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  1. Interview Tonight To Work In Game

    Hey, the title explains it really. I have an interview with Game tonight for a christmas temp position as a general shop assistant. I was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers, I know some/one of you has worked there before (sorry for not remembering who it was). But yeah, I'm generally shite at interviews anyway, so any words of encouragement would be much appreciated. A job would be awesome right now. I'll post how I get on later tonight . . .
  2. Interview Tonight To Work In Game

    Thanks man. Luckily I've got the job anyway. It was a group interview thing were we got put in teams. They asked us to go round looking at the hardware boxes and give them the three main selling points of each console. Our team hadn't really moved and I had filled two pages. I did try not to sound like a nonce showing off, but nobody else was really clued in. In fact not many of them played games. I'm ecstatic though, thanks for all your responses. Even the penis related ones.
  3. Trade in prices?

    Who would want a credit note for Cex? Everything they sell looks scatty. Pre Owned shit for full price, they can GTFO.
  4. Tales Of Vesperia

    No offense mate, but I hope to god your wrong.
  5. People Who Need To Be Punched In The Face

    The E3 Bitch.
  6. Dragonball live action movie in production

    . . . Oh Dear.
  7. User Image Gallery

    Ever heard of sunburn? Fair skin is fail. By the way, I am actually a swan.
  8. User Image Gallery

    My Auntie let me take some mates to stay on her little canal boat recently, but we managed to fuck the ignition so that the engine wouldn't run. So, instead moving the boat, we got pissed and swam in the marina instead. As you do. Awesome time, this summer has been really good so far. Hope you guys are enjoying it. By the way, I'm the pale one.
  9. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Fail. I hope they get the majority right.
  10. Best console of all time?

    Has to be the Gamecube. Although many might disagree with me, I loved my time with it. It's controller is the most comfortable ever to date.
  11. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Call me Mr.Nintendo Anyway, guys, the stars catalogue has always been a joke. They could always not have any reward scheme at all. I'd rather have a shit stars catalogue than none at all.
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Today I bought a . . . Into town, to attend a job interview.
  13. I'll be losing my virginity this Saturday...Any tips?

    Really? Haha, didn't half know.
  14. I'll be losing my virginity this Saturday...Any tips?

    There is something a little creepy with the idea of having a doctor fit something in my girlfriend that puts me off that option. I can't believe we haven't talked about the most effective and enjoyable protection yet, the good old rhythm method.
  15. I'll be losing my virginity this Saturday...Any tips?

    What is so weird about sensitive skin? My chick is the same, can't use bubble bath or anything.
  16. Post Your Purchases

    Fuck the sleeve, the game was £37.99 in store. I got my copy from Argos for £34.99 and I got a Wii-mote charger half price with it for a tenner.
  17. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Is there a 360 freeloader or something that enables you to play American games? Sorry for the n00b question.
  18. The alcohol appreciation thread

    Thank you, I know it's something I'll stick to, I've felt quite proud of myself turning drinks down off friends.
  19. The alcohol appreciation thread

    Funnily enough, I've recently made the decision to become T-total. So I guess I don't really appreciate alcohol. I've had some really bad nights drinking, as some of you might remember my fiasco last year. Being honest, I'm no good at limiting myself or drinking responsibly, so it's best I stop. It's not really that enjoyable anyway and can be quite expensive so I hopefully won't be missing much. I will miss cider most of all though.
  20. I'll be losing my virginity this Saturday...Any tips?

    King V, If I can give you one piece of advice, get her on the pill. Thats when the good times really start to roll.
  21. Tales Of Vesperia

    Tales of Vespia looks so good, is there any way I could play the american version on a PAL 360? Freeloader, etc? I really can't be arsed waiting for the European release.
  22. Cheap shit that betters the premium brands

    Haha, you just reminded me. The bitch will take ages to defrost.
  23. Post Your Purchases

    What he said. For gods sake man!
  24. Post Your Purchases

    That cosplay is insanely awesome.