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  1. Looks down at ailing body
  2. Suikoden I & II HD (PS4, Switch, Xbox, PC - 2023)

    To quote the GOAT Ben Moore: FINALLY, THE WORLD WILL UNDERSTAND! Chills just watching the trailers, I nearly teared up watching the one for II. Y'all better be buying this or face the wrath of being added to my Ignore list Played both of these last year and they were a blast. Top tier soundtracks, really fun and snappy - and very easy to break - battle system (honestly I'll take the option to speed it up, but it's not totally necessary!), best in class pixel art and animations (man, those 90s JRPG vibes just can't be beat), and some of the best written characters, story beats, and fleshed out worldbuilding I've experienced in a JRPG. And again, GOAT soundtracks. Both of them. Personally, the biggest problem I have with the genre - as much as I love it - is like a shonen anime, power levels almost always creep until the end of the game where you typically face a God or some metaphor for a collective conscious, your true self, or what have you. Now it's not a problem, even if it is a bit silly, but Suikoden does such a grand job of keeping things to scale (each game basically takes place across a single country as you figure out the kinks of its current political structure) that I think it's a huge strength of the game. Now this is obviously a reaction to the great support Eiyuden Chronicle has seen on Kickstarter and the backing it's had elsewhere, but you know what Konami, if that's what it takes, then so be it. I'm not too sure how I feel about some of the changes, if I'm being honest, for example I think the original portraits have a bit more character than their HD counterparts, and some of the backgrounds definitely look better than others. Actually, I find it really curious that the new additions fails to mention anything about updating the UI/menus from the original game to modern standards (spoiler: they sucked), and while II improves on I in a lot of ways, the inventory management leaves a lot to be desired (limited space, rotating parties means someone can leave with a key item, etc.), so hopefully that's something they'll talk about moving forwards. One of the main changes I wanted to see with Eiyuden is something I also want to see here: for the true (and, frankly, best) endings in these games, you need to recruit a whole lot of people (the 108 Stars of Destiny), and you need to use a guide because many are missable (and even then, some guides are weirdly ordered, as I found out last year), so I really hope there's something built into the game's design which makes it easier to track everyone down and not miss anyone. I've still got my notes in the Suikoden thread on the guides I used last year and the niggles they had, but ideally, I don't think you should need a guide to get so much out of these games. Man, I'm actually also really curious to see if they've fixed some of the glitches and bugs in the game. Some were helpful (like free use of the inn by backing out of paying in II), but I remember coming across a fair few audio and visual bugs when I played through last year, especially in II (which felt like it was really pushing what a 2D game could do at the time). I really just hope these can be definitive versions of these games, but I won't lie, I am a little bit nervous. I'm in for these Day 1, regardless of whether or not I actually want to play through it again at that time, I just want to support this series. Hell, I'll buy it twice if it also gets a physical release. I also still just want V to be available digitally so I don't need to drag out my PS2, so Konami, get to it more seriously though, I wonder what there plans are for future games – could the Suikogaiden games, visual novels which bridge the gap between II and III, potentially be officially translated to English and released in the West for the first time? I certainly hope so! Lastly, I'm curious what, if anything, this means for the series moving forwards. I've read from an interview today that a few folks at Konami are still keen to revive the series more than this by the sound of things, and Murayama (who created the Suikoden series and is heading the Eiyuden projects) has said in the past that he'd be open to return to work on a new entry, so maybe there's a chance?
  3. Street Fighter 6

    That's a pretty boring logo, and I'm sure the RE Engine look will be divisive. Considering there was a week-long countdown to this, that's very little to decide to show. More news to come in the summer. Platforms still TBC.
  4. And my Wii U gathers a little more dust... Also coming to PlayStation and Steam.
  5. Time to see why everyone likes Zack more than Cloud!
  6. good stuff thread.

    Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard has pulled a move which absolutely belongs in this thread: the company's profits will now be going towards climate action. Absolute legend. First time hearing of the guy, but time to look him up and do some reading on him, think he's earned a slither of my time doing something like this, that's for sure. A little bit of hope to spark some optimism is always welcome let's hope we continue to see more of this!
  7. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Watched the State of Play and some reactions last night while feeling worse for wear, and I thought it was pretty solid...just short. Really short, with some really weird cuts. Like, let the 10/10 Ragnarok trailer linger for just a sec, where are you off in a rush to guys? Seriously! But pleasantly, seemingly TGS-focused with the number of Japanese developed games shown off, so a few games I'll be interested in. Like A Dragon: Ishin - I'm never catching up on these games, huh? Well...I can't complain, inject them all into my veins obviously we've had the bunch of RGG announcements today too which has cemented 'Like A Dragon' as the branding in the West moving forwards for these games over Yakuza, but for this particular game I think it just made sense from a branding perspective to help clearly separate searches for this remake and the original Ishin (EDIT: apparently also been a licensing issue for SEGA for a while having the 'Yakuza' branding? Which makes sense, I mean that'd be like calling a western gangster game series Mafi–...oh. Plus I suppose it makes sense if the games are centred less around the Yakuza these days. Kinda.). Looks spectacular, can't wait for more dumb and dramatic RGG fun, especially seeing as at the surface this looks even sillier than normal. Which is really saying something. PlayStation Stars - okay not a game I'm interested in but I need to comment on it: groan. There was something special about looking at these trophy-like items in Astro's Playroom, but here...urgh. They didn't even really explain it and it's rolling out in Asia by the end of the month? Probably be binned in a couple of years Stellar Blade - looked like NiER drenched deep in anime BS before, continues to look like NiER drenched deep in anime BS now. I have half an eye on it. Also, kudos to them for toning it down on the ass shots this time around, as the initial reveal of the game was very in-your-face. Rise of the Ronin - the Samuraissance continues. I'm in. But 2024?! Probably help tide me over to the Ghost of Tsushima sequel I guess! God of War Ragnarok - inject it into my veins yesterday, what a trailer! Hell, even the controller is growing on me the more I look at it. Must...resist... The gutting thing for me was not getting to see Ben Moore's reactions to this or the Nintendo Direct, or anything going on at TGS. Dude was probably freaking out 8/10. Wish it was a Showcase proper, though.
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    I played Judgment back in May after burning out on it last summer in its third chapter, and I think it's up there with 0 and Kiwami 2 in terms of being one of the stronger stories from RGG. It's another great cast, another great protagonist (is Yagami close to the greatness of Kiryu? No, but for a first new protag for them in forever, a solid first attempt), another solid story, plenty of hilarious substories; it's definitely up to the RGG standard. Combat is a little lacking, but well, guess they wanted to strip everything back as much as they could with a new protag. Unfortunately, I also think if you like to really dive in with these games, it's one of the easiest to burnout on. Since Yakuza 5 I've been treating these games like a JRPG and doing as much as I can as soon as it becomes available, especially when it comes to substories and the like, but Judgment simply had too much to offer in this respect – if I'm remembering right, there were 50 Side Cases (basically substories) and 50 Friendship Missions (basically the lighter substories), which compared to the 70 - 80 in bigger games like Yakuza 5, when this is definitely a shorter game by comparison? It meant you had the kitchen sink of side missions thrown at you by the end of the third chapter, at which point I think I'd spent substantially more time on side content than I had on the main story, which wasn't really true for the other games. Made for super weird pacing. Definitely has a better payoff than the other games I'd played before it, though, when it comes to the last few of those, so Also, I've got to say, for a detective story, it was a pretty big letdown in the twists department. In all the Yakuza games I've played, while you might have a general idea of what's going on, there's always some crazy twist out of nowhere which makes it feel more like a soap opera than a balanced story. In Judgment? I wrote down what I thought had happened about a third in and was pretty much spot on. Really looking forward to getting around to Lost Judgment at some point and seeing if they've tightened things up a bit, with a bit more focus I think it should be a great time. Plus, the skateboard would have been a huge help in traversing Judgment, so that's a welcome addition I'm looking forward to
  9. The Blue Blur finally conceded to peer pressure I guess
  10. Well at least it'll be easier to find this thread once the title's updated now Yep, lovely artwork, though doesn't quite translate to the box art as well I feel? Also can't help but wonder if we'll see different regional artwork for the box art like we did with the first game. If they make this a trilogy though, having the first game have Link centred (earth) and the second having him off in a top corner (sky), they've got to bring it home and position him at the bottom of the box art – assuming we're getting more than the tease we got a while back of an Underworld in this game, I'm imagining a scuba-diving Link underwater. Anyways, other than the release date and title reveal...honestly, not a great trailer, probably the weakest one it's had so far. I'm sure we'll see more in the coming months, there's still plenty of time (May 12th is close but so, so far!), and good marketing is always a difficult balance to find, but going the Ragnarök route of "we ain't showing you anything, sorry" just seems like a bit of a poor idea when it comes to marketing an open world game. It could work on their favour and blow us away when the game releases with all of the changes which might be present in the world, but I imagine until we got a solid chunk of gameplay, we're going to see a lot of people concerned about not knowing just how different it's going to be. The logo design and opening of the trailer looks like they're delivering on the Zonai stuff from BotW - which is cool, I know this game came about from expanding on DLC ideas, but I was half-convinced they weren't going to touch that stuff - and I've got to say, the title grows on me the more I read it; I know there's been some time travel speculation about the game, but with the title too, it would be pretty cool to see an ancient civilisation torn apart, definitely gives an ominous, almost Pompeii-like vibe to the game. Would be even cooler if there's time travel involved with the present day and puzzles hinting at things, but not seeing how it all plays out until the very end, maybe the destruction of an ancient kingdom either giving rise to, or empowering, present-day Hyrule? Would make it very melancholic! Still very excited for this game, it's safe to say!
  11. I get the feeling we're all unreasonably hyped for this Play test on 19th Feb - 20th Feb (UK), update in the summer to play football with the Joy-Con on a leg strap, and golf is coming this autumn.
  12. New year, new events thread! Starting it early this year because of the news already coming out that E3 will once again be digital this year, due to Omicron concerns -- we had to wait until March last year before finding out what was up with E3 2021. As reported by VentureBeat: However, Mike Futter has shared that he heard that E3 would likely be going this way in 2022 as the ESA had already abandoned their plans to use the Los Angeles Convention Center -- he says he heard this prior to the emergence of Omicron. And, as has been discussed ad nauseam, but in particular since the start of COVID: publishers don't need an E3 presence, much less a particular one, to communicate their plans to consumers these days. And, without skipping a beat...
  13. We totally heard about this for the first time at Ubisoft Forward Davide Soliani returns as director. Also the lack of a colon in the title is killing me.
  14. God of War: Ragnarök (9th November 2022)

    A short bit of combat from Game Informer's cover story: Odd to get our first look at a short bit of continuous gameplay like this, but oh well, they know what they're doing looks like GI will be sharing more on Tuesday
  15. Live A Live (22nd July 2022)

    The game has got off to a great start: 500k units worldwide in a month and a half!
  16. Coming west for the first time, and in stunning HD-2D, no less!
  17. French site Cdiscount may have potentially leaked the game's release date as being 13th December 2022? Dragon Quest Treasures releases 9th December, so that would seem to be a bit too close, but then again, Square Enix have been releasing games like crazy this year. Heck, towards the end of September they have DioField Chronicle releasing on the 20th before Valkyrie Elysium drops on the 29th. It's also totally possible that this could be a human error for ye olde faithful placeholder date of 31st December being put in as 13th December. Either way, guess we'll just have to wait and see!
  18. I had a nose around, but couldn't find a thread for this? Please delete if there is one already! Last E3's trailer: This E3's trailer: Played Halo games here and there at a friend's house growing up, but never completed or owned one. Love the look of this, so guess I've got some catching up to do!
  19. Well, it's official, and we'll be getting more on it at next week's Ubisoft Forward: Totally didn't leak. Nope. Ubisoft never leaks. Ever. And here are the previous leaks (and Schreier soft-confirming it for Spring 2023). I'll put the leaks in a spoiler tag, but the main takeaway is that it will supposedly be a return to classic AC.
  20. Well, local campaign co-op has been cancelled, confirmed in a sidenote to a wider Autumn/Winter roadmap being shared for the game: Sucks for those that were waiting for it, and...yikes, that's not a great look any way you cut it.
  21. Yep, that 24 hour Glimwood stream was abysmal, so glad that they're continuing with this doc-style stuff instead, more along the lines of the found footage they used to tease Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark last year which was also great. What I wouldn't give for a Planet Pokémon documentary! Heck, there was an excellent Ultra Beasts video for Pokémon GO last week which was also great, they've really tightened the ship on their marketing I feel over the last year or two: As for Grafaiai...it's fingers give me the creeps UPDATE: and here's a look at Grafaiai in-game;
  22. Well, now we've got a doc-style video for Grafaiai which gives us a proper look at it:
  23. Yakuza 8

    Well, out of the blue, but by no means unexpected, a first look at the game has come courtesy of fighter Mikuru Asakura. From Famitsu: The video from Mikuru Asakura touring the RGG offices:
  24. Yakuza 8

    Looks like we'll be getting something more concrete very soon: RGG are having a livestream on 8th September with a "sneak peek trailer". With just how close it is to TGS, I've got to imagine this is a Yakuza 8 teaser, which they can dive into the weeds a bit more on during TGS. I was planning on getting to Yakuza: Like A Dragon soon anyways, so that works out perfectly well for me