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  1. User Image Gallery

    Please say you don't call Lambrini campaign :P
  2. I've worked it out!

    Today I realized something phenomenal . . . Keira Knightley - Combined With - Dawn Off Eastenders (Kara Tointon) Seriously, think about it. - Equals - Amanda Holden (Britain's Got Talent Judge)
  3. I've worked it out!

    Two Threads, DELETE!
  4. I've worked it out!

    Shit I made two.
  5. Do my Penguin for me

    Could someone please explain in laymans terms what a paradigm and a paradigmatic analysis is, I can't seem to understand it even with internet and dictionary definitions.
  6. Cheap shit that betters the premium brands

    I want details.
  7. Cheap shit that betters the premium brands

    They don't go around your balls as well you know . . .
  8. Rate the last film you saw

    Intelligent response. Seriously, forget I said anything. History of Violence - 8/10 Excellent film, Cronenberg is really skilled in showing a dark side of human behavior, and the film is magnificently acted. Viggo Mortensen is something else!
  9. Cheap shit that betters the premium brands

    Home and Bargain sells an energy drink called boost in bottles that look like gas canisters. That stuff is fucking awesome and it's like 69p for a litre. Red Bull can go and fuck itself, if I was going to spend over a quid I'd buy relentless anyway. Take it home, put it in your fridge and next time you have a party mix it with Vodka. Thats how I got with my current girlfriend.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    Shy is great, and so was Transformers. I loved his cheeky/nerdy persona.
  11. Coke or Pepsi

    Jesus, you have no bigger things worrying you in life? Coke for me.
  12. Biggest Let Down Ever!

    GTFO Sexual Intercourse - Oh, where we talking about games? Erm . . . I agree with Jav and have had the same experiance about Metroid, until I played three and finally got into it.
  13. The Future of Pokemon

    Machamp and Hitmonlee fighting like that would be awesome.
  14. The Future of Pokemon

    Charge up a psychic attack or an ice beam is what I meant, similar to how spells are cast in Symphonia. That seems pretty plausible to me. It relates to pokemon about as much as turn based battling does. Please, feel free to come up with some ideas yourself then.
  15. The Future of Pokemon

    Tales of Symphonia's game engine, same visual style, same battle concept just built around pokemon with obviously a changed world and characters. Special pokemon would keep a distance and 'charge spells' to use their attacks, where as physical pokemon would go straight in slashing away. You'd release your pokemon in teams, like how sometimes that happened in the anime, or standard one on one. Legendary pokemon could also act as boss fights. Would certainly add plenty of new dynamics to the game. But keep the whole ability to catch and train wild pokemon and create a perfect team from the turn based rpg game. Finally, make it a MMORPG and we have my idea for the ultimate pokemon game.
  16. Worst Game stories :)

    As much as I loved it, Tales of Symphonia's story became unnecessarily complicated towards the end.
  17. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Feast your peepers on my Media Studies film. Yes, I know it's awful, but it was so much fun to make you wouldn't believe. Sorry for the poor quality. Please watch and comment.
  18. Post Your Purchases

    Red Skinnies make me faceplam.
  19. Wii Points for Stars

    What, in gods name, is the point if they run out of codes? That is so frustratingly pointless. Anybody got an idea how often they have new ones?
  20. Mario Kart Wii

    This game rawks.
  21. Wii Points for Stars

    It's even advertised on the main site, it's like they're trying to fuck with me.
  22. Post Your Purchases

    Transformers is a fucking awesome film.
  23. Grand National 2008

    Went to ladies day yesterday, it was immense. We walked past Paddy Mcguinness! As for bets, I don't think I can be bothered after losing money yesterday.
  24. User Image Gallery

    Why don't you get yours out as well?