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  1. Ah damn man bad times your attacking madness is the stuff of legends! I think you were starting to get really good at the game as well
  2. A good final for the neutral but alas it was not to be for our team. Still with victories over eights and dud I am very pleased and will be targeting a top three finish next season but of course survival is the main priority! Congrats peeps definitely a dark horse for the title I would wager
  3. Looking forward to it rank myself as outsiders but may have a chance!
  4. Through to the semis great times for the club, objective achieved but hopefully we can go all the way. As for he league wow some nasty opening fixtures on the other hand it's the top league so it's never going to be great. Still I think the league will be even more competitive this season.
  5. Safely through wold be good to make the semis but we will have to see how the draw treats us. I knew revolution would give yellow submarine a close game! Deffo game of the tourney so far.
  6. Hey Peeps never see you on Steam atm So was gonna say you ok with me doing the thread? Will aim to have it done by the end of the cup if so
  7. It is confusing at first but after a few games it really becomes a lot more simple, it is a real easy to learn hard to master game imo. Onward with the cup! always enjoy playing Coloccini FC big fans of that team and expect a thrilling game My goalies form is on 2, bad times... idiot must have gone out to celebrate Gazza style at the end of the season.
  8. I didn't really do awards this season as I missed a few games because that no good dansliketrees didn't post his side of the reports. Of my reports that I did post Yellow Submarine won the most team of the week spots so if you would like to give Zell a pick that would be my choice from my own reports. I am pleased with my change report. Things are looking solid at the back, Palmer is on his way out with 165 appearances (1 more if anyone wants a friendly with me). What an absolute legend was our best defender by a mile for a long time. Always saw him as Rio Ferdinand type figure and leader. Without calling people choc ices. Midfield has seen Conden turn into an utter beast of a player, will have fun swapping him in defence and attack as people will mark the hell out of him. Other midfielders raised as well and its all looking good there. Forwards saw a lack of visible raises despite having some of the best dev, all I can say is next season my two main strikers will go up for sure. They are still both quite young so I am not worried and looking forward to them having a fantastic partnership while tutoring Vicente. All in all a good report, not sure if we can challenge for the title quite yet but next season may be where we reach our prime. Anyone got any new blood? Ask friends, PM members, maybe make a thread in gen chit chat? Atm the recruitment table is: Haden 1 I can't award myself a VIP! Remember I am running a VIP lottery for anyone who can get a recruit to join
  9. Nice to have you back man enjoyed our games his season! Do you know any potential recruits? We need a couple more I think. I am sure Nikos would be up for the cup
  10. Big congrats to Zell and Aqui1a! Tried to make the final day dramatic but Zell had it in the bag anyway! Enjoying being in the top league should be even more competitive next season will be really interesting to see who wins it! A top 3 finish for me would be great I am thrilled with 5th for my first season Anyone got any recruits for next season?
  11. In for the cup and lol at your defender Rowan that is classic. How is recruitment going for people? I have PMd a few peeps on this board
  12. All down to the last day int the top league! I will try and do my bit to add some spice but don't reckon much of my chances lol I reckon silverdale may beat yellow submarine actually but it will be a miracle if I get anything against eights. You have to watch the last day via match view with other results playing in background will be classic! Congrats jim bob for lower league title!
  13. Top League: Week 7 Reports Yellow Submarine 4-3 Eights United It was hyped up to be an epic and it did not disappoint Yellow Submarine faced United in what was to be the most thrilling game of the day, week and surely the season. Submarine lined up with 4-5-1 while United went for a daring 3-5-2 formation. Right from the start chances were made, Kirkby directed traffic from the back and sent in a great ball for Viana to volley home to a roar from the home crowd they knew only a win would be enough. Moments later though Viana was bruised in a tackle and had to be subbed by the 17 year old Cates who is in his debut senior season! United took advantage of this misfortune as a youth of their own scored, the 18 year old Norheim headed the ball home off a Clevan cross. Submarine looked the more creative and just before half time re-established control when the captain Delipiano lost his man and curled a beautiful ball past a flailing Yoshimiro. The home side went into the break in the lead but the United players emerged from the tunnel first and were fired up, again the youngster Norheim caused all sorts of trouble and drew Kirkby and McEnroe towards him before threading a ball through to his captain Beck who nutmegged the goalie, 2-2! By this point the game was turning into a game of back and forth attacking drama as both sides looked devastating going forward, in this confusion the 3 man defence of United were bound to make some mistakes and when trying to head out a cross Hapnes put it into his own net! Further problems occurred for the United defence shortly after as Paulsen was knocked out by his own goalie who punched him while going for the ball. After coming to he was furious to see he was being substituted but the manager surely did the responsible thing even if it weakened his own defence. Amid all this drama the home side seemed more assured but the 18 year old Norheim woke them up after dribbling from the wing he smashed a ball towards the right corner but it curled into the centre of the goal completely wrong footing the goalie the score was now 3-3! Knowing a draw would give United a huge advantage the home crowd roared their team on but after being caught 3 times could they score again? After bundling the ball forward Submarine were on the attack, the substitute defender Kvistad tried to stop the attack but ended up sticking a foot out that could cost United the league title. Kirkby who was up in attack dutifully fell over it to send the United manager into an apoplectic fit. Kirkby insisted he take it and the crowd held their breath, they didn't have to as he rammed it into the top right corner a sensational penalty! This time United could not fight back and it ended 4-3. Later in the week United would draw and Yellow Submarine would lose but this result means they are 1 point ahead of United with 2 games to go. No wonder the fans were singing Yellow Submarine all the way home. An epic match that would be worthy to be a title decider. Legends stay in the top flight After a nervy week of draws last week the Legends confirmed their top league status this week with 2 out of 2 victories. The first was a game that looked like it was going towards a draw as the Legends went for a 3-5-2 formation against Coloccini, this gave them chances but again they failed to capitalise until with 10 minutes to go under fire strikers Ciobotaru and Castanheira linked up to produce a headed goal that sent the home crowd wild. The Legends knew a win against potential champions Yellow Submarine may see them safe and again played 3-5-2. This formation seemed to suit the Legends as Mulholland put them in the lead but Viana hit back for the away side, 10 minutes later club legend Conden scored from close range but Submarine knowing a win would send them 4 points clear at the top kept coming forward. With 9 minutes to go Lennon volleyed a shot home from a scramble after a corner, it was left to Walters with minutes left to carve out some space and send in a curling screamer that ricocheted in off the crossbar. With news that Winston Gardens had failed to win the Legends fans were beside themselves the club with this famous victory have now earned themselves a second season of top flight football, who knows how far they will get next season! Where now for Winston? The great project at Winston Garden Lions suffered another blow this week as they failed to win making it 9 games without a victory. They were 2nd in the 3rd and 7th week and in the early days of the campaign really seemed to shine with impressive victories over Yellow Submarine and Silverdale. However after a double against Eights United were they came away with 1 point and two 1-1 draws with the Legends on either side of the double they appeared a deflated team. By week 11 they fell to 4th being overtaken by the Legends, Inter and Lylat overtook them soon after, by week 14 they were 8th and Silverdale and DuDs Baggies snuck past them into safety. It has to be said the remaining fixtures do not look good for Winston, they are away to Yellow Submarine and at home to Inter while DuD who are 2 points ahead are away to Lylat but also face Rovers at home. Winston have a very good side but also one that are ageing and need youth reinforcements. I hope if they do go down Winston tweak what is nearly a winning formula and come back stronger than ever to the top league where they belong. DuDs Baggies 1-3 Silverdale Salmon It has been a disappointing season for both these sides who at the start may have dreamed of challenging for the championship, this game was important to make sure disappointment didn't turn into relegation. The Baggies at home set out to control the game with a 4-5-1 formation while Silverdale set up with 4-4-2. With 2 strikers up front Silverdale seemed to thrive and within 8 minutes after a Jeffers long shot and Luz toe poke in the box were 2-0 in front! The first half carried on at a frantic pace with Silverdale holding firm at the back while the Baggies did indeed dominate possession and chances. Lone striker Izon made one count with a close range shot before half time to halve the deficit. In the 2nd half the game slowed down slightly and Silverdale gained a bit more possession up from 37% to 42%, they only created one chances but it was enough for defender Morell to head them into a 3-1 lead. The Baggies looked spent after this goal and could not pull themselves back into the game. After winning the double against Inter, Silverdale have looked like a new team and have strung together a series of results that see them on the brink of safety. As discussed the Baggies should be safe as well but they will want to aim for more consistency next season if they wish to live up to their potential. Team of the Week: Hadens Legends The Legends had a great week this time around, securing top flight football with two home wins including a 3-2 victory against title contenders Yellow Submarine Goals: Eights: Wilder 10, Granas 10, Inter: Kirk 8, Granas comes back to the top along with his team-mate Wilder as he scores a crucial penalty against Inter. X11: Eights: Granas 11, Inter: Ramos 11, Yellow: Falcao 10, Inter: Kirk 10 The fight is on between Granas, Ramos, Falcao and Kirk to see who is the best overall player in the league as they all pass the 10 barrier of X11 caps with 2 games left. Assists: Eights: Isfjord 6, DuD: Izon 5, Eights: Seljevold 5, Yellow: Delipiano 5 With 2 games left Seljevold and Delipiano look to fight for the top assists crown now having 5 assists each, both 1 behind Isfjord with 6.
  14. YESSS!!!! Survival ensured! Fancy a reserve match @Nikos9 Of course I will be playing my strongest side against Eights United can't believe Peeps could take the championship at the death! Congrats Jimbob!
  15. Yes engaged! Good times lol and I keep trying to arrange stuff with Lucas on Steam. I do need a big favour you have to take out Winston on the last day I am nervous about the last games for sure! Away to you and Eights could not be worse but we will see what happens if I scrape a point it may be enough. Also need @MilaGi to be at the top of his game (don't play youth :P ) Great to see you on board Animal we may have another recruit on the way I will have to reward these VIP picks to myself
  16. No-one has ever threatened Xpert like these summer vacations and the Mafia. Managers Xpert needs your help. There is no shame in going out and asking a friend to play the game and them refusing. But there is no honour in not asking at all. Get up! Stand up and PM! PM! PM! PM! Recruitment Lottery In an attempt to gain some new recruits anyone that brings a new manager for next season will be entered into a lottery I will run to win a VIP. Bring in two new managers and you get two picks. Here is the invite link: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=120161 Godspeed!
  17. He messaged me to say he has gone from the forums and xpert. We need a man utd style overhaul for recruits next season lol!
  18. Top League: Week 7 Reports Eights United vs Yellow Submarine It is an old rivalry and one that has been renewed this season and after this week one that may go down to the wire. Only 1 point separates these sides as Eights United are just ahead of Yellow Submarine. Both teams knew they had to deliver the goods and that is what they did. It started with Eights 7-3 thrashing of Baggies, both teams played 3-5-2 in a brilliant game but it was United with 14 chances to 3 that deserved to win this goal. Wilder was fantastic with a hat-trick but Isfjord was sublime with 3 assists and a goal. The only negative was yet again United had a player who got injured or sent off, this time it was the captain Granas who will be suspended for the crucial game against Yellow Submarine. He also missed an away tie against Coloccini, however Beck held the captaincy and with 2 assists and a goal he helped United win this game before half time. They won in the end 4-0 which really put the pressure onto Yellow Submarine. However they responded well and it was their captain Delipiano who stepped up to help them win their first game. With 3 2nd half goals Delipiano gave Submarine a 3-0 victory against a determined Rovers team. Delipiano was at the heart of a brilliant away victory against Inter this Friday. After an early penalty miss for Submarine you thought Inter might get back into the game, but Delipiano set up Falcao to make it 1-0. Submarine dominated chances and made it 2-0 with 15 minutes left. This was a huge win for Submarine and one that will fill them full of confidence against Eights next week. The last time these two sides met in the league at Yellow Submarines ground the home side won 3-1. With Granas suspended it will be hard for United. However with 36 goals United are a dangerous side to play against, a draw will not be enough for Submarine and you feel they have to win this game to win the title. Legends at drawing Hadens Legends have the same amount of losses as Yellow Submarine but are 8 points behind them, this is because they have 7 draws, the same amount as their wins and losses combined. Two of the draws came from this week as they drew 1-1 with Wanderers and 0-0 with Baggies. In the Wanderers game they played an adopted 4-4-2 formation with Conden pairing up front with Castanheira, however Wanderers playing 5-4-1 made life hard for the home side limiting them to 2 chances. It was in fact Wanderers who hit on the break first as the lone striker Gray scored. Burlett soon hit back for the Legends but the home crowd were frustrated as they could not find the goal again. Against Baggies the Legends dominated chances 4-0 but were unable to put any away with Ciobotaru and Castanheira missing chances presented to them. The two senior strikers have scored 7 goals which is not a great total and the rest of the team has contributed only 6. This has left the Legends with 13 goals the 2nd worst offensive total in the league, however their defence is the best in the league with only 11 goals conceded. However Legends need at least one if not two wins to give themselves a good chance at staying up and with their last three games against Yellow Submarine, Inter and Eights United they may rue chances that have been missed. Winston fading fast Another side who have had a bad week are Winston Garden Lions, it wasn't so long ago that they were seen as title contenders now they have gone 7 games without a win and faded away towards the relegation zone. Their week started badly with a thumping 4-1 defeat at the hands of Silverdale, playing 4-5-1 Winston looked to try and hit on the counter and keep chances limited, this worked in the first half with the score ending 1-1 but Salmon stepped up a gear in the 2nd with Romero heading in two and Jeffers scoring to give the home team the victory. Winston looked deflated and things got worse when they played Lylat. Again opting for a 4-5-1 formation they clawed back an unfortunate own goal and created 6 chances but were unable to convert them. Instead Lylat via a Tennant breakaway landed a killer blow with 4 minutes left. Their team is obviously very talented but also suffering from low morale and bad form, combined with negative tactics Winston are in a lot of trouble. Their next game is against DuDs Baggies and is surely a must win match. Silverdale on the rise With all of these teams crashing towards the relegation zone who is taking advantage it seemed Silverdale although this week may not be considered a total success. As mentioned they beat Winston Gardens 4-1 but were held to a 1-1 draw against relegated Rossers Rovers. The Silverdale manager was fuming with this result as just after half time Orellana headed in a corner only to be adjudged offside in a very close call. Romero scored his 4th goal of the season via a breakaway but deep in injury time Hitapot who had only come on in the 85th minute hit the ball in the box for Josema to thump home. Silverdale however are playing well and are now 6 games unbeaten, however they could have been 4 points ahead of the relegation zone instead of 2 if they would have beaten Rossers Rovers. Will this come back to haunt them? Team of the week: Yellow Submarine While Eights United scored 11 goals this week, Yellow Submarine passed a huge test beating Inter 2-0 away to keep the pressure on Eights, a great week for a team that has lacked a winning spirit in these big games in recent seasons. Goals: Eights: Wilder 10, Granas 9, Inter: Kirk 7, Scabos 6 Wilder storms up the table after a fantastic week as Eights main striker, he now has 10 goals and will be looking for more in the final four games. X11: Eights: Granas 10, Inter: Ramos 9 Eights: Clevan 9, Yellow: Falcao 9 Granas stays on top as the best overall player this season but he is serving a suspension so will he be overtaken next week? Assists: Eights: Isfjord 6, DuD: Izon 5, After 11 goals this week it is no surprise an Eights name now tops this chart, it is young up and comer Isfjord who leads with 6 assists. Huge win for us strikers answered the call, we may be able to guarantee safety and have a big impact on the title race if we beat Yellow Submarine.
  19. Anyone got any ideas for new teams? Wasn't flameboy interested at some point? I think Charlie is leaving this season but @bob and Blue Rogue are coming back
  20. Can't buy a win at the moment, had good tactics but not enough need to get some points from somewhere!
  21. Top League: Week 6 Reports Lack of instinct? It could be said that Yellow Submarine threw away the league this week. After two draws in games they would have been expected to win they are one point behind league leaders Eights United instead of being three points ahead. Their first game was home against DuDs Baggies and to be fair was a hard game for them. An injury to defender was then compounded by a straight red to Lennon. Lennon a league legend slid in hard on a 50/50 challenge after being pulled back previously. It was a ridiculous challenge and one that may cost his team the title. After all of this the captain Delpiano was subbed off with an injury and it finished 0-0 in a matchup that surely Submarine would have wanted to win. Again playing 4-4-2 Submarine played away this time against Coloccini. Again Submarine would expect to win this game but they would also expect a fight. Falcao was hard to play up front and gave a good assist to Nispeanu who opened the scoring early. After the break Coloccini scored when Aaslicher lost his marker, Baryla came on for Submarine and set up Viana to make it 2-1 and then Falcao again made the aerial threat clear for the away team as Kirkby made it 3-1. Just to pause here, it is 3-1 to Yellow Submarine against Coloccini with 7 minutes to go. However on the 85th minute Madeley slammed one in and then Aaslicher curled in a beauty. Yellow Submarine now have Eights United semi recovered and Inter on their wing, was this the week they threw the league away? Away heroes Sometimes sides sneak up the league without really making a fuss, these are the most dangerous teams. Inter are proving to be this side. At the start of the week they had a very tricky game against Lylat, they chose to go 4-5-1 and it paid off. With 9 chances to 1 their dominance of midfield was clear for all to see. However Lylat were hard to break down, it was left to a Grey direct free kick and a Palpatine (their goalie!) penalty to bring the two goals. The second away game seemed harder but was easier for Inter. Playing against DuD they set up with 4-4-2 and again had 7 chances to 1. With that sort of ratio they must win, Ramos scored then again a Palpatine penalty and Grey freekick. To get 16 chances to 2 away must show amazing tactics from Inter, are we seeing a rebirth of Inter this season? With Submarine and Eights failing to deliver result this league is now anyones to win, could Inter make it three in a row? Hope you had a good wedding buddy Lylat Wanderers 2-1 Eights United This was an interesting game it was the sort of game you thought might result in a shock and it did. Lylat almost in an arrogant way lined up with 4-4-2 against Eights who out of necessity retreated into 4-5-1. Straight away Dowell looked boisterous and hit in a first goal at 12 minutes, however of course Beck hit back with a header at 36 minutes. Beck the captain has been so influential for Eights especially in hard games like this and it was telling that when he had to be subbed off with an injury in the 75th minute Dowell hit in another goal two minute later. This was a brilliant season defining win for Lylat, will it be a season defining loss for Eights? Winston Lions 1-2 Rossers Rovers So we have talked about Eights, Yellow Submarine and Inter who else is left for a title threat oh yeah remember Winston? Well they would only be 2 points behind the league leaders now if they would have beaten the bottom side Rossers Rovers but they can't seem to buy a win as of late. Setting up with 4-5-1 against a gutsy 3-5-2 from Rovers, Winston looked like a side who lacked passion. Well J-M Josema does not lack passion and hit in a goal at 31 minutes. Fedosov hit in his first after the break and Winston while having more possession could only manage a tame fightback with a Benmouih header on 77 minutes. This was a really poor result for Winston whose title hopes are now in tatters while Rovers will revel their wins on their way to the Middle League. Team of the Week: Intergalactigo Stars: brilliant away wins this week while other teams faded away, could this be the dream year for this manager? Goals: Eights: Granas 8, Inter: Kirk 6, Scabos 5, Eights: Wilder 5 Nothing changes as Granas stays on top. X11: Eights: Granas 9, Inter: Ramos 8 Eights: Hapnes, Clevan 7, Yellow: Falcao 7 Ramos comes back into form just in time as Inter surge up the league with two wins. We can see why Eights are top with 3 players having over 7 X11 apperances. Assists: DuD: Izon 5, Dhall 4, Lylat: Pilgrim 4 Pilgrim joins the DuD duo to make it 4 assists and prove he is one of the leagues best midfielders. Let us Fight I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an admin. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or ban anyone. I should like to help everyone - if possible - Xbox, Ps4, Wii u owner. We all want to help one another. Playground readers are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this thread there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. Xpert 11 can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Routine has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with boredom, has zombified us into misery and absence. We have developed tactics, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our cleverness, hard and unkind. We log in too much and play too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, this forum will be violent and all will be lost.... The playgorund and the Mafia have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men - cries out for universal brotherhood - for the unity of us all. Even now my post is reaching millions throughout the world - millions of potential managers, men, women, and little children - victims of free to play games that makes men torture and imprison innocent mangers To those who can hear me, I say - do not despair. The lack of community that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of the Playgrounds progress. The hate of men will pass, and trolls will die, and the teams they took from the creative people will return to the managers. And so long as trolls die, strategy will never perish. ..... Managers! don’t give yourselves to 4-4-2 - French managers who despise you - enslave you - who regiment your lives - tell you what to do - what to think and what to feel! Who drill you - diet you - treat you like students, despise you. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men - machine mangers with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are managers! You have the love of the game in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate - the unloved and those who play 4-4-2! Players! Don’t fight for Managers! Fight for liberty! In the 17th Chapter of St Luke it is written: “the Kingdom of God is within man” - not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people have the power - the power to create teams. The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then - in the name of Xpert - let us use that power - let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give creative men a chance to manage a team in a league like ours - that will give youth players a future and old veterans a security. By the promise of these things, bad games have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will! Other games free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfil that promise! Let us fight to free this forum - to do away with genre barriers - to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of Xpert, a world where tactics and youth will lead to all managershappiness. Soldiers! in the name of democracy, let us all unite! If you value this game pass it on to a friend: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=120161
  22. Hard loss today need to grab some wins from somewhere but the league is so tough! Can't believe the title race has opened up in the way it has either! Peeps you may want to think of recruitment soon looks like a couple of managers will be leaving, bob and blue rogue are staying though.
  23. Can't believe everyone underestimated the Legends I knew that game would be a draw! 3-1 to AC Elites and a goal will occur in the 33rd minute.