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  1. 16 hours ago, Julius said:

    I feel like there are less unknowns for something like Recall compared with the Remote Bombs (range, timing, etc.), and so it just feels tighter when it comes to using those powers for me, and much more direct and purposeful when I do use those power. I will say that Recall + Ultrahand is super OP in shrines and the like, super early on at the Great Sky Island I found myself smoothly moving things around with Ultrahand, then just jumping on and using Recall to skip completing some puzzles the "intended" way in favour of just using a platform as an elevator instead. Works for anywhere with a high ledge and multiple platforms to move. One of my favourite boss fights that I've encountered so far heavily depended on using the new powers, which I loved! Also, I don't know if it's just me and my consistently inconsistent commitment to the game, but I've forgotten on a few occasions that I have Ascend, such as one time in a cave where I started to backtrack and then 90% of the way back to the entrance went "oh...hold on a sec, I can just use Ascend" :laughing: anyways, in short: puzzles have been great. 


      Also about the Shrines and getting Deeper... (Reveal hidden contents)

    Absolutely love The Depths, jumping in for the first time and hearing that brass sent chills down my spine. Love how it's pitch black (what I was talking about before was the Brightbloom seeds - you get some in the mining area in the pitch black of a cave on the Great Sky Island, which is what made me think we were going to get something like this...but I expected pockets, not an entire other world to explore, however desolate it may be!). I ended up back at the Great Plateau super early into my adventure and completed the quest for the Bargainer Statue with a whole lot of sprinting around. 

    Also, much respect to them for having the Lightroots directly underneath Shrines, but further yet - THE NAMES OF THE LIGHTROOTS BEING THE NAMES OF THE SHRINES, BUT BACKWARDS! I absolutely love stuff like that. 

    I haven't really done all that much in The Depths besides run around lighting the place up and getting the extra power that's down there, I tend to pop in when I see something but not for particularly long, as it definitely feels like they want you to prepare before diving in! 

    Is funny how we've had two years in a row where the obvious GOTY winner has a sizeable underground area not shown in advertising...wonder what this means for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth :p

    So for me it's one of the best games in its class, like BOTW, for exploration for me...but I think combat in general is sorely lacking. I thought the same in BOTW, but there just isn't enough to it. Does there need to be? Maybe not. But I think the only thing - besides minor nitpicks and returning issues from the last game - major that I'd take issue with TOTK is how stale the combat is compared to just how rich and refined other areas of the game feel. 

    If someone wants to take Bloodborne style combat and fuse it with BOTW/TOTK's exploration I seriously think that would be the pinnacle of what can be achieved in a game like this. 

    I really need to use more ultrahand and recall more often. I have done it occasionally when the shrine needs it, but when it isn't "needed" I don't find myself using it, which would make things much easier.


    The Depths were interesting to begin with, but it got boring very quickly because you're either wading through empty darkness to get from lightroot to lightroot, or stopping to throw/shoot lightseeds so you can move to the next lightroot. Avoiding enemies because the gloom mechanic is bullshit, and having to deviate around the pools of gloom, because the gloom mechanic is bullshit. You could make a vehicle to get across bits, but unless you know it's a flat surface or have peppered the way with light seeds, you'll hit/go off something and lose it very quickly, so is hardly worth the time.

    I had no idea the shrines were roots backwards! or they mirrored the shrine locations! which is either clever, or simply lazy writing for the former and lazy world design on the latter (I honestly don't know how serious I am about this statement) - but this has given a nice help on where to find shrines where I have found the underground root, but not the overground shrine, so I can Womblin' free my way over to them. 

    I don't know if there was anything like this in Breath of The Wild (with I think the exception of the Zora spear [?]), but was there ever a way to remake unique weapons? I've gotten myself the Fierce Deity Sword and I fear of it breaking so haven't bothered with it. Either way, I've found that I'm more of a spear guy this time around, probably because I'm shit at shieldwork.


    Side note - In both games, every time I see a new shrine name appear I imagine Nintendo putting their hand into a Scrabble bag and just throwing the tiles out and seeing what they can make out of them.


    15 hours ago, Julius said:
      :D (Hide contents)

    going clockwise I doubt I'd get to Hateno for a good while, so either I just beeline for it and teleport back...or maybe just forget it until close to the end of my journey and get it when I get it? It's not a massive deal, would just be nice to know I'm not retreading the same path in some cases, or to help spot what I've missed. 


    The fact that something "different" has happened to each race (Goron is still a semi mystery to me, but I've met a couple and have a theory), going in a similar order as to what you did before will still feel completely new. I think I did both Zora/Rito ones first mainly for the sake of help with swimming/gliding shizzle.

  2. 1 hour ago, MindFreak said:
      Hands (Hide contents)

    I met the hands first time when I was in a cave. Tried to fight it but didn't have enough arrows to kill them.

    Found out later that the only appear during a blood moon. When they appear, I just get to a ledge and wait for it to go away. Boring stuff once you've escaped. 

    Like rain. Fuck rain, it does nothing good to the game. 


    I think for those 2 instances I had they're there no matter what, to prelude the other thing.


    Would explain why I've only come across them 2-3 times in the wild. I like to fuck over the blood moon by ducking into a shrine at 11.55. It's worth it to avoid hearing Zelda say "Shines" as I mash to end the cutscene


  3. I didn't think I'd like Fubar as much as I did, but Arnie does it nicely here. The missus and I blasted through it in a weekend with the "just one more..." approach. It's like a series of True Lies (Which I know exists on Disney+, but I haven't watched it yet.)

    Hope it gets a second season

  4. On 5/27/2023 at 4:55 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

    I was in the Depths and something absolutely frightened the shit out of me. Good thing my couch is brown.

    The hands? I first encountered them on the overworld, but I was on a ledge so they couldn't grab me. In the Depths though I had to use nearly full stamina to get away

    On 5/24/2023 at 1:02 PM, FalcoLombardi said:

    Yesterday I set out to get the remaining skyview towers and geoglyphs. I managed to do that and actually ended up stumbling upon the Master Sword while doing so.

    I "found it" too! Granted it was part of a quest set by the tree dude, but it's mine now. Shockingly enough it still fucks up and needs to recharge. After all it went through.

    About the hands though...


    How did people manage this? I normally just hide above the ground until they fuck off, but this one remained... In the end I had to climb a little higher, launch myself off, fire a bomb arrow at it, then run to the opposite wall and repeat. Phantom Ganon after that was way easier

    Later on...


    I had the Master Sword at this point, so just kept circle swing attacking with it occasionally grabbing me, whilst my ghost companions helped out. Again, made Phantom Ganon my bitch after that again

    I've cheated in the mazes, I'm not ashamed, they bore me. And just cheated again for the last Fierce Deity piece


    Only one region left with dem Gorons, I trust I will find some heat resisting shizzle along the way. The desert stuff doesn't seem to be cutting it. But I'm fapping about with some side quests at the moment, no rush.



  5. On 5/24/2023 at 12:24 PM, bob said:

    I've been feeling really run-down and knackered during my cycle commute recently. I thought for a while that there might be something wrong with my lungs because I was bringing up phlegm and generally feeling horrendous after every journey, but an x-ray confirmed nothing untoward going on there.

    I'm having to come to terms with the fact that I may just be really unfit.

    I've been riding to work recently too. Used to take 10 minutes, then they moved us to a different hospital so takes me 30-40 minutes to ride there. At the beginning once you start making certain muscles move again you'll be shattered and spitting that clear fluid action, but as you fully activate the gains the spitting will slow down* and the burn won't be as bad, which you hopefully will be able to tell by how you can manage your gears. I usually have mine on the max, but when starting had to dial it down, now I'm back up and not feeling nowhere near as knackered as I used to.

    Just stick at it, and shizzle will improve.


    *if anything I'm getting home with a dry mouth

  6. 2 hours ago, Beast said:

    I did rather heavy deadlifts and a 3 hour bike ride on Sunday. On Sunday, I was okay but from Monday, my lower back was aching. Like a DOMS-sort of ache. It's okay walking and stuff but if I pick something up from the ground or slouch or something, I feel it (if it makes sense). It's worse when I wake up because I sleep in the same position for hours. I haven't felt that in ages. You guys have any advice on how to recover quick from it? I'm going to take a couple of days away from working out.

    A bath with some Radox?

  7. I've started working my way through The Promised Neverland, which on paper sounded like a good concept - kids in orphanage find out when they get taken away they get eaten by demons, and try to escape - but I'm about 4 episodes in and I'm um'ing and ah'ing about whether I want to continue* as it's a bit slow on the pacing, and two things have really stuck out...


    They're planning on scaling this wall about 3m high, yet in earlier episodes came across a fence you could just lift your leg over, and for the smaller kids, just walk under the bar.


    One point at looking at this wall, one of the characters says in response to a concern that they're being watched/in danger - "I don't sense any demons". Whoa, where did this magic demon sense suddenly come from? 

    Plus the usual anime schtick of assuming something and it automatically being correct, but that's across the board.


    *especially since season 3 of Dr Stone has started dropping. Get excited

  8. 26 minutes ago, darksnowman said:

    Oh, not you and the great fairies too...

    Sounds like, on the whole, you're having a decent enough time with it. Promising.

    I spent Saturday and Sunday opening those fashion-obsessed broads from their botanical abodes. They're still as inappropriate as before with their unwanted advances and non-consensual behaviour. But they beefed up some clothes, at a cost of materials which seemed higher than previously, but I am trying to get away with something other than the Hylian getup. Except the hood because I haven't been able to get any other headwear, except for the enemy heads, but you can't upgrade those.

  9. After one dungeon and some continued fapping about, if the series wants to follow this formula - this is the game Breath of The Wild ought to have been. There's actually stuff to do in many a place, with much less running across boring expanses. Some of the shrines seem more basic than others (teach me the ways of the bow several hours in, please), but on the whole is more variety than before, even if it's mainly fetch quests. I've got 2 full circles of stamina which is helping nicely. Good game? yes. Great game? I guess. Worthy of all perfect scores and enough ejaculation to fill every Olympic swimming pool on Earth? No way. But certainly an improvement.

    It's curious as to where the series will go now, it shouldn't be set in Hyrule next time unless there's some giant continental shift which makes the landscape totally different, and something more substantial than many lil puzzle boxes sacrificing the number of temples/dungeons etc. Also new mechanics, as opposed to just renaming magnesis and giving it some tweaks.

    Termina could be a good frame to work from (but more than 4 dungeons before y'all start)

    [I do wish the clothing mechanic would fuck off though, sure you can alter the appearance, but maybe some sort of badge/enhancement system as you explore to allow for extra abilities as opposed to having to pause and switch to your cold/heat resisting trousers, or Zora armour if you get anywhere near water... I don't have enough shit to upgrade them all]

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  10. On 19/05/2023 at 9:36 PM, Helmsly said:

    The main thing that is on my side is that i learned attaching the stuff that enemies drop to weapons make them much stronger and also increase the durability,

    I've been meaning to ask, is there a quicker way to fuse weapons than having to select the piece, drop it on the floor and then use fusion?

    It's a bit clunky

  11. 10 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    What's there to not understand? I paid for BotW, and disliked it immensely.

    I was meaning you pay the fairy and then she molests you.


    (not the game, although like yourself I felt it fucked me over also...)

  12. 1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

    You say that knowing full well I paid for the game, and deemed it unacceptable, right?

    Sounds like you've been brainwashed to the max to the point that I'm confused.

    ANYWAYS! I caved to curiosity and watched a small video on shield surfing, mainly because I barely used it/could never do it half the time in previous game, but this is something I think will be essential:


    fuse minecart with a shield, gives you a nice skateboard, and you can grind along mine rails.


  13. 4 hours ago, FalcoLombardi said:

    I'm so poor in the game.

    Yes, just in the game.

    I think because I'm aiming for stamina more than hearts I'm having my anus handed to me more. Plus it seems that they've really amped up the defence power on enemies, whilst giving me fuck all. They go from no armour to tridents on their heads and sucking hits like a sponge and dealing hits like a tank



    I need to get some of those flower broads some music so they can pimp me out.

    Better than them asking for money and then molesting me as they did in the previous game.

  14. Well:


    Fuck me... I died so much here trying to make it through this shrine properly, first drove around thinking one hit with a vehicle was all it took, so kept going round in circles and failing. Then found the laser and flamethrower, but turning was a bit of a ballache so I clipped a wall and got overwhelmed (I only have like 7 hearts), I tried just holding the laser above my head but I was too slow to avoid the mace dude who took off all but one of my hearts.

    In the end, turn on laser horse and use magnesis ultrahand to take everything out.

    Then discover the pimped monster truck.


  15. 1 hour ago, FalcoLombardi said:

    I haven't even gone to the depths yet. But I did just complete the Rito dungeon.

    While I liked BOTW I just couldn't get into it. I'm way more invested in TOTK.

    I'll see about these dungeons sometime, still messing about. The abundance of stuff is good, it's just a shame you've got to run miles between each thing

    Get into the Depths, you'll love it.

  16. My circle of L shoulder button commands is complete!


    Riding around on my 2 Death Horses, Binky 1 and Binky 2 (I lost them both), essential for travelling on Gloom and zooming straight to the light bud thingies or Poe farming. I found the Central Mine and fisted the Yiga Clan Leader. With all the additions they kept pimping his ride with in the various phases, thinking back I think I was expected to maybe Megahand it apart, all I did was jump on the back every time and lay the smacketh-down.

    I'm surprised this even existed, as it was the sky that was being touted as one of the major draws, despite it looking like a vast plain of nothing which is tricky to navigate because you need to wait for stones to fall down and take you up to somewhere decent, (came across rockets yesterday which was fun. Wish I could go back to where it was to try a different angle to get somewhere.), yet completely didn't let slip the Depths, sneaky Nintendo. It's another realm of empty plain, so that should satisfy the fans even more as somewhere else to navigate.