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  1. Lemme know how much you have to pay, currently it's just a fiver
  2. The Traitors

  3. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    Is there any on land stuff? Or are you just sailing the X seas?
  4. We all knew it was coming, but I've just got an email from Funimation that they're closing their service on 2nd April and going fully over to Crunchyroll. I currently pay for the no-ads subscription, but if that price goes up I shall cancel and endure advertisements.
  5. Skull and Bones (XB1/PS4/PC)

    I'm considering it, but I need to do a bit more research apart from 20 second YouTube ads before other videos. If it's just naval warfare and related stuff, crafting only for boat etc and a lot of sailing, I might give it a miss. If it's like Assassin's Creed Black Flag, I'd be much more interested, that game was amazing.
  6. Glover - All N64 Games

    I was going to say the exact same thing, but thought I'd hold back in case we had any Craig-fisters in the house. Dalton forever bitches. [although Living Daylights was a bit boring]
  7. Glover - All N64 Games

    It wasn't no World is Not Enough or Licence to Kill, but it was still one of the better Bond films. Pisses all over the Daniel Craig ones I've seen.
  8. The only thing I would ever say about DBZ filler which would never be needed is the Garlic Jnr Saga. The rest is all essential viewing.
  9. Maybe not for essential stuff, but I'd passed lots of lil bits where I know I'd need the Lash eventually, such as the extra summon. But... I finally made it all the way there, took out the 3 Chestbeaters with one turn each. Went all the way back to Alhafra through the desert and did Lash stuff along the way, then checking the FAQs realised I needed to go back to the first continent, back through the desert I went I could've sworn I explored it all beforehand. Turns out there were 2 important bits I failed to register! Made it out the other side and saved. The journey continues.
  10. I fucked up my Lost Age journey to a degree I didn't think possible. I was waiting to get the Lash Psynergy, but was swearing to myself that it was coming soon... Turns out I missed it completely. I was at Alhafra and had to backtrack all the way back to other continent for the temple there, I've done Airs Rock and everything. I'm fuckin' level 15, I gonna tear these enemies a whole new one.
  11. Mention how shit the dungeon maker thing is. I'll back you 100%
  12. I knew I was gonna get some shit like this It was jacked to fuck and Nintendo did nothing to stop it, it's just as bad as being first party .... ish... ¬_¬
  13. Have you played Scarlet/Violet?
  14. Glover - All N64 Games

    They need to get that shit on the Switch Online now. This music still resonates
  15. Sonic x Shadow Generations (Autumn 2024)

    If this was a remake of Adventure 2 Battle, we'd be talking serious investment!
  16. Netflix

    Coming off The Traitors and needing a similar fix, I decided to check out Netflix for first time in awhile. I came across The Trust. Which the missus and I have watched first 3 episodes. It's an interesting concept, but at the moment just seems to focus on a group of neurotic women, which can make for some most painful watching. @Beast @WackerJr @darksnowman get on it!
  17. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (16th February 2024)

    I had a version to actually play, why would I watch the trailer? That being said I did give it a little look whilst on the John and it seems he does it after a double jump (after seemingly skipping to the right moment), not just a handstand jump as I was originally mentioning. Fuckin' love the gif though
  18. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (16th February 2024)

    Didn't work for me 😭
  19. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (16th February 2024)

    right... I'm gonna have to go back. I shall return with the verdict
  20. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (16th February 2024)

    I blinked and managed to complete the demo. Only one thing annoyed me about the movement was when walking off a platform I was expecting to travel forward a little further than I did, leading to a spiky death. Actually two... Mario doesn't pull a pose after the handstand jump. I think I will end up getting this at some point, but like Ashley won't be getting it full price. If they did a proper remake of '94 Donkey Kong... mama mia I'd be there so quick.
  21. For me this is one of the tracks I hate the most, I'm not sure if it's because it stands out too much... because they're isn't really any increase in urgency? I aint getting mountain climbing vibes... It's hard to explain. Face Shrine = love it, I wish I could do it justice on teh sax
  22. bad stuff thread.

    He's pushed his last pencil...
  23. Glover - All N64 Games

    And you would lose to my Sumo Santa / Earthworm Jim skillz
  24. Glover - All N64 Games

    We all know the most superior fighter on the 64 was Clayfighter 63 1/3. fite me irl
  25. Glover - All N64 Games

    I bought it from a CEX years ago and still never got round to play it