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  1. Infected Needles found in Public Locations

    So old it makes my pubes die.
  2. Official Neighbours Topic

    I've missed a week or so settling into Uni and not being able to ch00n my TV in, the reception isn't great but it's the best I've got. What the hell is this homosexual delivery service that Stingray is in?
  3. Cleric brands Harry Potter 'gay'

    Potter is quite the fruit.
  4. Ronnie Barker, dead.

    Title says it all really.
  5. Ronnie Barker, dead.

    Well I did consider the name "Roses are red, violets are blue, Ronnie Barker's dead, no fork handles for you", but thought it a little tasteless.
  6. And its goodnight from him. Ronnie Barker dies.

    3 minutes too late gringo
  7. Baten Kaitos Official Thread

    I managed to bag this in Toys R Us for £20 a coupla days ago and so far I'm not impressed, the battle system is one of my main problems. I've only gotten into two-ish battles but I've just chosen the first two cards I got, hit twice and defended as much, can anyone break it down for me?
  8. Petals around the rose game

    I remember I couldn't do it for shit when it first came to my attention and couldn't now. But then I googled the answer. I'm glad I didn't waste too much time.
  9. The Poker Thread

    I play with play money on PokerRoom.com as I don't consider myself ready for the real world.
  10. Post your freshers week experience!!!

    I had a fit which was fun. Today I signed up for the Badminton, Demon TV and Ultimate Frisbee societies
  11. Suggestions

    What about posts you make yourself?
  12. Suggestions

    Taken on board, I still suggest you give us the proper use of the bloody caps lock key. Since you asked so nicely. Were you to construct a sentence with the caps lock on it will transform it to this: "Only The First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized"
  13. Yournotme! (This is a blatent steal)

    There is however one Don Shabba in the UK, which is most comforting.
  14. Suggestions

    Give us the proper use of the bloody caps lock key.
  15. Yournotme! (This is a blatent steal)

    34. Added Shit Because Character Limit Is Bollocks.
  16. Post your freshers week experience!!!

    It's where the new people [Who are fresh - IE freshers] have a week to socialise before the academic year starts for them.
  17. Post your freshers week experience!!!

    We've made a game called Extreme Indoor Cricket, basically it's cricket, with a squidgy cricket ball, a tennis racquet used as a bat, wet floor sign used as the wicket, but extreme neverthless.
  18. Donnie Darko (for those of you who have seen it)

    I agree with Odwin, but I watched it on BBC2 and didn't have any involvement with the forementioned exhibitionist.
  19. Post your freshers week experience!!!

    Well since this is the beginning of Freshers Week, I shall leave the details till the end of the week for the full lowdown.
  20. Ronald or Ronaldette McDonald?

    http://media.guardian.co.uk/advertising/story/0,7492,1576314,00.html Not bad.
  21. Questions

    Why has the character limit gone up to fifteen? Plus, I tried typing this message "Ok. [Fifteen character limit bollocks] [Apparently that wasn't enough.]" And it still says I can't post.
  22. Official Neighbours Topic

    I've already put myself down for a TV licence, but if the aerial costs too much I'll cancel it, and have it only for Gamage and DVD shizzle.
  23. Official Neighbours Topic

    Y'argh, I may not be able to watch Neighbours anymore. I brought my TV to uni but I haven't got an aerial but I'm trying to buy a stand alone one from Staples tomorrow.
  24. Just had a Breakdown

    I had another fit today, I could make a new topic but I've already mentioned it here. Shabba