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  1. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    That's the one thing about Power tennis on 'cube - There was no tournament mode you could play without power shots and as you say, the mega mushrooms are very reminiscent of that. The (potential) beauty of this game though is that in my eyes, online mode basically replaces tournament mode as the main mode - so we finally have a pure game of tennis as the core of the game which is exactly what I want. I'm not particularly bothered about ring shot or the other single player modes - or a wide court variation - just the core game of tennis against friends and varied real world opponents. Either way I have a strong feeling that DLC will be coming in various forms.....
  2. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    Great well that gives me a bit more confidence. Like you say, it would be an insane emission! If we can play friends online then I'll definitely buy it as I'm a big MT fan.
  3. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    Dazzybee - I really hope this isn't true for the final release but I read the hands-on preview by Nintendo world report: "That is fine, I thought to myself. There are always the online options that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash offers. The moment I opened up that online tab, my jaw dropped to the floor. The game has no support for lobbies or communities, which pretty much means that you can't play with friends. The only options on entering are Singles and Doubles." (I can't post links yet as I'm new to the forum)..
  4. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    I agree - I just wish we could play friends. We could have had some great n-europe multiplayer sessions Maybe they'll add it post launch....
  5. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    Power tennis is fantastic IMO - very playable. It all depends if you enjoy the power shots which I absolutely love, although it would be nice to have an option for a tournament mode without them too. The core tennis gameplay is great tho
  6. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    The game's file size is miniscule - 888MB. A lot smaller than Mario power tennis for the Wii (1.46Gb)
  7. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    True. Mind you, Splatoon was lambasted for low content at the start - but then things fleshed out. I have a feeling that might not happen for this one though as it's not first party and is perhaps a more minor release, relatively. On a side note, thank god they didn't include motion controls. I've seen lots of complaints about this but I'm glad they just concentrated all their efforts on one control method. Motion was absolutely terrible in Mario power tennis for the Wii. Buttons and a stick makes for much more precise, skillful control in my opinion... EDIT:: I only just saw the Nintendo world report hands on preview... If the situation is as bad as this paints it then that's a real shame. The real crunch is if they really won't let us play friends online as this guy says. That would be the most baffling, idiotic decision. If that's so and taking into account all the single player omissions, then I think we can say with genuine sadness that Camelot really have lost their way. Maybe they have some leadership problems, or some key people have left - or they were just forced to rush it to market. I suspect it's a combination of all three. Either way, I'll wait until the release before making a judgement.
  8. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    To be honest I'm really fine with the fact that this is going to be a primarily multiplayer game. I'm also playing through the '64 game at the moment - and having an absolute blast - but for me an online multiplayer game in the franchise is a dream come true for me. I'll play MT64 game (and power tennis) for single player and ultra smash for online - minus the chance shots and powerups. As long as the core gameplay is good and you can play with friends (I *very* much doubt they'll omit that!), then I'll be more than happy.
  9. Hi there - would it be OK to change my username to Andykart? I'm new & so haven't posted much..


    Thanks, Andy

  10. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    Definitely getting this! Online is where it's at for me so hopefully we can get something going around here
  11. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I'm a little worried about the timing of the NX's release. I think being more than a year or so away from the other consoles might be a mistake. They've missed the boat with this generation and the PS4/X1 will be happy with their consoles for another few years. I hope this doesn't play out.
  12. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (20th Nov)

    THIS! I was a little lukewarm on this until the news came out that you can switch off all the gimmickery off & have pure, classic online tennis. I hope some of the guys on here'll be up for some multiplayer!