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  1. Destiny

    How do you make solid gains above 350? Do you just need to grind strikes? I seem to have hit a cap when decrypting.
  2. Destiny

    I got a little more into the groove with this yesterday. Crept up a few more levels. Got the Khovostov exotic quest going. How do you get the Gjallarhorn Quest?
  3. No Man's Sky

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. No Man's Sky

    I haven't played this since week of launch.
  5. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    If you like Watchmen then you'll understand at its core it is a comic about the comic medium and the comics industry. And for the past 20-or-so-years it has cast an incredibly long shadow over the DC Universe (and it has unavoidably been a part of the DC Universe since Moore wrote it; it has influenced DC like no other work). You like Watchmen because it's its own story but the truth is, Watchman was created because of DC (and the industry as a whole); it literally doesn't have anywhere near the same impact as it would have if the statement that 'it was its own story' is true. It isn't missing the point, it is exactly the point. To thieve a good Reddit comment about Rebirth... "It's symbolic. DC is using the Watchmen-verse as a symbol for the bad lessons comics writers took in the wake of Moore and Miller et al in the 80's. The attitude that "dark and gritty" was a substitute for actual good stories, or Didio's silly attitude about how miserable heroes are more interesting. This whole issue was about meta-narrative." Also, DC Comics has technically never had a reboot. And the reason why you dislike it – it's wonderful and weird backlog of 75-years worth of comics – is precisely why it is a completely unique prospect that appeals to me. "[T]he DCU is one massive story, perhaps one of the biggest unending sagas humanity has ever told (yes, that includes As the World Turns). It evolves over time, but it hasn’t ended." Also, there are plenty of stories within Rebirth that stand completely alone and are incredibly accessible.
  6. Virtual Reality

    From what I understand, you'll start to see the big push for PSVR over the next three weeks. I think it will be a slow burn overall. It's going to need time to build a worthwhile library for a lot of people.
  7. What Have You Bought?

    I was pretty happy with my Samsung and this looks much better...which surprised me because I thought my Samsung was great. Netflix at 4K looks great, I thought. Stranger Things specifically. I'm not sure how long it'll take OLED to become affordable at 55"+ sizes, I suspect longer than I'll have this TV for tbh.
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Depends if you think the extra £70 for the Pro is worth it. It's a more future-proof machine that will probably provide a smoother gaming experience overall. I...would go for the Pro if I was buying a new PS4. But it really does come down to that price difference...which I don't think is that big when you are alread paying £270+.
  9. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    I got a drive-by compliment in the gym changing room just now. Both parts flattering and creepy. More importantly, I started doing weighted chin-ups (20kg) and wide-grip pull-ups (15kg). Why have I not bothered to do these before? They're amazing and super fun. I feel like they're going to be a bit of a revelation.
  10. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Instead of 'learning', why don't you actually read it? Because it's really rather elegantly done and makes complete metatextual sense. Rebirth is a deftly handled comic. It's superb. Also, if Watchmen is the only Western comic you've read, why do you care exactly?
  11. Destiny

    I'm at about 336. So, way off. I doubt I'll be ready in time so it's probably best I bow out of the blind raid.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    You're welcome. Ha
  13. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    The gym is going well for me and I'm becoming a little suspicious that I'm neglecting something (other than cardio).
  14. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    It's my TV and I won't be humble about it. It's fucking gorgeous.
  15. Destiny

    Holy shit, yeah those like THREE extra rooms at the end of the missions. Seriously though, I enjoyed playing with you and @MilaGi again. That's always the highlight of Destiny.
  16. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Just read #6 of The Flash. Dat reveal...I should have seen coming. Godspeed is rad.
  17. Destiny

    The missions have been pretty terrible. Completely unmemorable.
  18. Destiny

    I'll probably be on at 8. Going to head to the gym. Also, off topic @Eddage that TV I got is fucking epic.
  19. Destiny

    I'll probably be on at 6, unless I go to the gym.
  20. Gravity Rush 2 (PS4 -2016)

    I wonder if they'll push this back because of TLG delay.
  21. Destiny

    I don't think I'll be around. Thanks, though
  22. Destiny

    Looks good. I can't help but feel totally out of the loop with the community and people on here, probably more because it's been so long since playing it than anything else.
  23. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Birds of Prey basically confirmed.
  24. PS4 Pro

    Well, I pre-ordered a PS4 Pro, so you can start the count at 1 unit sold.
  25. PS4 Pro

    I think there will be AT LEAST literally dozens sold.