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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Anyone know of any decent 360 deals going on? Pity I can't use store discount in GAME on bundles. :/
  2. New Trailers

    I just raged at that Dragon Ball trailer . . .
  3. Resident Evil: Degeneration

    Yeah. I doubt this will be any good - unless Salazar comes back to life to fight Leon at the end: "Meester Keeeennnnaaaadeeeeee!"
  4. Obama -VS- McCain Choose your Poison!

    Wow, a politician who is willing to do anything to win. Not really surprising is it?
  5. Top Gear New Series

    Can I be the first to ask why? Its kind of a stereotype that truckers are strange.
  6. Top Gear New Series

    I've been waiting to see what old Jeremy would have to say about the Ross and Brand fiasco this week. I knew I could rely on him to have the courage to bring it up, however subtly. ;P
  7. Post Your Purchases

    I don't blame him, horrible stuff. Beer is beer I suppose, but Stella does seem to make people violent . . .
  8. Do you really get over the first person you've Loved?

    Depends on how hot she is to be honest.
  9. Do you really get over the first person you've Loved?

    Yeah. She was a bitch.
  10. Favourite Gaming Moments [Youtube vids only]

    Thats some scary shit.
  11. Intruder Alert!

    Give me Muy Thai any day. Although investing in a rottweiler would be the best option.
  12. Favourite Gaming Moments [Youtube vids only]

    Awesome thread, if everyone finds good content.
  13. Ross and Brand suspended...

    Wasn't there like only 2000 when the radio show was first broadcast. Seems like the media blowing it out of proportion has increased the amount of complaints ten fold. Its a shame everyone loves a good man hunt.
  14. The Movie News Thread!

    Wow, I didn't think I was being taken so literally. It was quite obviously an expression mate. I don't want anyone shot, I just don't think Hairspray touches on any sort of serious issue. Not that could be taken seriously anyway.
  15. The Movie News Thread!

    Do enlighten me as to what was unintelligent about it?
  16. Win!

    Name a good point. Here I was thinking to be an actor you have to have at least some talent at acting. Wow, off topic. Erm . . . I won a bottle of wine once for being the best dressed at a fancy dress party. But as I was going to put it back on our table some sket came up to dance with me and knocked it out of my hands. Broken glass and wine all over a dance floor. I was gutted.
  17. Win!

    All you need is the Hayden Christensen version of Anakin Skywalker figure and you have the collection of the characters that ruined star wars.
  18. The Movie News Thread!

    The only good thing about hairspray was watching Christopher Walken dancing with John Travolta in a fat suit and playing a woman. Whoever thought of the idea of a cheesy schoolgirl musical revolving around black oppression needs to be shot.
  19. Win!

    No offense mate, but who the fuck wants Jar Jar Binks?
  20. Ross and Brand suspended...

    Russell Brand is alright, I thought there would be more support for him here to be honest. I know when he first started out on BBLB everyone thought he was a cock, but his stand up is pretty sweet. Jonathan Ross I can take or leave. Wouldn't mind his job though, especially the movie reviews. Comes across as though they went a little too far, but thats their style of entertaining: saying outrageous things etc. I thought that they would apologize and everything would be fine. Having people resign is a little far though, surely?
  21. Heroes Season 3 *Beware of Spoilers*

    I agree with you there, I did like the whole cheeky British thing. Especially with the rest of the cast all being incredibly sincere and serious. (I can't stand the guy who plays Suresh, especially in the first season he was shocking!) We can usually rely on Hiro and Ando's antics to lighten the mood, but the show takes itself too seriously sometimes. I've got that pretentious vibe from the past few episodes anyway. Which is a shame, because the show can be hilarious at times. Remember in series 2 where Parkman flies on Nathan's back and after landing says 'we never talk about that again'? Classic. I'm not saying the show should be less serious, just be broken up with some fun so its not so overbearing.
  22. Heroes Season 3 *Beware of Spoilers*

    Loving the way Sylar is steadily turning good, that sort of thing always makes a good story arc. A bit like the Green Ranger. But a lot more complicated.
  23. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Well I've never seen High School Musical, but I heard that there is pictures of that chicks rack on the interwebs. Therefore you avatar and signature get straight 10's.
  24. Assaulted at work...

    Get a grip, I mean really who cares? Are you really that anal? Anyway, moving on topic. I don't really know what to say, I think you should take them for everything you can get. But still, if it was me that got hit I would have hit the guy back twice as hard.
  25. Zelda WW vs Zelda TP vs OoT

    Windwaker and Minish Cap are the best Zelda games, I thought everyone knew that?