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  1. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    As someone with no much time on my hands (and violently less as soon as FFXV arrives tomorrow), EXP share is staying firmly on. So, I caved and bought this. I LOVE it. I love that the game doesn't revolve around gyms now. And there are cutscenes. It feels like I'm actually on an adventure. I never even got to the third gym in Pokemon Y because it felt so same-y. But I'm really feeling this. I've just done the first trial. I wanted to pick Litten but I wasn't a fan of his weird wrestling final form so I went with Rowlet (he now in his awkward second evolution and I hate how he looks but whatever, we all have awkward teenage years). So my team consists of... Rowlet Munchlax Growlithe Abra (lvl 15, still no attacking moves) Meowth So yeah....three of the original 150. I need to branch out a bit.
  2. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    But Overwatch.
  3. Overwatch

    Yeah, I'm thinking of getting the digital version so I can actually put other games in my PS4.
  4. Final Fantasy XV

    Watched it last night. It's a piece of shite.
  5. Final Fantasy XV

    As it happens...
  6. Overwatch

    Mine is on L1 because I prefer a button over a trigger for jumping. Thinking about it though, I may switch his Ultra to L2 and his BOOP to 'X' so Triangle becomes Cross-Fade. Or maybe put his BOOP on R1 and his Amp It Up on 'X'. Now I'm confused.
  7. Overwatch

    The downfall of Mercy's gun is that it's so much fun to use I occasionally forget to heal people at all. Also, you want to change the binding of the switch weapon to something more accessible than Right on the D-Pad.
  8. Overwatch

    @Eenuh If it helps at all, it took me a couple week before this game went from 'This is kind of fun, still can't see how it's this popular though' to complaining about my team of five other randoms setting up as a dive comp but then trickling in while I score Golds in areas I really shouldn't be. And I definitely remember how overwhelming having 22 almost completely different characters to pick from. Once that settles the game will begin to click. I started with Support, moved to trying Defense, then Tank and finally Attack. Give Lucio a go; he has a quasi-sprint mode, is a great team healer and is generally a bit more active than Mercy. Speaking of, I finally switched Lucio's jump button to L1. Ended up bring my ranking back up to 2500+. Bunny-hopping and wall-riding (but mostly bunny-hopping) for days.
  9. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Pokemon on Switch? IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!! My dreams!! Joy
  10. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Thanks very much. Yeah, I think that's the biggest part of it. My lunch break at work is the gym. I can't think of any better way to spend that hour (and I'm lucky enough to have a gym right next next door to work so I can fit it in most day – and if not I'll go near my flat after work). And as I've slowly adjust my diet over the years I've just moved to a healthier diet naturally as well as – I think, at least – become more sensitive to what my body needs in terms of quantity. Also, I really like both fasting and stuffing my face.
  11. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    I do intermittent fasting. So I go to the gym fasted at lunch (although I've started having a drink before consisting of 21g of sugar, which is 88kcal, because I got lazy with taking BCAAs before and I felt I needed something...although that might be a mental thing). I then eat after and during an 8-hour 'feeding window', so I tend not to eat after 10pm. In terms of what I eat... I make sure to eat protein (meat) and fats (avocado and nuts). Carbs, they're cool. Sugar, I try to avoid although I've got into a dangerous ice cream eating habit recently that I 100% need to stop. I don't count calories or macros, I kind of vaguely estimate. If I feel I need it I will have a big cheat meal. Likewise, if I'm not really that hungry I will not eat. Occasionally I won't eat until dinner, but that wouldn't be on a gym day. Basically, I wing it massively. And whatever I'm doing is working.
  12. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Story of my life. This year has taught me that my perceived fitness is totally way too generous. I thought I was good at the start of the year but after that 6/7 month cut...damn was I carrying fat in a deceptively efficient way. ...And now I want to bulk again I'm mildly terrified. Like, what if I over do it and don't realise it and I just undo a lot of this hard work?! Or if I don't bulk hard enough because I'm worried about that? Also, again Blade, I am super proud of you. I honestly believe with consistency and determination anyone can make the changes they want and you actually did it and I cannot tell you how great it is to see. I see way too many people hit a wall early on and then kind of just give up.
  13. PS4 Pro

    I feel like the timing for the Pro is better than for the Scorpio. I have little doubt that the Scorpio will be better but at that point we're probably only going to be a couple years away from the PS5 (giving the PS4 a 6-year lifespan). By which time the PS5 (and the post-Scorpio Xbox) shouldn't need any tricks to reach 4K. I'm fully open to picking up a Scorpio. I've circled around an Xbox One for a while now but my problem is, with a PS4 there isn't that much to differentiate the Xbox for me. And with the Pro already kind of hitting 4K already, I feel the wind might betaken out of the Scorpio's sails, too.
  14. Watch Dogs 2

    The first one was poop (although there were a couple nice mechanics). I'm expecting this to be completely unremarkable.
  15. PS4 Pro

    The upgrade was definitely worth it for my 4K TV. Tomb Raider and Deus Ex both look superb. Noticeably sharper on 55" and – a minor miracle – the frame rate on Deus Ex is so much better (which isn't hard, tbf). Honestly, if the keep targeting the OG PS4 with what they think is an acceptable frame rate and then have a Pro patch that locks it so it actually runs smoothly, I'd say it was worth it. Also, I save a lot off captures, so it's nice to have those saved at a higher resolution.
  16. PS4 Pro

    About 500GB, took close to 8 hours but because I have an absolutely awful router. I've seen other people have done it much quicker.
  17. PS4 Pro

    Tomb Raider in the upscaled 4K looks... Really bloody superb. The 'Enriched' graphics mode doesn't seem to make that big a difference but since I don't really know what the game is meant to look like I'm not sure what is added or missing. The 60fps option is nice too, but I'm one of the three people in the world that thinks it makes the characters feel a little weightless in third-person games. Trackmania Turbo looks super crisp too, in 4K. The new 4K screenshots are nice too. Haven't tried video capture yet. I've just installed Deus Ex and The Last of Us so I'll give those a whirl tomorrow. Now I just need Overwatch to get a 4K patch. Plz Blizzard.
  18. PS4 Pro

    Mine arrived at 10 in the morning. Transferring everything from the old PS4 has taken about 8 hours. It's almost done though.
  19. I can't say I'm surprised. Interesting times.
  20. PS4 Pro

    At the risk of coming back to this post in a couple years and seeing it as dumb...is 8k really that desirable? 4k is only really a big deal on already big TVs. I think the next big jump will be to 32bits HDR. Instead of the current 10bit.
  21. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    This is the most glorious piece of entertainment news in the history of reality. I am whelmed.
  22. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    Talk about getting her a PT. My ex had anxiety about the gym but now he has a really good personal trainer, he's more confident in knowing what he's doing and he happily goes of his own volition (I think a big problem is once you're at the gym, not knowing what the 'right' thing to do is, a PT will definitely help with that). Also, PT's are good company to have, a good one is there to help you and understand all your issues, including any kind of discomfort in the gym. Maybe you can get the occasional day-pass and go with her, too. At the end of the day, you can't be her motivation. You can support hers but anyone who looks after themselves has their own drive; she needs to be independent as much as she needs you. I think a PT is a good step towards that. Maybe go with her to the first few PT session.
  23. Overwatch

    Oh look @MilaGi, Overwatch is now £25 on Amazon for PS4. Come play with us.
  24. PS4 Pro

    Mine will be arriving on Thursday and I will be playing Titanfall on it. I look forward to the new controller that can connect via wire. Also, the improved video and screenshot captures. And finally, when I get VR I'll be good to go.