR). I don't really get the issue people are having; your PS4 isn't lessened by the Pro's existence. It's not a PS4.5; it's a PlayStation 4 that's upwardly compatible. If you don't have a 4K TV you don't need it. If you do have a 4K TV, you don't necessarily need it either but hey, all PS4s have HDR now so...have a taste of that. If anything, this has future proofed this generation for another few years. Basically, you don't need it but if you still don't have a PS4 this might be the one you want (because a lot of us here payed £350 three years ago that can't output in HDR or do 4K)...or there's the PS4 Slim, which is now cheaper. It's like the 64DD. Except it's scalable and built in to all new models. I thought everyone liked options? Here are your options.
  12. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    Sony didn't rush this. This generation, if you haven't noticed, has been done completely on their watch. The best decisions they have made, they did on their own time and this is really no different. The Pro is a completely different proposition to the Scorpio. Microsoft may be gloating, but they've really got shit-all to gloat about. They're hemorrhaging XBL subscriptions while PSN is making bank. Their hardware sales are lethargic against Playstation's (and Scorpio coming out next year isn't going to do anything to the ever more affordable PS4). Their gaming portfolio is nowhere near as diverse as Playstation's (although they have quite deservedly stolen the racing audience with Forza while Sony let Kazunori Yamauchi drag them down with slow and weak GT releases). And their demographic is younger than PlayStation's; the audience with very minimal disposable income. On paper, Scorpio looks like it's going to be laughing but the reality is quite different.
  13. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    No way, Scorpio is a BEAST, it's a whole step up from the PS4 Pro. That thing is a 4K native machine. The PS4 Pro is an 'up to 4k' deal. I only have so much money and I've got to prioritise. It just makes more sense to invest in my TV/PS4 set-up before VR; the VR software library is still in its infancy so I think I'll be getting more bang for my buck with an upgraded TV/PS4. I'm still excited, but I'm happy whenever I switch my PS4 on so I might as well consolidate that experience...if that makes sense. Also, 4K Netflix. Ha
  14. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    Scorpio is going to cost a lot. There's no chance its going to hit £350. By which time the PS4 Pro will have settled into the market, likely with space to drop its price if needed. It's weird because Microsoft's market skewers much younger than PlayStation's and yet it's Xbox that's going to offer the premium product. I don't think it'll work for them.
  15. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    So...what do you propose they do? It's kind of the same issue as VR; you can't be told how good/immersive/whatever some of these things are, you need to experience them. You aren't really wrong though, I was watching it and thinking it was literally absurd that they were trying to show off something that I knew couldn't be shown – like a weird inverse Emperor's New Clothes. But they need to start somewhere. I think the hands-on – much like with the VR – have been really positive, so while the meeting was a bit surreal, if you ask me, they've handled a very difficult position as well as they possibly could have.
  16. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    My favourite reaction has been about the HDR; "I see no difference!"; "Looks the same to me."; yeah, no fucking shit poindexter, you're watching a shitty stream on a non-HDR, non-4K screen. Cerny, "Old screens literally cannot display the whole gambit of colours, brightness and intensity of new screens." T'internet's response, "I can't see all these new colours, WTF?" This is like when HD was the new thing and people couldn't see the difference, until they had the capability to.
  17. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    Worth a read, Pre-ordered. Cancelling my PSVR pre-order. Starts looking at 60" 4K HDR TVs.
  18. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    Since the Pro is likely out this November, it would make 3 years. Which is quite long enough between hardware releases, if you ask me.
  19. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Red Hood really surprised me. I absolutely loved it. Also loving Supes and Action. Titans is pretty good and I'm really looking forward to Teen Titans.
  20. Persona 5

    Literally unplayable.
  21. PlayStation Meeting 7th September 2016

    I'm going to predict... A PS4 Slim, which will replace the current PS4 completely, out as soon as the conference is over The PS4 Neo, which will have a name like PS4 Pro...or PS4 New It probably won't look too different to the Slim, maybe have the slight bar through the middle as opposed to across the top New features like 1080p recording and all that A list of games that will take advantage of the new tech. Some will be coming soon (The Last Guardian, for example, and fingers crossed for Nioh) and some will be patched, maybe Uncharted 4 VR will be shown off in conjunction with the new PS4 A redesigned controller ...And a new PS Vita... /s
  22. Nioh [PS4]

    Rumour is the end of October. For me, it went from virtually unplayable in the Alpha to bloody great in the Beta. That kind of response is super encouraging. I hope they can keep up the good work.
  23. No Man's Sky

    Is there a limit to how deep?
  24. Destiny

    They didn't last time, did they? Honestly, I don't game anywhere near as much as I was last year when the other raid came out. I'd be surprised if I was actually raid ready by the time it opens.
  25. Nioh [PS4]

    Yeah, I defeated the third boss, got both the DLCs. I am now very excited for the full game. Sad I'll have to start again since I found some fucking badass poison duel swords. But whatever, I can't wait to get stuck in again. That level reset is annoying, though. I had to run through the third level again to get to the boss.