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  1. Nioh [PS4]

    Fair enough. That is frustrating.
  2. Nioh [PS4]

    Any chance you have Plus and an automated cloud save to go back to?
  3. Nioh [PS4]

    Yep, Umi-bozu. Every time I got summoned, bar once, was to that boss. And no one stayed alive long. Didn't beat him once. And by the end of it I was becoming guilty of dying to his cheap one-shot eye blast. Sloppy from me really. I just killed the seventh boss, Joro-Gumo. She wasn't too hard in the end. I need to run that level again because I definitely missed some Kodama. Anyone know if you can pick up Kodama for yourself while helping other people in their level? I suspect you can't.
  4. I am a patient person (for the most part) but every other week I end up having a discussion with the other half that becomes pretty heated. It's never an argument about us, it's about something that's happened in the world. And he just has this relentless need to understand my thinking while somehow not being able to actually take on what I'm saying. (It kind of easy to identify so just now I said 'I don't think we're going to agree about this', 'Let's stop talking about this because we're going round in circles.' etc,. But he literally would not stop.) I'm happy to agree to disagree; I like hearing what people think but I'm not militant about inflicting my own views. Now, I chalked this up to me not getting my point across well enough but I think it's actually him. Because he gets this reaction from a lot of people. And when he tells you the story it usually comes with the comment "He just wasn't making sense." Or, "I point out these contradictions and he just got annoyed". This is all conflated by his self-admitted enjoyment for playing Devil's advocate. And it finally clicked (maybe); you have a problem with one person, they're being difficult; you have a problem with everyone, you're the difficult one. So.... Yeah. I'm a bit baffled. Oh and I blocked him on WhatsApp just now because he wouldn't STFU. Which wasn't mature of me but, like I said, relentless. He's unblocked now (not that he knows it) but it's the only thing I could do to get him to stop.
  5. And the problem with download and indie titles are what exactly? What a straw man argument. There's a range of titles there that Nintendo will never come close to. You cannot deny that.
  6. That lack of local multiplayer on other consoles argument is completely ass. Diablo 3 Overcooked Helldivers Dead Nation Alienation ResoGun Borderlands Don't Starve Two Lara Croft games LittleBigPlanet 3 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Guacamelee Nidhogg Trials Fusion Divekick Sportsfriends Enter the Gungeon EDF 4.1 The Binding of Isaac Spelunky Any fighting game like Injustice Those FIFA games that are so popular, and any sports game for that matter Plus, already mention Rocket League and Towerfall At the end of the day, Nintendo can't really compete against most of the industry. The numbers aren't with them.
  7. Destiny

    I have no idea how you've played so much more than me. I now know my inability to snipe was an issue of me not putting in the time to git gud.
  8. Do you know what you're doing?

    Do I know what I'm doing? Yes. Am I happy with what I'm doing? Kind of. Could things be better? Things could be much worse.
  9. Destiny

    1000 hours and I can't bring myself to play the latest Raid kind of proves my point.
  10. Destiny

    I hope it doesn't require an unrelenting amount of attention to stick with it. Once I fell off the Destiny train...that was it really.
  11. Nioh [PS4]

    He was tough as nails, it's actually the one after that on the roof that shredded me in two hits. I think Ninjutsu are skills like shurikens and throwing blades, while magic is...magic. But yeah, I'm not too sure at this point. I hit level 13 last night. Looking forward to putting more time in tonight.
  12. Nioh [PS4]

    Glad I'm not the only one, I've found it substantially easier than the Alpha/Beta/Demo. I'm sure familiarity is part of it but I also know that there are less enemies placed throughout the map. I wouldn't say I was especially great at these kinds of games but I playing for a few hours last night and managed to defeat the boss on the ship and do the sub-mission after. There was one Yoki that would two-hit me to death and I just ran past him. He was a weird spike in difficulty. Having said that, I am absolutely loving it. I've kind of settled on the Kusarigama as my main weapon of choice. It's just way too awesome to use. And I'm unsure about my second weapon, I've been using a Giant Axe but just picked up an awesome Sword so I'll play with that for a bit. I've not even looked at the Ninjutsu or Magic. I'm also not really sure where to spend my stats. Anyone got any tips?
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Just found out my aunt died yesterday. I haven't seen her for over a decade. She lived in another country. Not really sure how to react tbh. It's a little surreal while at the same time being a bit unremarkable. Which sounds harsh. But she was much more my farther's sister than she was my aunt. And he's been dead for coming up three decades now. So...
  14. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    My Instagram goes back about 6 years. But for a lot of that I was 'big'...but I carried a lot of fat.
  15. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    That doesn't sound like a program. The odds of you being the only person who doesn't enjoy lifting weights is...low. You might as well ask if you're the only person who finds running boring; horses for course. Personally I do enjoy lifting weights. A new PB is always an amazing feeling. Realising I could bench 100kg for a set without issue feels good. I like squats and deadlifts and chin ups. I like getting to grips with a program like PPL or 5/3/1. I set targets, I take time to reach them, and when I do I'm happy. My Instagram is the same as my username here. I ain't going to lie, I take a lot of pictures of myself in the gym.
  16. Weight Loss & Fitness 2017

    Yeah, pick a new program and learn not to suck at it.
  17. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I've been on the Beta for a few days now. Not managed to try Boost mode yet. Might test Dark Souls III tonight.
  18. Nioh [PS4]

    I have it pre-ordered. Cannot wait.
  19. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    There are HUD options. [TWEET]826169142315253760[/TWEET] I think Dark Souls 3 has the best HUD option which is an auto-hide. When you're just running around, the HUD disappears completely. Running out of stamina while sprinting, it'll appear when you have about 25% stamina left (and that's just the stamina bar). Do an attack and the HUD is appears again. And I can't speak for Far Cry 3 but Far Cry 4 had basically no resource gathering. Except the herbs which were everywhere.
  20. Doctor Who

    Yeah, the writing is such dreck now. He deserved better episodes.
  21. Meanwhile at Warner Bros.: "Let's release another Batman game."
  22. Ni No Kuni II (PS4)

    I would appreciate a rerelease of the first on one PS4, too.
  23. Yeah, like Shorty said, it's not a dislike of these things, he just enjoys approaching everything critically. He'll say what he likes but it's almost without fail always accompanied by what didn't work for him. Which is fine but if I want a bit of escapism and I hear "This doesn't make any sense" or the character's motivations are called into question because of the writing and not as a plot point...it makes it tough to relax. For example, I enjoy watching The Flash, I'm not expecting an especially well written show – especially one that's about a man who can run through time – but what it isn't seems to get in the way of what it is for him. And I think it's made me, in a very petty way, more critical of things in response when really I just want to enjoy something or let him enjoy his own thing. We have a lot of shared interests but I think I'm realising completely different attitudes and approaches towards them. Edit: I wonder if I'm the one being unreasonable.