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  1. Donderdagen weer? Ik zal er proberen bij te zijn! Als ik mn wheel nog kan vinden...=p

  2. Mario Kart Wii - Race of the Centurii

  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    502 deaths...ah well, I'm done at least.
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I've started to skip the first green star & gone straight to the second one most of the time, so i can skip the preview shots. The green stars are a real disappointment so far. Only 1 in 4 are remotely interesting. It's become a chore to finish them lately (doing about 10 a day now...someone pay me!)
  5. Dictatorships/ evil regimes

    If you count the deaths by communism and the deaths by democracy, democracy would probably win it easily. That's not to say communism > democracy, but you can't just blame a political system for all that is wrong in the world.
  6. Nintendo to charge for Online Services?

    Mario Party Online with Wii Speak Brawl/Mario Kart package with better online options Some online RPG Then I'll pay.
  7. wiimote taunting =p, you don't always get to choose which taunt you get =p


    Enjoyed our matches too =)

  8. hey good games brother, why'd you want me on the chat? trash talk? lol

  9. Hey, i remember that comic from your avatar, but i forgot where i saw it. you happen to have the url?

  10. I don't think I was was holding back, though I never take a match seriously. Regardless, you did pretty good! I keep forgetting you're a decent player. =P


    Oh, and remind me never to pick Olimar on Summit (Ice Climbers Level) again. Nightmare!

  11. Enjoyed our matches, Sprout! Were you holding back, though? (yea i know, really horrible to ask with a 1:10 win-ratio :p )

  12. you coming too?