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  1. 1 Super Mario Sunshine

    WTF?!! Sunshine topspot? Hell yeah! No, it wasn't what I hoped it would be. No successor to Mario 64. A lame story on a holidayIsland. But I absolutely loved Fludd. And nothing compares to Mario when it comes to control and feel. Some great level designs, great graphics, Mario looking like he should in 3d and did I mention Fludd already?


    2 RE4

    What a game this is. Great graphics, great story, fantastic controls and some of the best bosses in gaming history.

    But: it wasnt really frightening.


    3 The Wind Waker

    I love cartoons and this was some cartoon. The sea became tedious after a while but it was style and substance. I had to adjust more to TP than to TWW.


    4 Viewtiful Joe

    Crazy ass game, Double dragon and then some. Again, the controls make this game.


    5 Starwars Roque Squadron

    Captured the Starwars feeling perfectly abd the gameokay was pure fun.


    6 Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution

    Yes, japan only, but since buying it back in 2003 it still hasnt left my Gamecube. I have high hopes for PLaymaker though.


    7 Burnout 2

    The sequel to an already great game, nut a bit more forgiving and not as ridiculous as the following outings. Letting your rear-end break out in a tight corner was very satisfying.


    8 Metroid Prime

    Fantastic, but since playing corruption the controls suddenly feel clumsy.


    9 Soul Calibur 2

    Excellent game with a Link bonus


    10 Super Monkey Ball

    Addictive, frustrating, but pure fun.