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  1. Lego!

    It's like they had too many pieces leftover from making the Lego Friends sets and decided to throw some Sonic minifigs at them.
  2. Looks very Sonic-y, how does it compare?
  3. Photography.

    I was just about to suggest the same!
  4. Looking at their tiny synopsis, they seem a bit romantic for my tastes, I think I'm more of a fantasy chap. I gave Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre a go yesterday. The first episode wasn't that great, but as each episode is a different story/ies, I'll give it a few more episodes. I feel sadly I won't be feeling this as much as I could with the cultural divide. Also started My Hero Academia... it was not a strong start, with the main dude either fan boy-ing or being a pussy in front of a group of assholes who will obviously become his teammates and "EaRn ThEiR ResPeCt" as it goes along. Will also give this more time to grab my attention due to the load blowing going on here and elsewhere.
  5. Fair enough, many thanks Julius. Anyone got any recommendations? There's a lot on the Funimation app.
  6. Has it all dropped yet? I don't think I'll get started until it has. Last I saw Eren was a spider. Getting more into the swing with Overlord, instead of relying on the internet to stream I'll download it from the Funimation app, then can watch it with zero lag, with even watching it on my PC at home streaming wasn't perfect
  7. Netflix

    Oh yes, it wrapped it up nicely in the end, with all the theories they were throwing I wasn't expecting the ending, it was just the bits halfway through where I was going "don't you fucking dare..."
  8. Netflix

    Last night finished Alice in Borderland. If you liked Squid Game, you'll be feeling this (but it came first). Finale was a bit weird and it went a bit Evangelion at one point which pissed me off immensely... but it managed to pull it back. One thing this did, and some streaming things I'm noticing is inconsistency in episode length. Normally you get lengths which are 45-50 minutes or a flat hour. this jumps all overt the place, you think you're going to settle down for a 50 minute episode, boom, 1 hour 20 mins.
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    I bet that axe that lil guy was using never breaks while he's chopping down trees.
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    This is why I don't watch those kind of videos, like the one Julius posted above, about 16 minutes of micro-analysing a 3 minute video... It's not for me.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    For me, I think it's shown how he's going to lose his abilities - Samus Aran stylie, instead of getting some sort of Twilight Realm Mega Man arm, it looks more like Ganondorf has tried to attack Link and corrupted his arm - Princess Mononoke stylie, resulting in the loss of his abilities, probably sapping his strength/health and now being too much of a pussy to handle the Master Sword again and the cycle begins anew. It also showed more boring grassland, which I expected. But it looks more action orientated this time, which pleases me greatly, because it's pretty fair to assume not much of the landscape will be totally new, with either a few newly manipulated areas, and settlements where settlements were not before, as such a lot of the wonder of exploration will be missing this time around. That's not to say that finding something new won't feel good, it's just the journey won't be as thrilling. The date thing threw me, My heart sank as my mind went "DECEMBER?! They've taken the money for my collectors edition pre-order" ... fucking Americans...
  12. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Somehow they managed to convince people into thinking the fish people turned into a bullshit bird race, so be careful.
  13. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    I only marked stuff that I could see from my current position, I think this is better than it giving you everything. Plus you can use that sense/marking thing from anywhere really. Arrows... great fun, even though going for the head is the best weak point for massive damage. You've got to go for a few classic crotch shots. After mainly fapping with Dark Souls, shoulder buttons for light/heavy combat is becoming more normal for me. It's also happening on other games I have too. It's what Breath of the Wild should've been.
  14. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (28th April 2023)

    How much do you think this is worth? Because I'm seeing it on Amazon for £65 on PS5, because I have a £25 voucher from my birthday, but that's still £40...
  15. *Japanese noise before the Lickitung game*
  16. The Star Wars Thread

    Set aside a couple of years. It's a mission, I only got to book 8.
  17. The Star Wars Thread

    Nope, because those moments of wonder only lasted about 10 seconds each. It wasn't stretched out into several scenes of meh.
  18. The Star Wars Thread

    It felt incredibly lazy, they might as well have had them meet each other in their dreams, but that meant they couldn't rely on mind-reading-seeing-through-eyes to move the plot along
  19. The Star Wars Thread

    I can't believe you don't find the space MSN Messenger a complete cop out!
  20. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/attack-on-titan-forever-kodansha-books?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_3_c_attackontitanforeverkodansha_bookbundle Attack on Titan manga at the humble bundles
  21. The Wrasslin' thread

    We all agree this is what the WWE is sorely lacking and needs to rectify the situation.
  22. Hogwarts Legacy

    no one?
  23. The Wrasslin' thread

    Is that the league where the dude was fighting with his penis?
  24. Playing Lylat Wars with the N64 controller is such a nostalgic blast. Even though it may not "handle" better than it might with a Switch controller, it just *feels* right. Although when going to try a bit of Banjo I was all over the place, couldn't walk in a straight line to save my life.