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  1. Actually can we clear this up.


    Are old posts that you havn't read (say from 2 weeks ago) being marked as new.




    Are posts you have read being marked as new?


    As the first one is standard of vB anyway.


    What about posts you make yourself?

  2. What do you mean?


    Oh and just so everyone knows:


    sug·ges·tion P Pronunciation Key (sg-jschn, s-js-)


    The act of suggesting.

    Something suggested: We ordered the shrimp, a suggestion of the waiter.

    The sequential process by which one thought or mental image leads to another.

    A psychological process by which an idea is induced in or adopted by another without argument, command, or coercion.

    An idea or response so induced.

    A hint or trace: just a suggestion of makeup; the first suggestion of trouble ahead.


    de·mand P Pronunciation Key (d-mnd)

    v. de·mand·ed, de·mand·ing, de·mands

    v. intr.

    To make a demand.



    Taken on board, I still suggest you give us the proper use of the bloody caps lock key.


    What do you mean?

    Since you asked so nicely. Were you to construct a sentence with the caps lock on it will transform it to this:

    "Only The First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized"