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  1. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    Damn, some nice stuff in there, particularly what it mentions about pre-downloading updates, customising game library (does this mean I can finally hide FIFA from myself without having to uninstall it? Because that would be an absolute win), and screen zoom. The trophy settings and updates are nice too, as is cross-generation Share Play. Being able to manage storage from the app before you find out you haven't get any space left is also a great win too
  2. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I mean I haven't played as many Final Fantasy games as I would have liked to, but I've listened to a lot of their soundtracks (they just ended up in my daily mix) and I would have to imagine it'd be in contention for delivering high quality over a very long period of time consistently (I would have to imagine across more games too?). Almost feels like cheating though when you've got someone like Uematsu, and most of the games he composed for ended up with soundtracks which are about as flawless as you can get. I would throw Dragon Quest into the ring if not for Sugiyama being a right old weirdo and the obvious reliance on previous soundtracks from my limited exposure to the series, but at the same time, it creates nostalgia for games you might be experiencing for the first time, and that's no mean feat. I haven't played any of the Metal Gear games, but have heard one or two tracks from those earlier games and they seem strong, and I think the series as a whole (when we consider Solid too) delivers very consistently on the soundtrack front. Don't think it's a coincidence that we've heaped quite a bit of praise on Konami games here, because even smaller games like Suikoden ended up with some absolutely stellar soundtracks. Hell, even PES I would say had much better soundtrack selection than FIFA back when I was still playing it! Yeah, the Mystery Dungeon games at times touch that Chrono Trigger level of too stupidly good to be true. If we're talking about quality, I think the main series Pokémon games have music which has for a long time been far better than the games themselves. I really wasn't a fan of how Sword and Shield turned out (ditto for X and Y, and to an extent even Sun and Moon), but those soundtracks are still great to my ears. Plus, you can totally cheat and point to some great rearrangements from the anime too!
  3. Returnal (30th April 2021)

    At this point I hope that they've knocked it out of the park just for you @drahkon crazy that we're two and a half weeks away from launch and it's pretty quiet, have to imagine it will ramp up next week? Unfortunately I'm going through a weird time with games in general and not playing as much as I have over the last year or so, though think that's more to do with what's going on elsewhere. I've actually cancelled most of my pre-orders because, while I'm still looking forward to them, I've still got games left over from last year, and I don't reckon I'd be playing them immediately (due to the myriad of other games, and just not feeling like I'm in the mood). Think the only pre-orders I've kept are Nintendo games, and that's almost solely because their price won't budge anyways. So yeah, look forward to getting this down the road, but don't think I'll be playing it anytime soon. Hope it's good fun for all those that do, I really hope Housemarque have a success story on their hands!
  4. So there's that new Mamoru Hosoda film coming this year. So it's Hosoda's third attempt at the Digimon Movie after Summer Wars I kid (kind of), but hey, if it ain't broke I guess? We best see a King Kazma cameo is all I'm saying. It's a collaborative effort between Studio Chizu and Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers), and they're bringing in former Disney animator Jin Kim for Belle (the pink-haired titular character), so I feel like Hosoda is really gunning for an Oscar win. And, more seriously, it looks like Summer Wars meets Beauty and the Beast to an extent. Which...is intriguing. Loved his previous works (think the only one I haven't watched is his One Piece movie, but as someone who doesn't watch or read One Piece, I guess that makes sense!), and so I'm very excited for this
  5. Playstation 5 Console Discussion

    When I read your post on Friday, I kid you not, I laughed and then realised we were over a week removed from April Fool's Day. First: the leak of The Last of Us remake. I've been thinking about it over the weekend, and the question which keeps springing to mind is "What the hell are they thinking?", not to mention my continued disapproval of Schreier's reporting stance being that it's fine to leak the existence of secretive projects. Maybe it's just me, but it's very, very rare that the existence of a game is leaked before it's official reveal and actually benefits from it (Mario + Rabbids comes to mind as one of the few examples, and that's simply because people were so against it that it leaking actually had people positioned to be blown away by how it was presented). I think back to Elden Ring's reveal at E3 2019, and everyone just immediately going "Oh, hey, look, it's Elden Ring". Can you imagine just how big that reveal would have been if it had never been leaked beforehand? Instead, I've got friends who are big fans of Game of Thrones and G.R.R. Martin but had no idea the game existed for the longest time, because it never wound up in their social media feeds, because it was expected and it felt like there wasn't nearly as much traction to it as there should have been for a game developed by From Software and worked on (to some extent) by G.R.R. Martin. It's an industry largely driven by hype these days, so yes, I do think you're robbing developers of their moment in the spotlight to some extent if you're revealing what they've been working on ahead of any official word. This isn't to say that a potential The Last of Us remake would be met with applause from all directions, but I know that for myself, even having just played the original for the first time last year and it easily being up there as one of my favourite games, I can totally see myself getting excited if you nail the reveal trailer (and this is a first party PlayStation game, so you know they can at least put those out in excellent fashion). Now, if and when it does get revealed, it's people rolling their eyes and going "urgh, it's The Last of Us". Hell, even just think back to The Last of Us Part II's reveal at PSX 2016 and people initially thinking it was something we'd already seen like Days Gone. So yeah, I'm not here for Schreier leaking these things, even if he does good work in bringing light to the plight of many developers out there. I don't think anyone's even come forward to comment on the leak of TLOU's remake in particular and corroborate it, so I think it was fairly shortsighted of Jason to just outright name it (oh, and as if Naughty Dog hasn't gone through enough over the last year or so when it comes to online drama and The Last of Us). Does the article really lose that much if you don't outright say it? I don't think it would, if you just highlight the fact that PlayStation are remaking a legendary first party game from a couple of generations ago...I don't know. There are a few games that could be in my mind, and I think it's pretty different to found footage leaks where companies haven't done their due diligence in keeping their materials safely under wraps (I'm thinking the Elden Ring leaked trailer from a couple of months ago, or the Harry Potter leak we had years ago now). Yeah, agreed. Again, I played it for the first time last year, and that game holds up really well, not to mention the updates it's had over the last few months which have virtually cut loading times out. One of those where if it was a big visual upgrade beyond what The Last of Us Part II managed I could see it doing well with a reveal trailer, but being shared with us for the first time in this way just completely kills it in its tracks for me. I'm just thinking of the first game in Part II's engine when I read this, and well...anyone who's played Part II understands. But back to the article itself, yeah, I agree with H-o-T in not liking how Jim Ryan has run PlayStation since taking over. The problem with only having tentpole releases and being this risk-averse is that you end up with, well, what cinema (and the box office in particular) largely became over the last decade: a collection of reboots and sequels founded on already beloved IP decimating smaller projects. And don't get me wrong, there are some directors who can still thrive when times are like this (Christopher Nolan and Hideo Kojima are quite alike in this regard I feel), but those are very rare exceptions. I think of how Days Gone flourished in Japan in particular, and I do wonder if Jim Ryan and co. just couldn't give less of a damn about Japan (think it's become increasingly clear over the last few months that they don't give them a second thought), and I think it sucks massively that Sony Bend won't get another crack at it - and this is as someone who hasn't played the game themselves, but I mean, it's a massive first party game which is free on PS+ this month, and has been part of the PS+ Collection for PS5 since launch too? Having only big games just puts too much pressure on the team, but more than that, it stifles creativity. Think about some of the biggest trilogies in film and more often than not you'll find directors and writers working on other projects inbetween, and I think it helps to stave off burnout, but also to just flex other creative muscles and ideas. Christopher Nolan in particular comes to mind again, because between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight you had The Prestige, and then between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knights Rises you had Inception; there's a "one for you, one for me" kind of attitude with it, such as we see with many actors who take up bigger gigs so that they can comfortably work on projects their passionate about (I think of those under the Disney umbrella, and actors like Adam Driver in particular). No doubt Naughty Dog has other things in the works, and so does Bend seemingly, but as a producer and distributor, PlayStation needs to recognise that they're getting in the way of some of the industry's most talented minds. Couple this article with the closure of Japan Studio (what the hell happened to their rumoured Rayspace game? And what's going to become of that heavily, heavily rumoured Silent Hill game, seeing as Keiichiro Toyama left with others some six months before the studio closed to start their own studio?), and I do think it's a bit concerning. The difference in messaging between Jim Ryan and Shawn Layden is scarily different, though, and I do think it's very telling that I can't find a Wikipedia article on Jim Ryan. Make of that what you will. It's very clear today - and I think was to some extent back then - that this was a key part of the internal power struggle which resulted in Layden leaving. There isn't a face to attach to PlayStation these days - Shuhei Yoshida has been given the Lucius Fox treatment, Adam Boyes becoming the CEO of Iron Galaxy, Andrew House stepping down, and of course Shawn Layden stepping away from PlayStation. Don't get me wrong: Jim Ryan is a terrific businessman, even if he does say some silly things at times. I still think PlayStation is doing the right thing by focusing on single player games, partnering with studios like Jade Raymond's, and still (for now) being the dedicated home console of choice for most of the big Japanese developers, whether it be marketing deals, timed exclusivity, etc. I still care about the games first and foremost, and for now and the foreseeable future, they're still going to be there. And, of course, it's on Mumbauer and his team to quite an extent that it would have been a TLOU remake (my first thought was genuinely that this was to get to grips with a new engine), as they're the ones who proposed it, but what does it say that they seemingly proposed a remake to a game less than a decade old, and not in the greatest need of it? I guess the underlying message to the article is that it hints not that PlayStation are demanding these games, but that their own internal teams are playing it safe to some degree, which is even more concerning to me. Also, I'm more surprised that they didn't propose an Uncharted remake (which in my opinion needs it much more than The Last of Us, because that game definitely feels aged) or spinoff, and I don't understand the surprise that a TLOU remake would end up at Naughty Dog. Like...yeah, that does seem like it was pretty inevitable. I haven't seen it here, but obviously elsewhere, this has renewed the beaten to death console war narrative. Xbox is doing interesting and different things to PlayStation, as is Nintendo, but I suppose my main concern with Xbox and their single player games in particular right now is how their new studios are actually going to be managed. Buying up studios left and right is going to count for nought if they aren't effectively managed and overseen, and while I want to see them do well, I do think Phil Spencer and co. have a lot to manage over there, because unnatural growth is almost always going to result in some growing pains. We'll have to wait and see, but I hope that Playstation doesn't make a mistake in turning away from what made the PS4 such a runaway success. While I do think quite a bit of Schreier's article is spiced up for obvious reasons, the messaging in Layden's E3 2014 speech I'm sure went pretty under the radar back then, and sounds like generic E3-presenting stuff, but is very different today to the direction they seem to be taking today. Whereas the PS4 seemed to be a place to experiment and grow, the closing of Japan Studio and the secret San Diego team at PlayStation effectively going bust before it was ever made official, never mind all of the internal changes leading up to the release of the PS5, has made for a bit of a rocky ride, looking in from the outside at least. Hopefully it smooths over soon. Good to hear you're enjoying it! If I'm not mistaken, I think @WackerJr has also been looking at playing that games over the last few months. I picked it up myself back at launch but it's just been gathering dust on my shelf as other games have taken precedent and I've got busy with other things, but maybe I'll get to it after Yakuza 6! Managed to find the buried thread for it from last summer.
  6. I've just spent over half an hour searching for a dedicated Cyberpunk 2077 thread to update, but I couldn't find one (if there already is, please, by all means, delete/merge this thread), so I thought it best to start one in the event of its absence. Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming RPG developed and published by CD Projekt Red, whom are most well-known as the Polish developers and publishers of the The Witcher video game series. What we've seen so far: The game was initially announced in May 2012, before a teaser trailer was released on 10th January 2013 (which garnered a number of trailer awards). Some concept art images were also released alongside the trailer. What we know so far: The game is likely to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. It will be playable in both first- and third-person perspectives. The game will feature both a single-player story and an online multiplayer component. The game is based on loosely on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop role-playing game, which was created by Mike Pondsmith. Pondsmith is consulting on the project. Marcin Przybyłowicz, the composer for The Witcher 3, was chosen to write the game's music. CD Projekt Red started upgrading its REDengine 3 game engine for the game around the time The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released; a funding application for the Polish government, granting CD Projekt Red $7 million (USD), confirmed the employment of the next iteration of said engine: the REDengine 4. The same funding application noted that the game's release could potentially take place in 2019. It will be set in an openworld metropolis called Night City, a fictional city located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. "Braindance", a digital recording device connected to the player character's brain, will enable the player character to experience the thoughts, emotions and muscle movements of other people (likely NPCs, but possibly even the player characters of other players) as if they were the character's own. The game will feature non-English speaking characters. If the player does not speak a character's language, they can purchase translator implants to improve their understanding of them, with translation quality depending on the quality of the translator implant (i.e. an expensive implant will translate much more accurately than a relatively cheaper one). During pre-production, approximately 50 staff were working on the game. As recent as last summer, around 550 staff were reportedly working on the game (compared to the peak staff volume of The Witcher 3 at 200). As of October 2017, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski and studio head Adam Badowski revealed in a joint statement that the game was moving along as planned. In June 2017, CD Projekt Red published a statement explaining that data containing early designs had been stolen and threatened to be released to the public. The developer refused to comply with the ransom demand; the stolen data/ early designs have yet to be leaked. Now, onto why I wanted to update the relevant thread... Earlier this month, on January 10th (5 years to the day after the release of the game's teaser trailer), the game's official Twitter account posted for the first time since December 2013, after recently being verified. A few days later, on 15th January, Gry-Online - the largest gaming website in Poland (more-or-less their version of the US's Gamespot) - published an article revealing that they had received information from two separate sources about Cyberpunk 2077 being present at E3 this year (12th - 14th June), with both a trailer and gameplay footage to boot (The Witcher 3 was previously present at E3, so this wouldn't come as too much of a surprise). According to their sources, the game will likely appear as part of either Sony's or Microsoft's conference, though they stated that it is more likely to appear at the latter; their sources also stated that a playable demo will be available at E3 behind closed doors for industry journalists. They ended the article by stating that this information should all be taken with a grain of salt, as the game's presence at E3 could be subject to change depending on how the development of the game continues over the coming months. In the article's comments section, it was posited that the site's information is "bulls***", but interestingly, the website's editor-in-chief responded to the comment by telling them to "Save this page and come back here in June. We'll talk then." It's also worth noting that CD Projekt Red's co-founder - the aforementioned Marcin Iwinski - previously praised Bethesda's rollout of Fallout 4, saying that "We're impressed with Fallout 4's rollout. [Bethesda] came on stage and said, 'It's here, it's real, and it's coming out on this date.' We're going to do something similar. We're going to wait [to reveal Cyberpunk 2077] until we can show off a very meaningful piece of it." Granted, if the game is at this year's E3 then there's no guarantee that it will be released by the end of the year, but it's presence could certainly signify that it will be released within the following 12 months, given that the game has been in development for a number of years now.
  7. Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Honestly, I'm really intrigued by what this is going to mean. We know how Square Enix works when it comes to bringing games to Xbox (specifically Game Pass) at this point: wait for a truckload of money to show up, but until then, show no signs of treating both brands equally (which I think is fair to an extent, just considering how much greater the appetite is for their offerings on PlayStation). But what makes it more intriguing to me is Intergrade. Yes, the timed exclusivity deal for the original version of the game released last year is coming to an end, but what of the next-gen version, which is the only way to access the Yuffie DLC? Is there going to be a separate timed exclusivity deal for that, as seems to be the case? I don't think we've even seen word on that version coming to PC either (could be mistaken here though). I can't see Xbox being particularly excited to get a lesser version of the game on their platform; with all of the caveats over Intergrade I think they'd be better off waiting until that's ready to come to Xbox, but that doesn't seem to be coming in June. Will it come a few months later to Game Pass, because maybe the PlayStation exclusivity is much shorter (have they offered up a truckload of money already)? Or are Xbox owners going to be waiting another year for the best available version of the game to be playable on their platform of choice? It'll be interesting to see what happens I think.
  8. E3 2021? & other 2021 events

    The PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show are returning on June 13th. Look, PlayStation don't need to have a State of Play the week of E3...but for the love of Shuhei please have the decency to hold it in June.
  9. Figured it was time for a new general events thread for this year, even if what's going on with E3 is still up in the air: while the live event in LA is cancelled, but still nothing firm on what's going on with their digital plans, and I'll admit I took that recent headline the wrong way at first! But anyways, I think it'll be a very interesting year to see which direction Keighley takes his Game Fest plans in, how the whole deal with E3 shakes out, and of course how other third party and smaller developers and publishers continue to adjust their marketing strategies as a result of COVID. In the immediate future, the Future Games Show is set to return on 25th March 2021 featuring some pretty big publishers. Look forward to seeing what they've got coming up!
  10. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    Yeah was reading about this earlier, and it does have me curious about what's happening (if there is any truth to this, let's not forgets Kojima was also supposed to be spearheading a revival of Silent Hills less than a year ago). Key to this I think is the rumour isn't that Kojima Productions is being bought by Xbox, so we can hopefully not have conversations come up about moneyhatting. If anything, we know PlayStation thought that Death Stranding underperformed from that earnings report a year or so ago, so I imagine it's down to one of a few options: - Kojima needed a huge backing which PlayStation wasn't ready to provide and Xbox could. - PlayStation weren't interested in backing Kojima again just based on the apparent poor performance of Death Stranding (I mean, I imagine the truth lies somewhere here, as we've seen them go hard in on becoming less risk averse over the last few months in particular). - Kojima had an idea he wanted to bring to Game Pass in particular. The last option has me particularly excited, and honestly, I'd hope if there's truth to this rumour that this is the reasoning behind it. Both P.T. and Death Stranding counted on the efforts of its audience to a degree for carrying the game, whether it be figuring out how to actually get to the end of the former, or how collaboration could help massively in the latter. Game Pass would provide Kojima with immediate access to a massive audience to focus on some form of collaboration in a way that releasing a demo or game in a traditional sense wouldn't necessarily. Bigger question for me is the engine they'd use. There's no way it'd be Decima, right, just because that's Sony property? So perhaps Unreal Engine 4/5? I feel like that would make the most sense for Kojima Productions moving forwards as an independent studio anyways, it just gives them more options. Yeah, I'd be gutted personally if his next project was Xbox exclusive, but I've still got a few games of Kojima's to get through anyways at this point. Who knows, by the time this potentially comes around, I might have picked up an Xbox anyways!
  11. General Movie Thread

    Don't think I've ever related to a film as much as I have Minari. Growing up I really never understood why everyone made such a huge fuss about having idols from your own racial background, watching shows or movies with people who share your skin colour, and to be honest, I still don't all that much. Maybe part of that is growing up and not having that, but for me, one of the greatest things about being a child is the pure innocence of being able to see the world through just about anyone's eyes. My skin colour and racial background never once came into account when I thought of my bond to characters like Anakin and Luke, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Aang and Zuko, or anyone other fictional character I could possibly list from my childhood as having a big impact on me as a person. It still remains the case for me that a good character is a good character, regardless of skin colour, gender, sexuality, or any other reason people might possibly find to divide themselves further, and there's nothing I hate more than what can oftentimes feel like tokenism (whether that be recruitment quotas, role casting, etc.). For me, what has always mattered most is that everyone is given fair consideration, but beyond that, consideration for the most suitable person for whatever role should come squarely down to their capabilities above all else. I can understand more about the importance of characters like Black Panther and Miles Morales in the West, where I do feel like there is a much clearer divide between black and white people (for obvious historical reasons) than there is between white people and Asian people (I'm half English, half Filipino), and so I really don't think the importance of those characters can be overstated. Being of mixed race is its own can of worms, where growing up I didn't feel like I truly belonged anywhere: in England I was Filipino, and in the Philippines I was English. Because of this, despite having shared childhoods with many friends, my experience was wholly different to theirs, and it is still often difficult to relate to them in that sense. I mention all of this because for the first time last year in The Last of Us Part II, a core character, Jesse, was of Asian heritage, and though it doesn't play into his character (pretty much at all from what I can remember), it was the first time I had ever experienced some type of media and actually noticed what they were trying to do. Okay, it was borderline being inclusive for the sake of inclusivity (again: really doesn't play into Jesse's character from what I can remember), but hey, I guess this all has to start somewhere if we are going to see more people from different backgrounds being given equal footing, and so I'm all for it. Which brings me back around to Minari: it feels like it perfectly captured my early childhood experience, in a way nothing else I've experienced has. The awkwardness of feeling isolated in a new place, being surrounded by people who are quick to point out that you look or sound funny (different), but smiling through it all with this unwavering innocence. I swear some scenes could easily have just been taken straight from my childhood, it's scary just how much is clearly shared by first- and second-generation Asian immigrants when it comes to this. The cast blew me away (especially Steven Yeun and Alan Kim, who carries so much of this film on his tiny shoulders), it all just felt so tangibly human to me, and many of those high and low points of the film hit very, very close to home. I definitely found myself welling up a couple of times. These are the types of stories that need to be told when we talk about inclusion, not just having a token black or Asian character shoved into the main cast of some big budget film, but something intimate and personal, because anyone with the slightest hint of empathy will be able to come away from this with more of an understanding of what it has been like for so many. I can't think of many things more important today, in a world unfortunately increasingly divided, than being able to relate to just one more person.
  12. Nintendo Direct - March 8th The game is revealed at the end of the March Nintendo Direct. Inklings are confirmed, as was Breath of the Wild Link confirmed, though it was unclear if this was a new/replacement character for the existing Link, or a new variant of the existing Link character. Masahiro Sakurai has also confirmed that he will be returning to the franchise with this game.
  13. Yakuza Remastered Collection

    Finished Yakuza 5 last week - it was my only single player game played in March - and I ended up putting nearly 60 hours into it. Completed all but six substories, all of the side story stuff, and I still wanted more. Not a perfect game, by any stretch of the imagination, but I absolutely loved my time with it. It's exactly what I needed, for every minute that I played it, and that means a lot to me personally. Yes, it's long, and I get why it might not gel with some people (it definitely runs at a slower pace most of the time), but it's funny, because I actually felt like the amount of side content and substories actually helped the slower pacing tremendously, and fleshed the characters out a lot; I genuinely don't think you'll enjoy this game as much as you could without experiencing everything the side stories have to show. When talking about Yakuza 5, Yakuza 4 is the game people obviously draw comparisons to, just because of the number of protagonists, and while I would say that that story is better paced, this felt like it weaved the narrative and characters from previous games into the fold in a much more natural way (and also didn't treat the series protagonist like an afterthought). Ironically, Yakuza 4's faster pacing had it show its hand early on way too many occasions (as in, you'll finish one chapter on a cliffhanger and get answers instantly in the following chapter), but I do agree with those that say 5 is somewhat guilty of taking too long to move onto the next plot point (even if you don't do the side stuff). Akiyama and Saejima were great characters in 4, and were even better in 5. It says a whole lot when recently introduced characters return and I have a stupidly big grin on my face. A certain young idol's gameplay and story was great fun too, and that ending On the flip side, though, 5 felt much darker than previous games, to me at least. A few deaths and moments were really disturbing (though 4 definitely has a very disturbing moment), and even Heat Actions seemed way more brutal than they needed to be at times, not helped by health bars vanishing before Heat Actions are complete now, meaning you might be completing QTE Heat Actions against someone you've already pummeled into unconsciousness...again, I can only really describe this as disturbing. Also, the entire meta of this game boils down to: "if you can't beat it, grab it." Seriously, that resolved every potential issue I came across in big boss fights. Oh, and this game never had a silly moment where you were getting up and instantly being shot down back to the floor, as had been the case in all of the previous games. So, yeah, Yakuza 5. Loved it, and for me, I'd say it edges out Yakuza 4. I get some of the criticisms, but seriously think if they'd stuck Persona 5's 'Take Your Time' loading symbol in here, the game might have been better received by both fans and critics; it's the first one where it felt like they wanted you to slow down a little, and while it slowed down a bit too much at times, it's one of my favourite Yakuza experiences. Started Yakuza 6 last night
  14. E3 2021? & other 2021 events

    Yep, intrigued by what Keighley has lined up (wouldn't be surprised if Kojima Productions' next game is there), and curious to see if any of the E3 no-shows have something to show off with Geoff instead. Glad he seemed to hear the message loud and clear about not spreading things out over the whole summer, it just felt like many of the things shown last year weren't strong enough to stand proudly on their own two feet, so got a pretty lukewarm reception, when they could've made a bigger impact as part of a longer list of announcements.
  15. General Movie Thread

    @LazyBoy @Agent Gibbs you two seemed interested, so thought I'd share with you that it's been going up several places over the last week for rental you can find a list of ways to watch it here. Going to be picking it up myself on rental from Prime Video, probably watch it tonight or tomorrow evening, and have pre-ordered the Blu-ray from Amazon too (at the very least to share the experience with my family). I've been waiting to watch this for a while now, because I don't think I've ever identified with a trailer as strongly as I have as the one for this film, so I'm really excited to finally check it out! Just been keeping a general eye out on other Oscar contenders we're waiting to come out over here, and it seems like Sound of Metal should be releasing here in the next few weeks (I've seen April 12th floated out there, but couldn't find anything official). Also started wading my way through a massive pile of Blu-ray's I've had build up over the last year or two, and started keeping a bit of a brief film journal on my phone to try to motivate myself to get to them, which has been going well so far!
  16. Forspoken (2022)

    Someone else changed it to the title in my absence (thanks!), but I'll add the 2022 release year It's been in the works for quite a while now, I'm more surprised that they're nailing down a year for it instead of keeping quiet (which I feel is the smarter option always, just given the potential for delays due to COVID). Let it cook I say. I'm also surprised it showed up at Square Enix's event of all places
  17. E3 2021? & other 2021 events

    Hype reigns supreme! And quite a few big names are turning up... Nintendo and Xbox is a welcome surprise, but having those big names is such a great get for them. Konami can only be turning up with some pachinko app and PES, though, right? I thought Ubisoft's own showings have been pretty lackluster in the last year, so hoping they've put some more time into this showing. No PlayStation, but that's not too much of a surprise. I'm more surprised Devolver aren't here, but hey, they could turn up anywhere and be welcome. Square Enix not being present isn't too much of a surprise considering their major IP are probably tied up in marketing exclusivity deals and will turn up elsewhere, and I'm glad they seem to have (for now) cut the dead weight that is EA, which always promised a pretty boring corporate start to the show in years past. I'm excited, because I hated everyone doing their own thing last year and the overwhelming feeling of missing things and having to be tuned in 24/7, but at the same time...the ESA still sucks, so we'll see how this turns out.
  18. The Star Wars Thread

    Hello there! I wanted to open a thread to talk all things Star Wars, considering the slew of films, animated shows, books and comics already around, as well as the upcoming Star Wars Land and other media entries on their way. May the Force be with you all.
  19. Yes! How long I've waited! Also, does mean that we're just back to the grunts and miming from the original LEGO Star Wars games? Never been the biggest fan of the VO (especially that pulled directly from the film), and the omission of that is 100% what I've been asking for!
  20. Well, it's happening! Can be played through motion controls with Joy-Cons or on a controller with a new button layout. Joy-Cons landing the same day.
  21. Out of nowhere – and only available for a limited time! Also, a Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Edition will be available too (while stock lasts).
  22. Announced during the Direct, HD-2D, Final Fantasy Tactics/Tactics Ogre-looking SRPG. Debut Demo available today!
  23. Astro's Playroom (PS5)

    Comes pre-loaded on PS5.
  24. This game looks so damn beautiful.