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  1. Gaming storylines that have stayed with you

    The Last of Us Spec Ops: The Line Majora's Mask Brothers Halo 1-3 Just off the top of my head.
  2. So I'm going out with someone who is lovely but they are critical about a lot. Not people but TV, movies and games. He's a massive buzzkill. And I don't really know what to do. He can't really get his head around it. And I don't know what to do.
  3. Guy I'm seeing now, can't stand garlic. Basically everything has garlic in it. I think I might break up with him. I hate emotions. I wish I was a sociopath.
  4. I think the whole Sith vs Jedi dichotomy needs to die so hopefully the title alludes to that. I'm all for good force users versus bad but it's kind of a bit back and white...almost literally.
  5. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    Thanks. I never will do that and I certain won't be looking into it.
  6. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    Explain plz
  7. Nicknames

    I like being called Daft on PSN or IRL by @ReZourceman. Otherwise I insist on being called 'Nicholas'. I absolutely hate being called 'Nick'. It's not my fucking name.
  8. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    Because Putlocker (and its still functional equivalent)
  9. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    Only one doing things? I mean, the PSVR only came out a couple months ago. Also, it's pretty easy to argue that Sony (or Microsoft for that matter) haven't changed their controller much because they haven't needed to. The Dual Shock has been at the heart of four incredible successful consoles. And in terms of software, saying Sony and Microsoft have just been doing the 'same old, more power' the past 30 years is stupid. The number of studios that both Sony and Microsoft have opened (and closed) as well as bought and sold is indicative of nothing but change. Whereas Nintendo barely register anything outside of Japan. What boundary is the Switch pushing exactly?
  10. I think it's a compelling product but it's too expensive. If I can find it at £230 with Zelda or Mario, then I might bite. I don't think I'll bother paying for online because I already have PSN and the awkward need for a smartphone is a little too convoluted for my liking. I was hoping to see Pokemon but...yeah...disappointed.
  11. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    I'm doing this 5/3/1 variation at the moment. I started Week 4 yesterday. It was good to drop to a 3-day program over Xmas but now I'm back at work I'm getting itchy feet so I'm going to do a short session on the rowing machine today. I've definitely put on some size but I'm pretty sure it's come with fat. But I'm just going to pull through, finish the six weeks, probably drop into PPL for a week at maintenance and see how everything is looking.
  12. Final Fantasy XV

    Fishing grew on me. Hated it at first because you start off with such crap equipment and personally I was at a loss as to what lure to use, but I did all of Navyth's missions. With the best rod and the best reel, it's a lot of fun. I've taken a good 10 minutes to reel in a few big fish. I kind of liked the magic but I couldn't use my most powerful Blizzaga at the end because it froze my whole bloody party. I also hated the fact I had to pause and go through a couple menus to assign a bloody spell, why not a quick select of some kind. If fucking Libra didn't take long enough (literally minutes on some creatures)... It didn't half feel like I was playing American Football; 20 seconds of action, 5 minutes of sorting shit out (Also, WHY did Libra take the same amount of time on the same types of enemies? I've got an ascension skill that makes attacks on scanned enemies more effective but that means an absolute age of breaking the tension and flow of the game as I can them all). I'm not sure you can make anything other than elemental magic. The open world is great but there are so many small niggles like why do I have to go back to the vendor to turn in hunts? I do have a mobile phone, I know because Cid calls me on it when he's good and ready. Why can I only accept one bounty at a time? Why don't more weapons drop? Why isn't there more armour? As for the camping/eating mechanic, it's a really nice idea. But if I'm going to use it on the boss of a dungeon, am I expected to get to the boss then quit the fight, then find a camp site which isn't always near, then cook the right meal for resistance then traipse all the way back to the boss and fight him now I'm prepared?! How about Ignis makes some bloody snacks. All I could think is that the Witcher did all of this supremely better. It's like no one playtested this stinking pile of shite. it need a plethora of QoL changes for starters. GOD DAMN IT PROMPTO STOP DYING!!
  13. Final Fantasy XV

    The camera in the game is diabolical, it's a massive piece of shit. The first time I got a summons the camera was positioned in a bush. I couldn't see anything. The lock-on is crap; the only place Warping ever really feels like it's justified its existence is in Insomnia's plaza (the place featured in one of the demos); the story is inaccessible, though it gets a bit better in the last few chapters. For every moment of fun that this game was, there were numerous moments of shitty design decisions, bad gameplay, crap writing, shitty voice acting. The whole thing fell flat. And I got the Platinum (mainly because the only trophy I had left to do was the Adamantoise one and by that point, why not?). If I hadn't been virtually housebound for the past two weeks I doubt I'd have finished it.
  14. Elite Dangerous

    How accessible would you say it was?
  15. Final Fantasy XV

    I can't imagine FFXIII helped with the brand's reputation. Or FFXIV for that matter.
  16. Final Fantasy XV

    The camera in this game is absolutely dire. I'm on Chapter 3. And while I'm enjoying it, it feels a bit basic.
  17. Overwatch

    Likewise, I'm up for Quick Play with anyone.
  18. Overwatch

    Me and SuperBass will be on today from probably just before 7 if anyone wants to do placements. Let's get on party chat and nail it.
  19. Final Fantasy XV

    I'm hoping that because this is my first proper FF, I'm going to be a bit less critical. Anyone with a Pro and a 4K TV have a preference with regards to the settings?
  20. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    That would make sense since I don't watch live TV and I have Magic Actions for YouTube so I never see ads.
  21. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Point taken. I've just seen the one add and that was on the way to that launch event. Ha! I'm also going to get the Switch version. Absolutely cannot wait. Especially if it improves the unreal amount of jaggies.
  22. Weight Loss and Fitness 2016

    I'm trying to bulk now. Which means easing up on Intermittent Fasting. Had been doing it for a couple weeks but I feel like I'm overeating now. My appetite is suddenly massive and I'm snacking and eating and I'm pretty sure I hit 3500 calories one day with ease. And putting on loads of fat is what I want to avoid. So I'm scaling it back. I'm back on IF. I'm going to add a post-lunch porridge and another solid 250/300 calorie snack for tea and see how that goes. Really that's an additional 5-600 calorie daily intake. Which end up an extra 3500-4200 calories a week. Which is a lot. So yeah, I feel like I've got ahead of myself with this bulk even though I tried not to but it's only been two weeks (this is day 15) so it's a good time to adjust things slightly.
  23. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Aggressive advertising? * See a single ad on the tube * I bought it because I read it had actual cutscenes and shook up the gym formula. Now I play this, it feels like the first real Pokemon sequel. ...Which is actually abysmal because it's taken long enough.
  24. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I heard this week they were selling PS4s.