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  1. Nintendo Direct EU (04/10/12)

    Yeah its gone off air for me also. oh well i'm not expecting much anyways lol
  2. Nintendo Direct EU (04/10/12)

    Is it an Nintendo Direct mini or a full Nintendo Direct???
  3. 3DS Console Codes

    ill post up my friend code again just in case there is anyone new that wants to add me
  4. Japanese Nintendo Direct Thread

    I cant believe im gonna miss the european one i start work at 2 and dont finish till 11 so i miss all off it lol. hopefully the nintendo direct will still be on the site when i get home?
  5. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    Im loving this game atm. im not a big final fantasy fan but the game is just fun
  6. 3DS Console Codes

    yeah dude! im steve on your friend list
  7. 3DS Console Codes

    Cheers mate i've added you. Anyone else want my code??? I need friends lol
  8. Thanks, added you back :)

  9. Hey dude! I saw that you had mario tennis so i added your friend code. Hope you add me back so we can play some matches

  10. Hey mate i saw that you have mario tennis so i've added your friend code. Hope to play ya soon

  11. Mario Tennis Open

    I'm really enjoying the game thus far. Yeah the chance shots are very annoying but i get why they are in the game. The online is ok nothing special, im finding alot of lag while playing online tho which is dissapointing. I think they could of done alot more with this game its very basic, but fun none the less
  12. 3DS Console Codes

    Hey guys im back had a few issues with my 3ds. if u wanna add me again pm with your friend codes cheers steve
  13. Hey dude! ive added you friend code here's mine. i know that you've added me before but i got a new friend code cause my 3ds was faulty my new code is



    Hope you add me back cheers



  14. hey mate. i had some issues with my 3ds i got a new 1 now and i got a new friend code it's 1414-7635-6350. hope you add me again cheers mate

  15. Ok mate i've added you!!!


    You looking 4ward to thursday???