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  1. Drew against Winston but thought my tactics may have bagged me the win, still need some big wins in next few games as relegation is still a very real possibility.
  2. The Top League Report: The Double Advantage Eights Winston Gardens manager asked other teams to try and beat Eights United as they mounted their own title bid, this week they had two chances to do this themselves but failed both times. The first game saw Eights play a 4-5-1 formation against Winstons 4-4-2. This saw Eights dominate possession and chances but fail to score in the first half, in the end the United midfield was to much with Seljevold breaking the deadlock after a quick breakaway, Isfjord made it two before Seljevold scored another to make it a comfortable 3-0 for the home side. The rematch was a must win game for Winston and it showed, they sported a 3-4-3 formation with Eights playing 3-5-2 it promised to be an explosive encounter. It started off quickly as Coren blasted in a long range shot to give Winston the lead, Eights hit back quickly with Wilder and Granas scoring in quick succession. Wilder's goal was especially sublime as he lost his marker and wrong footed two Winston defenders on his way to the goal. However brilliance turned to madness as after being shoved in the back by a Winston defender he lashed out and slapped the player in the face, a straight red was the only option leaving Eights with 10 men. After the break Winston made the advantage count straight away as Coren turned provider swinging in a cross for Ingham to head home to level up the scores. Soon the Winston chances were adding up and again Coren found Ingham who had ghosted past 3 Eights defenders to give himself a 1 on 1 chance with the goalie that he blasted in. The home fans roared as their side looked to have secured a crucial victory! However in the last few seconds Eights were awarded a corner, it fell to the captain Granas who somehow hit it home. Eights fans roared while for Winston fans they knew this may have been the moment the title slipped away. Submarine keeps head above water When Yellow Submarine met Lylat it was a compliment to Lylat that many thought this could be a very even double however it was Submarine who in the end won both games and put themselves right behind Eights United in the title race. In the first game Lylat had a very harsh start, they came out with purpose playing 4-4-2 but Gray saw his goal disallowed and then experienced defender Roberts was badly injured in the 23rd minute. Yellow Submarine had dominated chances before this happened but in the 2nd half they really started to go through the gears. Kirkby made space for Baryla who slammed in a long range shot to make it 1-0. However this proved to be a hard hitting game and the next victim was Submarine defender Villa, moments after he went off Dowell equalised for Lylat. However the joy of this moment was short lived the Submarine Captain Delipiano hit in a long range shot and set up Ataisik to score another to make it 3-1 to the away side. In the return leg Submarine set up to dominate midfield with a 4-5-1 set up with Wanderers playing the same hoping to stifle their opponents. With 7 chances to 3 it was clear to see Submarines strategy paid off in the end, with goals from Viana and Falcao they secured their 3 points but not before a scare when Gray scored via a breakaway to make it 2-1. This was an important double for both teams, it ended Lylats good run of form that sees them crashing from near the top of the table to 4 points above relegation. For Yellow Submarine this was the type of double win that was badly needed as they pursue Eights United who are now only 2 points ahead of them. Destruction Derby The Silverdale Inter matches may not be the title deciders of old but are still marked down in the diaries of each of their fans. The derby this season had the added twist of being in the double season, the first game was a real war with two horrific injuries and a red card for Inter striker Kirk. Inter was edging the match but with 5 at the back Silverdale held out and in the end frustration meant Kirk was given a 2nd yellow for a silly tackle that had his manager fuming. The 2nd game saw both teams play 4-5-1 but with the inclusion of a youth striker and youth goalie by Inter Silverdale looked fired up for this game. First Morell scored via a breakaway, Inter had chances but in the 2nd half Jeffers and Orellana made it 3-0 to Silverdale. Scabos got one back in the end but it was to little to late. This was a huge win for Silverdale while for Inter their poor season is starting to turn into a disaster that they need to correct correctly. Legends on the rise For the Legends the double period was a good one for them, they have lacked a killer instinct in the top league but showed it in spades when pitted against Rossers Rovers. In the first game Rovers held out against the Legends in the first half but bringing on Castanheira had an instant impact as he set up Mulholland and then scored a goal himself to give Legends a 2-0 lead, a late header by Burlett put an exclamation mark on this one sided victory. The 2nd game saw a more attacking minded Rovers who played 4-4-2, it was a close affair with only 3 chances each but Ciobotaru and Somner were clinical for the Legends and showed a calmness that was lacking from the Rovers side. This result will be a huge boost for the Legends survival prospects while Rovers are now surely doomed to relegation but can concentrate on getting ready for next season. A DuD? The last of the doubles was between Coloccini and DuD Baggies that saw one thrilling match and another that can only be described as a DuD. For the Baggies it has been a mixed season so far as they look to be a middle of the table side while Coloccini are showing their potential but knowing that they may still go down despite their best efforts. The first game saw Coloccini take the tie by the scruff of the neck as first Ha then Costa scored to make it 2-0 however the Baggies playing 3-5-2 mounted a brilliant fightback. Ashe set up Shearer for a diving header before the Dhall Izon partnership saw each set the other one up for 2 goals in 2 minutes to make it 3-2 to the Baggies. Coloccini fans and players were shocked and they were unable to recover. With both managers maybe wary of letting in 2 or more goals again both teams set up with 5 defenders and only created 1 chance each leading to a boring 0-0 draw. For Coloccini this could be a crucial moment in the season where they threw away 3 points against a top tier side and for the Baggies it the way they played at home will really disappoint fans who want their team to start playing with some championship winning ambition. Team of the Week: Yellow Submarine, they showed true grit to pick up their 6 points and have now inserted themselves into a championship winning position. Goals: Eights: Granas 8, Inter: Kirk 6, Scabos 5, Eights: Wilder 5 Granas proves his dominance with 8 goals at the time of writing. X11: Eights: Granas 8, Eights: Hapnes, Clevan 7, Yellow: Falcao 7 We can see why Eights are top with 3 players having over 7 X11 apperances. Assists: DuD: Izon 5, Dhall 4 The Baggies best trait in attack is their instinctive teamwork as seen in their 3-2 win against Coloccini.
  3. 2-2 9 chances, its gonna be epic but in the end indecisive
  4. 3rd place in dreamland! Doubt I will finish in this position but it is fantastic being here at the moment, massive game up next if we win I think it will devastate Winston Gardens title hopes but we are missing a senior striker so it might be a big ask. Btw @dansliketrees as you are going away now shall I just take over the reports? I will do this week to restart them and carry on from there
  5. Good solid win for us, looking at some of the other teams we are doing really well on the injury front! Hoping to take this positive momentum into the next two games and pick up some points Things are a bit quiet on here has everyone gone away for the summer? I will try and post catch up reports later this week
  6. Yeh sorry I need to catch up as well will do that tomorrow. Tbh I chalked this game up as a guaranteed loss but thought I would try my old 5-3-2 tactics I have used before against superior teams. When I saw I had guessed your formation and playmaker I have to admit I did let out a slight chuckle. Still when you equalised I expected you to lay down a beating but we held out luckily. Good luck for the title though! Would be great to see you win it you have a huge two games next, thing is it is so close loads of teams are still in contention. I am nervous about my double header against Rovers will be expected to win which I don't really like.. Lylat is doing so well because he poisons opposition senior goalies before matches.
  7. Big big point for us today, we are proving very hard to beat away from home with 3 draws and only 1 loss so far. Still I knew playing Bruise would mean one of my own players would get injured, alas it was my poor captain Palmer
  8. It is results like you had today that put me off ever playing my youth goalie, it is the one position where everything hinges on an individual. I have a youth goalie atm and am trying to think what games I should play him in, ones I think I will win or those I think I will lose?
  9. Big win today, needed that to keep momentum heading in our direction every game we are playing better and with more confidence! Nice win for Peeps today still I will try and help you out Tales but I don't think I have good odds of getting anything from Winston
  10. Pleased with the draw expected the peeps to try and win but obviously he is fearful of the might of conden and Burlett on the break! Game against silverdale is a big one but I am pleased with my teams high form and think the results will follow shortly.
  11. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Thanks Zell was great fun we should do this again when euros come around. I think the most important thing we learnt from this World Cup is when we are all given an equal team Tales is by far the worst manager on the forum.
  12. Annoyed with the draw today, in a weird position at the moment my team is performing very well but we are not getting the results. I think that will change in time but we will have to see the thing we have going for us is brilliant depth so maybe we can exploit other teams losing players down the road. Apart from me interesting results today with Zell getting back into the title race, Tales do you think selling off your striker was a mistake? If your other one gets injured or suspended you may be in trouble? @dan\-likes\-trees how is the report going :P
  13. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Congrats Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Good luck Dedede! Will be great to see you guys go at it in the final.
  15. Happy with the draw today need to try and aim for a draw in away games and victory at home will be tough but hopefully we have enough to stay up. Eights united are looking good for the title so far!
  16. Emerson Vicente and Gregor Mossley have secretly been meeting up in private and maintaining a hush over their activities. A local hack decided to investigate after a tip off but instead found out that the players were giving up their own time to support charities and help out at the local hospital. As a result of all the positive press coverage, the form has improved greatly for the two players although they remain very modest regarding their headlines 'Top Role Models'!
  17. Xpert 11 Season 32 Reports Interval? Inter fans are used to a slow start to seasons but unused to losses so it was a week of familiarity and surprises both of which were unwelcome. The familiarity began when Inter after some positive football that saw Scabos hit in a long range shot were pegged back by a Coren header to draw 1-1 with Winston in the opening game of the season. While a slow start can be excused having not lost for 14 games a 1-0 loss in a very tight game to Hadens Legends was a shock. After an early Legends goal Inter seemed to have nothing to reply with giving Legends a shock victory on a platter. The Inter manager has released some cryptic PR's suggesting his team is heading for a period of hibernation for an unknown reason. The next game for Inter is against Eights United expect this to reveal more about the season Inter will have. Champions elect One team who have been acting like champions is Eights Untied, they are the only team left in the top league with a 100% record and this came after two away wins. While it was against Middle league promoted sides it has been impressive none the less. Eights dominated Hadens Legends with 6 chances to 1 and converted 3 of them with an offensive 3-5-2 formation. They then edged past Rossers Rovers 2-1 again making 6 chances but this time playing 4-5-1. It seems the midfield will be key for them this season. With such a strong start it is worth remembering Eights will have two home games against Middle League promoted sides to finish their season off, already they are looking like a strong favourite to win Season 32. Winston Garden Lions 2-0 Yellow Submarine This was one of those ties that fans had pencilled in to watch and analysts made sure they studied to seek clues about where this seasons title was heading. Winston lined up with a 3-5-2 formation while Yellow Submarine countered this with a 5-3-2 set up. This led to Winston dominating chances 6-2 but Yellow Submarine able to hold out with a very strong defence. The game saw three injuries and became a duel between the two midfielders Akera and Viana. Viana trying to create opportunities with little time and space while Akera dictating the pace of the game and marshalling his side. In the end Akera's Winston got the breakthrough when Tobin dummied a shot and passed to Benmouih who fired home an irresistible drive. The pressure then became to much as a late penalty was given which Joyce ran up to and deftly tucked into the left hand corner to make it 2-0 with 6 minutes to go. Yellow Submarine tactically did very well in this match but ironically for them were not creative enough. For Winston despite a couple of injuries the influence of Akera won out over Viana and they passed their first test at home with flying colours. Rossers Rovers 1-1 DuDs Baggies A game that may not have had the romance of the previous but was enjoyed by many Rovers fans was Rossers Rovers 1-1 DuDs Baggies. This was Rovers first ever game in the Top League and was a brilliant start for them. They played without fear against a far superior opponent, both teams played 3-5-2 and both created numerous chances. Baggies bosses possession 57%-43% and when Izon hit in a long range shot it looked to be over for Rovers. However the Rovers captain Przhevalsky nailed an opportunity of his own making it 1-1. Both teams then had numerous chances but you thought Baggies had to eventually break Rovers down for the 2nd. However Brezhnev the Rovers goalie was having the literal game of his career. Shearer, Izon, Nixon they all tried but Brezhnev parried, saved, hit away and smothered chance after chance. At the end of the game the Rovers fans were chanting his name it was truly a day for him and the club to remember as they earned their first ever top league point with a valiant draw. Team of the Week: Eights United Eights have done what no other team could do in week 1 and that is win both their games. The fact that they were away games makes this achievement all the better. Top League Star Players Goals Scored: At the moment Beck stands above the countless others who have scored 1 goal the veteran midfielder proving age is no limit on his abilities. Eights United, Beck: 2. Assists Made: Again it is an Eights United player who stands above everyone else and again it is a veteran player Hapnes at 33 years old shows he has the vision to provide for others. Eights United, Hapnes: 2. X11 Appearances: The strikers Falcao and Goodison show Winston and Yellow Submarine have potential to score plenty of goals this season but also with 2 X11 appearances and providing stability at the back is Celvan for Eights Untied. Eights United, Celvan: 2 Yellow Submarine, Falcao: 2 Winston Garden Lions, Goodison: 2 Game edit Had a few chances but couldn't quite get the breakthrough to tie the game up at 1-1. Big game against Coloccini next and my best striker decided to get himself suspended for it...
  18. I can do week one if you like? I will try and get it done on Tuesday and leave this week for you?
  19. Xpert 11 World Cup

    Great write up Zell, will predict early exit for my team but will try my best to make it to semis probably to end up facing Germany and go out on penalties. Germany are my personal pick to win, cannot believe Xpert put those teams together from knockout lol.
  20. Big win today not sure what is going on with Inter but I will gladly profit from it as any 3 points are gold dust for me this season! Looking forward have two big away games now with Yellow Submarine and Coloccini, damn this league is hard!
  21. Just like that river twisting in the sand. Elite league winner: Eights United Elite league demoted teams: Coloccini FC, Silverdale Salmon, Rossers Rovers Middle league winner & promoted teams AC Elites, Aquila,Russian Revolution Middle league demoted teams Leeds M.O.T, Madpool, bob Lower league winner & promoted teams Lords of Hydra, The 64s, The Great Mcoy
  22. Xpert 11 World Cup

    European power? Surely you want England to win over those darn Brazilians?
  23. Xpert 11 World Cup

    England 0-0 Brazil England and Brazil go through... I tried my best...
  24. I was going to say well played you got your tactics spot on and good luck in the championship. I will still say that but after I play him I am backing Inter to win to end your tyranny once and for all :P Or of course Winston who I would love to see win the championship. Expect another loss against Inter but it feels good to play in the top league despite the losses form kept nice and high.
  25. Er oh fake team in alliance that can't be good lol, do we get bonus points I am happy to share top league reports with dansliketrees ala World Cup? We could do a week each in the talking points format?