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  1. 4 hours ago, Iun said:

    Job satisfaction and job security... There's anxiety one way or the other, I'd take security on account of the mortgage, but be on the look-out for something I enjoy.

    Word to this. Having a job you love is all well and good, but if it's liable to be taken away at a moment's notice, I don't think I could risk it (also for mortgage etc), and settle for the not-as-good-but-secure position. At least you've got something steady whilst you're on the prowl for a better opportunity.

    There were a couple of senior roles available on the level above me, which magically were handed out to a couple of people, bypassing the application process, which I raised an issue with. The main responses consisted of "they had applied for similar positions elsewhere and were deemed viable for this" and "I didn't know you were interested". If it isn't put out, how can I express interest? I also wasn't aware that if I was interested in a position that there currently wasn't a vacancy for, I should apply for similar roles on different departments, hope I don't get offered the job and kept in mind should something I actually was interested in became available.

    One of the people dropped out though, so a vacancy did appear. For the personal statement thing you have to submit with your application I enlisted the help of my immediate senior, and the one above her for advice and have a look at it. Got some nice feedback and amended accordingly. Wasn't even offered an interview. As was a couple of other colleagues who I know went for it. My pessimistic brain has me thinking that they had already given the position like they did before, but were trying to save face by creating a vacany page. But that's just me being salty. As I applied I had it in mind that I knew I wasn't that bothered, but I if I got rejected I'd be more upset than I thought I would be. But as the smackdown came, I didn't feel as sad as I thought, which was a nice bonus.

  2. 2 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    Surprised that we actually got Harvest Moon.  After it appeared in the Japanese service back in March and not on our one? I thought that it was probably locked in Natsume/Marvellous licensing hell.

    Glad to see that they worked it out :)

    I thought they advertised we would be getting this, but we weren't getting the N64 one? (which is what I really wanted), I have fond memories of playing this as my first Harvest Moon, but really want to give the N64 version a spin. Maybe in the future...


    Now give us Plok naaaow.

  3. On 5/31/2023 at 6:01 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

    Welp, I'm on to the castle.

    How many missions would you say are at the Castle before the end? Because I know once I've completed it, I doubt I'll be going back, I will feel I've done enough exploring.

    Because I've done the four Temples and have my gangbang possé following me about, even managed to find 4 Sages Will, finally managed to get hearts on a second row, got my Ocarina costume and upgraded my battery thrice. Managed to add a quick airbike to my favourites of two fans pointing down with a controller between them, which I'm sure would make @Sheikah proud. So long as you pull back on the throttle during initial ascent you're alright. There's just no way of controlled descent.


    Always seem to Rauru's Blessings, which is a shame. I'm not sure how many more there are left, I know there's a few I'm missing based on gaps on the map alone, but considering how many hearts I don't have - about 15 for a full 2 rows - would put it at about another 60 shrines I haven't been to yet, which seems crazy.

    I also managed to be my all time record of defeating Lynels to 3. A huge improvement on my Breath of the Wild previous record of zero. All in the Thunderdome in the Depths...


    Keep running away to the nearby lightroot to let my gloom hearts recover before going back, Luckily the progress of depleted health stayed whilst I retreated away. But then a fully armoured one appeared and I realised "fuck that". I need to find another ancient blade so I can try and one-hit-kill it, which I used on a bobokin boss and it vaporised it.


  4. On 5/31/2023 at 6:58 PM, Grazza said:


    You have a guild, which can have as many members as you want, from several available classes - Landsknecht, Alchemist, Medic etc.  You pick five of these and go through a labyrinth which is effectively on a sheet of squared paper.  There's story, which gets revealed to you along the way, but a lot of it is about interpretation.  As for more than one game, well, it depends how much you like it.  Personally, I got a bit tired of it by the 6th one (Nexus), but it's fundamentally a good series.

    Oooh interpretation... sounds like work, Not sure how I feel about that. From the outside it just looks so basic, It's amazing they've tried to make such a concept look exciting when it is as you said, is squared paper action (nightmares of maths classes...). I think I've spoilt myself on less restrictive RPGs, but hey, not every game is for me :D

  5. 8 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    Huh... It's actually coming out then? Didn't see that coming.

    EDIT: Apparently, you can use smart devices instead of Joy-Cons, going by the PR?

    Ninty, I like you and your weirdness, but you're stepping up to Jackbox Games here, and I don't think that's a fight you can win.

    DOUBLE EDIT AFTER JULIUS'S EDIT: Oh, so the article does mention Jackbox as the inspiration. That's brave.

    With Jackbox you start and finish on your phone, reading from this Nintendo are either:

    1 - trying to copy Jackbox, which we all know will end poorly for them, one of the big appeals about Jackbox is how freeing and random everything is and the great opportunity to be very offensive. Nintendo will most likely stick to their IP and a Quiplash about Donkey Kong isn't my idea of fun. Will hardly be a lobby filler of online audience members

    2 - wanting you to use Joy Con only, which was a nice intro in 1-2 Switch, but I can't see it being replicated unless you repackage the previous games motions as a different activity (not sure what you could redo the spinning plates one as...), but this may run the risk on stepping on the toes of Switch Sports and maybe even Ring Fit Adventure (which I haven't played but keep meaning to, and probably more deserving of a sequel)

    I don't see how you can realistically merge the two... Trying both seems insanity.


    Why can't a hard working PA get a new Golden Sun or remake/sequel to Eternal Darkness and be forced to have the knowledge that Nintendo are wasting their staffs time on this bollocks?

  6. 11 hours ago, Sheikah said:

    In that case I strong recommend you farm some zonaite then turn it into charge at the various shops in the depths. Then hop back up to the main sky island to cash out the charge into new batteries.

    I actually did that last night, not the turn Zoanite into charges into Crystalized Zoanite or however it works, but I had enough crystalized shizzle to make a whole new battery. Luckily I got a 100 piece item after beating someone in de Depths.

    I did try a vehicle down there, the only one I have on autobuild is the beam cycle, which I remove the laser thing because it wastes energy. It crashed and lost one of the wooden beams on the side so it kept tipping over. Which was nice. Luckily though I was near one of those depository things where they have some materials, so just cobbled a hot air balloon and fan then glided over.


    It's most displeasing when I know almost exactly where a shrine is because I have its lightroot, but I can't find it because it's under a mountain. Fuck the snow area.


  7. 35 minutes ago, Sheikah said:
    1 hour ago, EEVILMURRAY said:
    Because I often ride into the darkness, If it's all lit up I generally will avoid it because I know how bland it'll be, or go high and glide over it
    Quick side note, is there a way to get things to stop when you're using the controller attachment on a vehicle? Because Link just jumps off it like it's a horse and the vehicle runs off a bit.

    Quit yo jibber jabber. Build a simple flying device with a giant bright seed on it, then get back to me. You'll never go through the depths any other way after trying it.

    But I only have one battery :( I suppose I could pop charges like I pop bananas like Pez's during battle...

    I mean the main battery, I have some in those gacha pods.

  8. 1 minute ago, Sheikah said:

    Why wouldn't you risk making a vehicle down there? It's the best place to build a vehicle. And throwing a giant bright seed on it makes it much easier to see where you're going at all times.

    You want it to be a flying vehicle, mind.

    Because I often ride into the darkness, If it's all lit up I generally will avoid it because I know how bland it'll be, or go high and glide over it

    Quick side note, is there a way to get things to stop when you're using the controller attachment on a vehicle? Because Link just jumps off it like it's a horse and the vehicle runs off a bit.

  9. You must have a better pitching arm in your copy, because my Link is shit at throwing bright seeds. As mentioned before I wouldn't risk making a vehicle down there. Could one be merged with a weapon?

    I supposed you could attach one to a rock, but it's slow carrying, and using ultrahand I think the orangeness of it would counteract it

  10. 51 minutes ago, Sheikah said:
    20 hours ago, EEVILMURRAY said:
    You can cook light stuff into food and it'll make you glow also

    That glow spreads out as long a gnat's leg, though.

    True, but sometimes I'm too low on arrows and don't want to waste them on this, whereas I'm tripping mushrooms and fish. I realised a better way to initially explore a chasm, usually I just land on the floor like Iron Man and scout for the lightroot which isn't always visible from ground level, instead as soon as the hole opens up I jettison my paraglider and can usually see a lightroot from that altitude and can whizz over.

    I also stupidly used to warp to a root at the end of my visual and just wander into the darkness, instead of going down new chasms. 

  11. 51 minutes ago, FalcoLombardi said:

    I'm quite bad at combat but I'm trying!!

    Likewise, but it's not as it there's any finesse. I can't be bothered with shield parrying and half of the time I try to stealthstrike they turn around the last second, same with success on flurry rushing.

    Glide in from above, strike down, hammer attack button. Classic.

  12. 2 minutes ago, MindFreak said:
      Darkness (Hide contents)

    I found out the other day that attaching a brightseed to a vehicle in the Depths will light up the area you move in. Absolutely obvious in hindsight but hadn't thought about it before then. It really helped out not bumping into stuff all the time. 


    You can cook light stuff into food and it'll make you glow also

  13. 14 minutes ago, Julius said:


      and deeper still (Hide contents)

    Yeah, I can definitely see some of what you're saying - it's a bit flat and repetitive, I don't know if there are any different biomes, but I have enough of the underground uncovered (about as much as I do the surface - about a third) that I don't think there is? Which is a shame if so, varied underground biomes would have been awesome. I think for me the things like the Bargainer puzzle which I uncovered early on really gave me a positive outlook on it, but still got a lot to go - we'll see how I feel when all is said and done! 

    I don't think I've done much down there in terms of combat to be honest, probably down to Gloom and everything just hitting so hard, so I've just been beelining from one Lightroot to another, think the only guy I thought was Kohga? In fairness though, that's also how I carried out my excursions into the underground of last year's GOTY - early on I would just run around lighting the place up, but then came back later on with better equipment and at a higher level to take it all on. 

    As for the Lightroom name/locations, yeah, I thought it was awesome once I noticed it! Think the story reason is something about the light in the Shrines dispelling the dark and all that fun nonsense. 

    Speaking of which, I haven't paid too much attention to Link's new arm as I've completed Shrines but I know the blessings are touching it, seemingly seeking out the corruption – curious if it's actually having noticeable visual impact on the arm at all? Like the reverse of Wander in Shadow of the Colossus? Something I'll be keeping an eye on at least :p



    I did come across a burning hot area, one because it was near a lava waterfall, then one far away where the air was burning, I tried flying to the next lightroot but my health was going down too fast and I had to warp out mid-air to a stable. Again, I need Death Mountain level protection. Waddaya mean by Bargainer Puzzle? I've gotten a few things from him and seen one of his friends (and have the location of another), but I don't recall a puzzle.

    If you're asking if the person you faced was Kohga, then it wasn't. If he's there the game will let you know ;)

    With the Master Sword and ghosts the battles in the Depths are a bit easier, but it's too much effort for little reward for me. I annihilated one team in the Akkala ruins primarily with bomb arrows and then glided in and picked off the stragglers, but that was only because I thought there was a piece of Fierce Deity fancy dress down there.


    As for your aethetic improvement, I don't think it does change, I've got max stamina and coming up to a full row of hearts and I've not noticed any change, Granted I'm wearing the Tunic of Time for the majority of things, switching to my climbing/zora/cold protection/heat protection clothes when the occasional calls for it.


  14. 16 hours ago, Julius said:

    I feel like there are less unknowns for something like Recall compared with the Remote Bombs (range, timing, etc.), and so it just feels tighter when it comes to using those powers for me, and much more direct and purposeful when I do use those power. I will say that Recall + Ultrahand is super OP in shrines and the like, super early on at the Great Sky Island I found myself smoothly moving things around with Ultrahand, then just jumping on and using Recall to skip completing some puzzles the "intended" way in favour of just using a platform as an elevator instead. Works for anywhere with a high ledge and multiple platforms to move. One of my favourite boss fights that I've encountered so far heavily depended on using the new powers, which I loved! Also, I don't know if it's just me and my consistently inconsistent commitment to the game, but I've forgotten on a few occasions that I have Ascend, such as one time in a cave where I started to backtrack and then 90% of the way back to the entrance went "oh...hold on a sec, I can just use Ascend" :laughing: anyways, in short: puzzles have been great. 


      Also about the Shrines and getting Deeper... (Reveal hidden contents)

    Absolutely love The Depths, jumping in for the first time and hearing that brass sent chills down my spine. Love how it's pitch black (what I was talking about before was the Brightbloom seeds - you get some in the mining area in the pitch black of a cave on the Great Sky Island, which is what made me think we were going to get something like this...but I expected pockets, not an entire other world to explore, however desolate it may be!). I ended up back at the Great Plateau super early into my adventure and completed the quest for the Bargainer Statue with a whole lot of sprinting around. 

    Also, much respect to them for having the Lightroots directly underneath Shrines, but further yet - THE NAMES OF THE LIGHTROOTS BEING THE NAMES OF THE SHRINES, BUT BACKWARDS! I absolutely love stuff like that. 

    I haven't really done all that much in The Depths besides run around lighting the place up and getting the extra power that's down there, I tend to pop in when I see something but not for particularly long, as it definitely feels like they want you to prepare before diving in! 

    Is funny how we've had two years in a row where the obvious GOTY winner has a sizeable underground area not shown in advertising...wonder what this means for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth :p

    So for me it's one of the best games in its class, like BOTW, for exploration for me...but I think combat in general is sorely lacking. I thought the same in BOTW, but there just isn't enough to it. Does there need to be? Maybe not. But I think the only thing - besides minor nitpicks and returning issues from the last game - major that I'd take issue with TOTK is how stale the combat is compared to just how rich and refined other areas of the game feel. 

    If someone wants to take Bloodborne style combat and fuse it with BOTW/TOTK's exploration I seriously think that would be the pinnacle of what can be achieved in a game like this. 

    I really need to use more ultrahand and recall more often. I have done it occasionally when the shrine needs it, but when it isn't "needed" I don't find myself using it, which would make things much easier.


    The Depths were interesting to begin with, but it got boring very quickly because you're either wading through empty darkness to get from lightroot to lightroot, or stopping to throw/shoot lightseeds so you can move to the next lightroot. Avoiding enemies because the gloom mechanic is bullshit, and having to deviate around the pools of gloom, because the gloom mechanic is bullshit. You could make a vehicle to get across bits, but unless you know it's a flat surface or have peppered the way with light seeds, you'll hit/go off something and lose it very quickly, so is hardly worth the time.

    I had no idea the shrines were roots backwards! or they mirrored the shrine locations! which is either clever, or simply lazy writing for the former and lazy world design on the latter (I honestly don't know how serious I am about this statement) - but this has given a nice help on where to find shrines where I have found the underground root, but not the overground shrine, so I can Womblin' free my way over to them. 

    I don't know if there was anything like this in Breath of The Wild (with I think the exception of the Zora spear [?]), but was there ever a way to remake unique weapons? I've gotten myself the Fierce Deity Sword and I fear of it breaking so haven't bothered with it. Either way, I've found that I'm more of a spear guy this time around, probably because I'm shit at shieldwork.


    Side note - In both games, every time I see a new shrine name appear I imagine Nintendo putting their hand into a Scrabble bag and just throwing the tiles out and seeing what they can make out of them.


    15 hours ago, Julius said:
      :D (Hide contents)

    going clockwise I doubt I'd get to Hateno for a good while, so either I just beeline for it and teleport back...or maybe just forget it until close to the end of my journey and get it when I get it? It's not a massive deal, would just be nice to know I'm not retreading the same path in some cases, or to help spot what I've missed. 


    The fact that something "different" has happened to each race (Goron is still a semi mystery to me, but I've met a couple and have a theory), going in a similar order as to what you did before will still feel completely new. I think I did both Zora/Rito ones first mainly for the sake of help with swimming/gliding shizzle.

  15. 1 hour ago, MindFreak said:
      Hands (Hide contents)

    I met the hands first time when I was in a cave. Tried to fight it but didn't have enough arrows to kill them.

    Found out later that the only appear during a blood moon. When they appear, I just get to a ledge and wait for it to go away. Boring stuff once you've escaped. 

    Like rain. Fuck rain, it does nothing good to the game. 


    I think for those 2 instances I had they're there no matter what, to prelude the other thing.


    Would explain why I've only come across them 2-3 times in the wild. I like to fuck over the blood moon by ducking into a shrine at 11.55. It's worth it to avoid hearing Zelda say "Shines" as I mash to end the cutscene


  16. I didn't think I'd like Fubar as much as I did, but Arnie does it nicely here. The missus and I blasted through it in a weekend with the "just one more..." approach. It's like a series of True Lies (Which I know exists on Disney+, but I haven't watched it yet.)

    Hope it gets a second season

  17. On 5/27/2023 at 4:55 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

    I was in the Depths and something absolutely frightened the shit out of me. Good thing my couch is brown.

    The hands? I first encountered them on the overworld, but I was on a ledge so they couldn't grab me. In the Depths though I had to use nearly full stamina to get away

    On 5/24/2023 at 1:02 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

    Yesterday I set out to get the remaining skyview towers and geoglyphs. I managed to do that and actually ended up stumbling upon the Master Sword while doing so.

    I "found it" too! Granted it was part of a quest set by the tree dude, but it's mine now. Shockingly enough it still fucks up and needs to recharge. After all it went through.

    About the hands though...


    How did people manage this? I normally just hide above the ground until they fuck off, but this one remained... In the end I had to climb a little higher, launch myself off, fire a bomb arrow at it, then run to the opposite wall and repeat. Phantom Ganon after that was way easier

    Later on...


    I had the Master Sword at this point, so just kept circle swing attacking with it occasionally grabbing me, whilst my ghost companions helped out. Again, made Phantom Ganon my bitch after that again

    I've cheated in the mazes, I'm not ashamed, they bore me. And just cheated again for the last Fierce Deity piece


    Only one region left with dem Gorons, I trust I will find some heat resisting shizzle along the way. The desert stuff doesn't seem to be cutting it. But I'm fapping about with some side quests at the moment, no rush.