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  1. Next Gen Mario Art

    Thats my Kind of Mario Art.
  2. Rate the above users user name

    I deserve to live, from a good episode aswell not the new shite. 8/10
  3. Adverts That Blow - Secondary Remix

    'Loans . . I know nothing about loans . . ' THEN WTF ARE YOU DOING IN A LOAN ADVERT YOU F*CKING SELL OUT! WHEN YOU WON IM A CELEB GET ME OUT OF HERE WAS AGES AGO! Damn Loan/Currys Advert prostitutes!
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Its so-so, lettering saves it. 7/10
  5. Mockup adon thread.

    Chainsaw, Lightsabre or Arwing?
  6. Your Official Reactions to the Revolution Controller.

    An opinion that makes no sence Mr. Hostile.
  7. EDGE loves controller

    As I said In the other thread Edge is a classy magazine. Looking forward to the 'revo' Issue.
  8. How many magazine covers?

    Edge is a quality magazine, no doubts they will show the Revolution on the front cover.