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  1. Resident Evil 5

    The dvd has a trailer for degeneration, a film thats already out for gods sake! Seems a little pointless if you ask me. I'm really disappointed we don't get the other goodies.
  2. Resident Evil 5

    Why so, less extras? *Just researched - looks like we're only getting a steel case with an extra dvd in it. Fuck that, I want all the cool stuff in the North American version!
  3. Resident Evil 5

    Awesome, especially the end.
  4. Mancrush thread

    Although I get what you guys mean, I can't shake the feeling that you were all too fast to openly admit such things. :P You bunch of raving homos.
  5. What Would You Call Your Spawnlings?

    Because Trini was a token minority and I had an extreme crush on Kimberley - so that would be a little weird.
  6. What Would You Call Your Spawnlings?

    Jason or Tommy - after power rangers obviously. Not sure about girls names, but I'd be an overprotective father.
  7. I'll Have 4, 12, 87 and 163 Please.

    I'm disappointed. Chinese is the shit! King Do ribs are fucking awesome, and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned salt and pepper chips or chicken. This thread makes me hungry and I've just had breakfast.
  8. How Much Is Spent On You At Xmas?

    I have to say I agree.
  9. How Much Is Spent On You At Xmas?

    This thread is depressing.
  10. Post a picture of your car!

    Shame. .....
  11. Post a picture of your car!

    Erm, minors were for observations during manuvers I think, and a couple for speed. She asked me to parallel park and reverse around a corner - scary stuff. The driving test isn't that bad though, I was expecting much worse.
  12. Post a picture of your car!

    JUST PASSED MY DRIVING TEST ;D Epic win? 7 minors - I had the two hardest maneuvers though to be fair. I've had an erection since the test center! ;D
  13. Post Your Purchases

    That - or she's damn fine.
  14. Post Your Purchases

    You need a larger wang - obviously.
  15. Top Gear New Series

    The man is a prat - doesn't know what he's on about half the time. Tonights episode had such a blatant pro-tory feel I was tempted to turn it off. Comparing trade unions of the 70's to communists and such? Ridiculous.
  16. Post a picture of your car!

    Piece of shit keeps steaming up too easily in the cold. Driving test this week.
  17. What should your other half be?

    Asian. Although thats not really a quality.
  18. Your Inner Child (Toys, Collectibles,etc) 56k Shoo!

    Beyblade was awesome, I had the remote control one which was basicly cheating. I had some imported Japanese ones as well that kicked ass. Think I lost my collection when we moved though. This thread is win - I'm tempted to post my megazords! ;D
  19. The best moments of Twilight Princess

    The Beyblade weapon/item was immense, especially fighting Stallord on it.
  20. Resident Evil 5

    I'll buy it at a high price.
  21. Help me choose a TV!

    Why aren't there many white HDTVs? :| I'm guessing this is a bit out of date now, still considering getting it.
  22. Help with my mac mini?

    Yeah - I was kind of dicking about with the resolution settings and I managed to change it so that my HD TV couldn't support/display it. Obviously as a result of this I can't see what I'm doing on the mac to change it back. It seems a stupid little mistake, so hopefully there is an easy way to set it back? I feel a right retard. Help would be much appreciated.
  23. Help with my mac mini?

    Nah, it was connected by DVI - but got knows what settings I clicked on.
  24. Help with my mac mini?

    Ahhh, really frustrating!
  25. The N-Europe Member Map

    Heh, looks like me and Dante live on the same black spot.