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  1. We don't really have one. Feel free to make a thread introducing yourself!

  2. That Ivy is fucking sexy.

  3. Buggered if I know. But The Shadow knows...

  4. Active on le forum? This new system is bullshit.

  5. Re: Metroidvania, pretty much. Basically the art of running back and forth kicking ass, taking names then returning to earlier points with new powers. I'm not sure how the term was coined, but I assume the Metroid part takes care of "the future" reference, where Castlevania takes care of the fantasy aspect.

  6. Tis a Crobat Prime deck, which uses Dugtrio, Manectric and Toxicroak for support.

  7. It's put on hold at the moment whilst the girlfriend and I prepare for Nationals.

  8. You're shitting me.

  9. Ask your sister if she condones Pinky's behaviour breaking into houses. Or give her my contact details so I can ask her directly!