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  1. Square Enix's TGS schedule is up, and both Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Final Fantasy XVI are going to be there in some capacity, as well as most of the other things currently announced on S-E's docket (apart from DQ III Remake and DQ XII ). Which is to say it looks stacked.
  2. General Switch Discussion

    It's a rumour that's been around for years, nothing concrete or official from Nintendo. I think it's been around since the first year of the Switch as a remake rumour because of Prime 4 being announced at the Switch's first E3 in 2017, and it's never gone away. Heck, I'm sure just a straight port was being talked about back when Eurogamer were reporting GameCube Virtual Console before the Switch was revealed back in 2016! When Prime 4 moved over to Retro I seem to remember there was a lot of talk about Retro making a port of Prime for Switch as their kind of audition to get Prime 4? But yeah, just rumours, turned back up in June this year from Grubb again. For me, even with COVID being a factor, considering that Nintendo did essentially nothing for Zelda last year (and most of their other IP for that matter), if anything happens with Metroid I think it's less a case of it being for an anniversary and more just, hey, empty slot, what have we got that's been in the slow cooker. It's frustrating to say the least. I have genuine issues with leakers who ruin announcements for devs (like Schreier), but in the same vein, I'm tired of the nonstop "leak" culture which means we're in a permanent state of ultra-awareness for announcements and such. It just creates more tension with devs - which is so stupidly backwards, if you think about it they never really got the benefit of social media because rumour and leak culture has been a constant - and, well, as if the human race's collective attention span wasn't shot already
  3. General Switch Discussion

    So, it's that time again. We didn't get a traditional Direct in June, instead we've seen Nintendo's plans split across multiple Directs throughout the summer to success, but now we're one day away from September kicking off - a month I think most are half expecting a Direct to show up in - the "leakers" are here to "leak" without skipping a beat. From VGC: I feel like September's going to be a looooooong month.
  4. Football Season 2022/23

    I hadn't checked what time the matches were today, and so wrongly assumed the half game may have been one he was subbed in for and that this match was over. No, he has a hat-trick in the first half, because of course he does. 9 in 5? What's the record for a 38 game season, Salah's 32? And Shearer and Andy Cole's 34 in 42? Unless he gets injured, I'd be very surprised if he doesn't break those records. He's not going to the World Cup for pity's sake. Meaning we'll all be having nightmares thinking about a rested Haaland sprinting at our team's exhausted defenders returning from World Cup duty
  5. In addition to the TGS slate, NIS America have also announced their own Showcase to take place on 7th September. UPDATE:
  6. The Star Wars Thread

    Another official poster for Andor: Think I prefer the first one, but still, it's nice enough. Saw's hair sure is something, though
  7. These are the games being added at the higher tiers on 20th September. Extra / Premium - Game Catalog Additions: Premium - Classics Catalog Additions:
  8. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Feel like this is one of the faster confirmations we've had on free games? But yeah, shocker, 'tis official, with the free games arriving 6th September:
  9. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Early review scores are in: And the Digital Foundry tech review is a beefy 50 minutes long: EDIT: watched the Digital Foundry review earlier, in which John kind of squashed any questions over the effort put into this remake. It looks spectacular. Definitely a couple of things I'll be keeping an eye out for when I play through it myself, though. I'm still not a fan of Joel's look, especially his hair; it just looks way too light compared to his original look, much more a light brown than a rougher mix like it was before. There are also a few times in the DF review where John mentions a focus on natural lighting, but didn't really mention the fact that Naughty Dog have changed the lighting in some scenarios entirely by punching a very literal hole in the ceiling which wasn't there before (as shown in some side-by-side shots comparing it to Remastered in the review), so that's something I'll be keeping an eye on too. The atmosphere and tone is something I'm a little worried about, as the muddy greens, greys and browns that the original game felt like it was built on - in the ground and in hazy areas - seem to be pretty much gone.
  10. In this week's month's year's episode of KONAMI - What the hell are they doing!?, apparently they'll be announcing a new game in a beloved series at TGS next month which is not related to Metal Gear, Castlevania, or Silent Hill. I think we all know what this means... it's Suikoden time!
  11. The full TGS streaming schedule is up! All times shown are in JST, so -8 hours for us Brits, so take it from there. This means a lot of the big streams will be around lunch or in the afternoon for us, which is always nice! Curiously, I feel like this TGS might be the first worthwhile one in a while, just given how many of these publishers didn't turn up in some form at Not-E3 or during Gamescom's ONL. Fingers crossed, hopefully that SEGA / Atlus stream treats us to some Yakuza and Persona news...
  12. Always been a fan of Zullie the Witch, who exclusively digs into Souls games in a similar way to Boundary Break as @Cube mentioned (who are awesome!). It's less than a minute long, but my favourite example of hers has to be the Ornstein and Smough fight from Dark Souls, when one of them gets supersized...
  13. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Well that's an unfortunate sum of typing stuff with swipe-to-text while rubbing sleep out of my eyes Ahem, I mean, no, I'll double down. Leakers are tum– Schreier has acquired your location
  14. Playstation Plus Free Games

    I was going to say I'm not usually, but I just flicked through the last few thread pages and I've been the one posting both the tumour and confirmation since...April? In which case... Now that defending my honour is out of the way... Well, I already own NFS Heat. I played it for a little bit, thought it was fine, but like most NFS games of the last decade, my interest dropped off a cliff after a few hours. Not necessarily a reflection on the game, but if I want to play an open world racing game, I'd rather seek out a Series X just for Forza Horizon Toem has been in my wishlist for a while, always thought it looked incredibly charming, definitely think that's one to check out @drahkon. If you haven't already looked it up, a trailer for your perusal Lastly, Granblue Fantasy Versus has been sitting on my shelf and installed for...a year and a half or so, I think? I picked it up when it was on sale, I haven't played many fighters but I figured, hey, I'm hyped for Relink, might as well get invested in these characters ahead of time outside of the few hours I've spent on the wiki/in the mobile game. And then Relink has just been pushed back time and time again, so it's still just been sitting there, menacingly, on my shelf. I seem to remember Ben Moore really loving the game and just how much character it had, and I remember reading @Hero-of-Time's testimony in the Gaming Diary thread - two years ago I think? What year are we in again? - which is pretty much all I need to want to dive in. So yeah, I'll definitely need to give it a look at some point! But maybe closer to Relink, when that releases in a decade or two I just looked this up and wow, had no idea about that! Not totally shocking considering the company it came from, but big yikes that PlayStation would let them pull stuff like that. Time to go check which edition of the game is sitting on my shelf...
  15. God of War: Ragnarök (9th November 2022)

    Ragnarök will be Game Informer's next cover story, meaning it's time for some great cover art! You know, I hadn't really thought about it before seeing this cover art, but with Atreus saying in one of the trailers that Kratos should be a General and it looking like there's a battle raging on in the background of the cover art...I wonder if we're actually going to, you know, go to war and live up to the title? Or a wide-scale battle for a setpiece? Because that'd be pretty awesome! EDIT: better look at the cover; There's also a short synopsis of what to expect pertaining to Ragnarök: A lot to break down there, but more accessibility options available from launch is a huge win! Crazy that we're a little over two months away and it feels like we've seen and know nothing. Love it
  16. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Oh yeah, I can totally get that. I really pick and choose when it comes to that stuff these days - you're right, too much of it can be really grating - and I don't think I ever got into Sterling's stuff because it was an even more extreme version of that type of schtick. At least with Dunkey I feel like it's pretty much all in jest and it's very up front about it, but for me Sterling never really struck me the same way. 100%! It's part of the appeal of JRPGs in general I think, don't think it's a coincidence that there's a whole load of overlap between anime watchers and JRPG lovers. Some stuff some can lean into it a little too hard (from what I've seen and heard some of the Tales of games sound very guilty of this), but from what I played of the first Xenoblade, like you said, it really strikes that balance well between genuinely well written and emotive moments which are visually striking, and moments of goofier anime-like fun
  17. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (29th July 2022)

    Man, I haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles 3 so I won't watch the whole thing, but I watched the first 30 seconds of that video just to see what you guys were talking about, and I don't know how you can get any sense of an attitude from it him cutting together a bunch of repeated lines makes sense is just for comedic effect, it's low-hanging fruit with which he has a small bone to pick (see: his previous Xenoblade and Horizon videos), but I don't think it's from an ill-meaning place, or meant to convey a certain attitude. He also just isn't a huge fan of JRPGs and their anime-isms, so leaning into his humour makes sense? Different strokes for different folks and all that, but yeah, as he's been said, he's never one to take too seriously outside of his Zelda and Mario reviews, where he does a great job of digging in and doesn't really throw in too many laughs, and they're also edited wonderfully Personally, his sense of humour works for me, so thanks for posting @drahkon, I imagine it'll give a few others a chuckle too. I'd be curious to know what some of you guys think of his Spider-Man video, where he basically just rips into IGN for saying it made them "feel like Spider-Man" seem to recall that getting a whole lot of backlash from reviewers back then
  18. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Well, we're only three days from release, and we FINALLY have a good chunk of raw gameplay!
  19. Indie Games

    Bear and Breakfast just got a Switch release date of 15th September:
  20. The official Pokémon Twitter account had been teasing a new Pokémon and location yesterday, seemingly based on the Painted Forest of Oma, located in Basque Country in Northern Spain... Painted Forest of Oma ...and have just named the new Pokémon they were teasing as Grafaiai, I imagine derived from 'graffiti' and aye-aye? Well, either that or it's a funny Super Monkey Ball nod
  21. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    According to The Snitch's Discord channel's upcoming events, a PlayStation Showcase will be aired at 21:00 BST on 8th September (so, next Thursday). This would be in line with the timing of last year's Showcase, which took place at the same time and which also took place on the second Thursday of September. If it's anything like last year's event (which took place on the 9th and was announced on the 2nd), I have to imagine we'll get an announcement this Thursday.
  22. The game's shutdown date has been announced as 29th November 2022: Whilst I don't think it ever got as big as Nintendo and Cygames might have wanted, four years is still a very solid run.
  23. This is pretty big news. Nintendo are working with Cygames on an all-new IP: Dragalia Lost. Cygames is a relatively new gaming studio, founded by CyberAgent - a Japanese web services company - in 2011, but has since taken the Japanese mobile gaming space by storm with games like Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy, another mobile RPG, which is their biggest success to date. They are inarguably one of - if not the - biggest developers in mobile gaming, so this is an intriguing move by Nintendo. Granblue Fantasy is most well known for having reunited legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu with just-as-legendary art director Hideo Minaba, who had previously worked together on Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX and Lost Odyssey. And, luckily for us, the duo will unite once again for Dragalia Lost. This is just another one of many big announcements for the studio - 24% of which is owned by DeNA - in recent times, with a number of AAA home console projects already revealed to be in the works, most noticeably including the action-RPG Granblue Fantasy: Project Re: Link (working title), which is in development by Platinum Games, and will again feature a score by Nobuo Uematsu. Dragalia Lost is scheduled for release this summer, and is expected to be released for all mobile platforms. The game will first release in Japan, before making its way to the West.
  24. The Last of Us Part I (2nd September 2022)

    Continues to look fantastic, just a few days to go! Just realised that due to the lack of difficulty related trophies, and assuming that Left Behind can't be played until after you complete Part I, the Platinum trophy picture is likely to be either the Left Behind credits or just a random trophy...
  25. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    So, Kingdom Battle has now sold 10 million copies: Nuts that all those frowned upon leaked slides all those years ago turned out this way!