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  1. 29 minutes ago, drahkon said:

    I was kind of excited, but no random encounters, i.e. no grinding for exp/gold/loot...not my thing.

    Unless they confirmed there was a finite number of enemies, I'm not sure how you've made the link of visible enemies = not being able to grind.

    The Tales games have proven this to be possible for years, recent Pokémans games too. If anything seeing the enemy makes obtaining desired loot/ingredients/parts easier.

  2. 15 hours ago, BowserBasher said:

    I'm going to assume they have enough soundbites that they can use of him doing Mario for a time being in any upcoming games. If not, I guess they will either have an alternative VA already in the works that can imitate the voice, or Mario will suddenly change to using another random language or dialect in all games.

    In the industry it's called "Doing an Earl-Jones"

  3. 25 minutes ago, MindFreak said:

    Scott Pilgrim anime gets the name Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, and it comes out November 17th.

    Looks really good! Really catches the style of the comics. It's also really funny that they are using the same actors as in the movie. Nice gimmick. (I think Michael Cera was great as Scott.) 


    Possibly the best joke I've heard all year. But maybe with animation giving him the expression his physical body seems incapable of doing, he might be passable :p 

  4. One thing I will now say in defence of Beyond The Sea. Not long after I bought the sci-fi book mentioned in the episode - The Moon is A Harsh Mistress - I've been taking my time going through it and still am yet to finish, but it's a good read. It's a bit like 1984* mixed with Total Recall.

    *but not as boring

  5. 19 hours ago, Julius said:

    Bit of a shame, but 2023 has been and continues to be stacked, so I say let it cook. 

    As for having a dedicated showcase for delays...


    I thought they nailed it, much better them owning it all in one go than a bland press release, or even worse, multiple ones.

    Either way, much better than the "we're not releasing it yet because we want to make it the best game it can be" that Nintendo rolls out for every single one of its delayed titles. We know that's not the reason, don't bullshit us.

  6. I was toying with the idea of getting a new mouthpiece for my sax, the good pieces going into triple figures. My Sensei recommended him testing my unit out before making any decisions. In last lesson he tried Benny with his own mouthpiece, remarked on how heavy mine was by comparison, how some of the keys are not realistically placed and how much more effort he had to give to make a sound. I know my sax wasn't top quality, but at least I got him to be more impressed than before now he knows what I have been working with. So it's a case of finding a whole new saxophone. I've found one which has been recommended by my teacher second hand, so I've dropped £600 for a Yamaha. Sadly not a black one like mine, but I'm having to forego aesthetics for quality. Should be coming next week and my sound can improve.


    All the innuendo yes.

  7. 9 hours ago, Josh64 said:

    I'm really itching to play again too, I had it a few years ago on Xbox but I'm super tempted to double dip and have it on the Switch. Might even play the field and not go for my usual husband of choice lol 

    I would be trying for a different broad also. And a different setup. I used to have the riverland setup, so I had a nice Cow Island, Duck Island, and the top was for crops. 

    I may even try to save the community centre this time, but looking at all the random fishing n shit the missus had to do, I might just not bother.

  8. 23 hours ago, Ashley said:

    Oh yeah Duolingo is fine for a bit of practice or the basics and I tend to do similar if I'm going away somewhere, just not great for actually acquiring a language. 

    I've been thinking a bit about this, and I'm agreeing and disagreeing. I disagree in the sense that I think it's given me a good idea on sentences and how things are said, albeit some can be a bit random... I doubt I will ever need to say something like "The elephant doesn't like to eat meat and sleeps". but one thing I have picked up in the coffee break and Memrise (for the latter I really should've realised sooner) is the in/formal way of saying things, which on Duolingo you may get the hang of if it makes its way onto the article feed, which can be able random bollocks most of the time.

    However the more of agreeing with you, and this I think is way more important than the above, is that whilst Duolingo can sometimes give you the option to be in/formal, it never tells you what is the right answer for what they're asking. For example it may ask you to translate "Do you speak German?", which can be either Formal: "sprechen sie Deutsch?" or Informal: "Sprichst du Deutsch?", both are right but it's a 50/50 chance that you'll be giving them the answer that they're looking for, with zero context*. Which obviously is a shitty way of learning a new language.

    *Whereas Memrise does give context, but I've found they're moving away more from sentences into mainly single words. They're updating their stuff and I've had a bit of an early access thing where they've moved the videos of native speakers aside, but more interestingly they've got an AI going which you have a small chat with (about 5 messages at a time) and role play. 


  9. 17 minutes ago, Jimbob said:

    That's true.

    Most of the screw-ups are happening on cases worth half a million in revenue, which in turn is costing us through fines and penalties for not completing on-time.

    They're getting penalised and their response is to give more responsibility to those causing the issue?! Originally I just thought the company were telling them to go fuck themselves and teaching them a lesson, but if they're losing money from it, that's suicide.

  10. With our Sky Glass previously non-functional I have been making the most of the Funimation subscription. I finished the second season of Promised Neverland, which really glossed over what I discovered was the ending of the manga (which apparently fans of the manga weren't fans about, but I could only really see one portion which would annoy them the most). With what I think was about 5 or so years of pivotal events condensed into about 10 stills. They could have easily made another season going over this.

    Blasted through season 3 of Dr Stone, which felt faster paced than previous seasons, but I think that's because I watched it so quickly. Annoying that they're holding off on the last episode until October. Not a mid-season split that seems to be the thing nowadays, Just one episode.

    Seeing what movies were on the app, I came across Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. It's what you'd expect from another Yu-Gi-Oh movie, but the motives of people are all over the map. Still, it's got me playing that free game on Switch.

    Trying to focus on Demon Slayer now, I started it at the same time as My Hero Academia, but I don't think I could juggle two 6 season animes at the same time, so will come back to the weird X-Men later.

    I also recommend Ōoku: The Inner Chambers on the Netflix. It's not my usual watch, but it's quite interesting. Be warned though, the first episode starts in the more-so-present, and everything after that is like a prologue/flashback, which was quite jarring to begin with.

    On 5/14/2023 at 8:54 PM, Beast said:

     How Heavy Are Your Dumbbells looks fun too. 

    Watch naaaoow


  11. 1 hour ago, Ashley said:

    Yeah I've tried a few of the coffee break podcasts over the years and they're always pretty decent. Don't know about the German but I know the Italian one is hosted by some Scottish guy (with an Italian woman) and I'm not normally a fan of the accent but it's very calming in that instance. 

    Same dude I think, but this time you're "learning with him!"  as he doesn't know any German.

  12. Update: I tried playing the beginning of the DX version and the slow-ish text started to put me off. So fired up the Switch version, one of the main reasons was to go through Angler's Tunnel sober. As I last did it after a night out on muscle memory alone. I only remember beating the Angler Fish. But I managed it this time and finished it over the weekend. I get the feeling that part of the hit detection on some wasn't all that great. Main example was against the Armos Knight on the way to the Face Shrine, it was giving you arrows in the room before, so obviously they're needed, and not being able to hit from the front = arrows from behind. Didn't work so searched for the FAQ, and I was doing it right and I offloaded so many arrows, point blank straight up the anus and it bounced off. But going from a weird angle where you think the hit box wouldn't count = damage. 


    Not Switch Online, but fuck it.

  13. On 7/30/2023 at 6:23 PM, Josh64 said:

    Those new balls are fantastic!

    Many thanks!

    Looking at the comparison, it feels weird that I felt really proud about the first set. Probably because it was my first tattoo and it did look a little better. With a lack of outline the red/oranges/yellows blended into a mess. Hopefully now it'll get a bit more recognition!