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  1. Happy Birthday! Its a big one as well! YOU ARE NOW A MAN!!

  2. Not with just us two, we'd be stuck with 2-3 randoms.

  3. Loving it, concentrating on the single player before I start taking online seriously.

    Let me know a time today and I'll try and be on



    Hope you've had a great day so far.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. No chance, I value my sleep. Nothing interests me with Sony's platforms anyway.


    I watched Microsofts mainly for GOW3 ,MW3 & Halo 4 announcement.


    Tomorrow will be epic, you just know something HUGE is coming.

  7. very very poor.


    Kinect dominated 80% of it, the "hardcore" games they did show contained at least 70% cut scenes. Halo 4 is 18 months away and that was their only proper big announcement.

  8. Didn't you watch it?

  9. Hi mate, did you get my PM?

  10. I've moved on to making the perfect ala sleep bombing bowgun. Plenty of hours left in it.


    Took it down with 3 random bowgunners in 8 minutes!


    Even if I get black ops on Wii, my PC is upstairs and my phone is too ancient for Skype.

  11. Return to the world of monster hunter! I beg you!

  12. CONDUIT 2!!!!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi, where and why have you sent both your Wii's off??

  14. If still interested in the Gameboy games, any chance you could give me a final decision this weekend. Thanks.

  15. I don't think it will go our way next year, once the Kart GP / Bike GP became the norm each week, our averages dropped. I hope its a really competitive league.

  16. I can't believe you have put more hours into Mario Kart than me!


    We'll both have put in over 400+ hours by next year.

  17. Tonight is still on. 8.30, details in thread.

  18. You could say so. Maybe I'll have to put those four through automatically and get rid of the player who has caused this mess.... hmm.... A playoffs final without Fused King... I like the sound of that :-p


    Have you added clownferret and he added you back?

  19. Playoff details are up, Wednesday it is.

  20. My Wii is pretty much just for MK at mo. Wouldnt mind a bit of Conduit tho. I love that game online.


    360 and MW2 is where its at online for me.

  21. Wii 2 / Wii HD, 2 more years away I say.

  22. I know its a game.


    But I think you'll find the league is very competitive, especially between me and fused.


    I hate Shy Guy Beach so much (thats why I was so annoyed), there was no fun in playing that track twice for me.

  23. It aint good mate. You lost yourself 10 points tonight.


    I've calmed down now, but I was seriously pissed off earlier.


    Lost count how many times I've given you advice to write down the courses to race.

  24. Details for next Thursdays MK GPs are up. Hopefully luck is on your side connection wise.