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  1. My season is over bar development but I am happy to act as a spoiler to other teams such as yesterday :P The race for the title looks amazing!
  2. Brilliant report! Yes I am up for another few seasons just sad to see how small the forum seems nowadays but still enjoying the game Been a pretty bad season for me so far but the Dvs are looking good just cannot seem to score goals!
  3. Ah shame you should reconsider you have done really well so far! Future of Xpert on NE:
  4. Hmm ok we can see how it goes can't believe how badly my team is playing! Would be nice to get to 10 though, not sure if @Rowan is still checking in but I will also leave this here as we have now been promoted to Gen Chit Chat! If anyone wants to join us for our new season follow this link: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  5. Hey guys just wondering if anyone has had any luck recruiting. Even though two more is good looking at the inactivity I think we may need 4 people. I'm sad to say but the lack of interest on the forums nowadays may cause the league to stop after 1 season Still it has been nice to honour MadDog even if it is just for 1 last time
  6. Cube and Leeds are signed up ready for next season Anyone else got anyone they think might be interested? Looks like Eights has gone, Charlie (Moria) may be back not sure about Seahawks and bob? Probably just a good aim to keep the league at 12 if we can as it will be a stretch to fill much more gaps as the forum is so quiet nowadays. But yeh if we could get 1 or even 2 more we should be very well set for Season 2.
  7. Hey man that would be great here is the invite link: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282 We should be finished just before Christmas but you can join any time, we should have another couple of spots open if you have any friends that would like to join?
  8. Round 8 3 talking points Hull vs Winston Round 1 This was always going to be a huge match as you could argue these were the two big teams along with the Baggies so far. Hull decided to go for a 3-4-3 formation while Warriors lined up with 4-4-2. Right from the outset the Warriors dominated proceedings with over 60% of possession. This came to fruition as Lanna and then Mayland made it 2-0 to the away side after 30 minutes. However they made the mistake of giving away a freekick that Ganan rifled home for his 5th goal of the season. The 2nd half came and Hull failed to control the midfield and their defence looked suspect throughout, sure enough Artobolevsky hit in a third. There may have been a chance for Hull when Warrior playmaker Sjoo was badly injured and taken off but they just could not create a chance. In fact in the end Mayland set up Artobolevsky for another headed goal sending the away fans into delirium. This was a huge win for the Warriors that places them on 20 points with a goal difference 6 better than 2nd place. With an easy tie against Moria next they will not be giving up that spot, for Hull they fave a trip to Seahawks that they need to win to get their title challenge back on track. Haden's striker issues Haden United looked to be one of the favourites entering the league but were exposed by a gutsy Baggies team on their home ground. While United played a 4-5-1 formation Baggies went for 3-5-2, United did carve out more chances (5-3) but Wizzini with only 2 goals so far in the campaign had another poor spell in front of goal. In what was a drab match as both sides seem to be lacking ideas Baggies defender Potter broke the deadlock with a thundering long shot to give his team a invaluable 3 points. For United a title chase looks to be a distant prospect as their manager tries to figure out where the goals are going to come from. For the Baggies this was a really important win, if they would have drawn it would have been 4 wins and 4 draws and 4 points behind top spot. Instead they have 5 wins 3 draws and are just 2 points behind Winston, more impressivly they have only conceded 2 goals, a top three spot now looks a mere formality. Team of the Month In October there was no stopping Hull, they were unbeaten in all matches and scored some great away wins against Silverdale and Drahkon. They drew away to the Baggies and beat the Greeks at home without conceding a goal, their only slight mistep was dropping a couple of points against Haden United when they drew 2-2 at home. In November after 1 match the early leader is the Angry Greeks as they earned a deserved victory against Drahkon in the last minute of the game when Directo headed in a cross from Gomide. At only 18 this was Directo's 2nd goal of the season and he is quickly becoming a fan favourite. If the Greeks can keep this form up they will be in a good spot to challenge for a top spot as they are now only 4 points behind th eleader Winston Warriors. Apologies for the lack of reports been a tad busy I thought during my week I would do two mini reports instead. Things looking exciting so far! Thinking on for next season we may have to recruit around three managers by the looks of it any help would be great I have sent out a few PM's already.
  9. There is an Xpert Season 1 winner right at the top of the league. He has been waiting for years. I need you to beat Xpert You have to assume NE is watching If you are caught What the hell are you doing here Sony? Don't mention NE Haden is a fanboy and a fanboy is always hiding a secret. Hello Xpert I needed to see you. Why? There is a new manager. A PM had info on a new manager. What they told was in the PM was sensational. Tell me. It was an agent who killed it in a previous league. It is so ugly. It is the only thing standing between us and NX. It is one of five mangers all I want from you is a codename Odwin Peeps Ell Gaggle Spy Report coming this weekend
  10. All going quite well so far not heard from Charlie for a while though
  11. 5 talking points opening day: Baggies impress Only one team managed to pull off a coveted away victory in the opening round and it was The Baggies against Eights Reunited. Eights were very unlucky when their star keeper Mick Pointon was taken off with a nasty looking injury after half time, however it must be said by that point the Baggies had scored twice and dominated on average 60% of the possession. Playing 4-4-2 the Baggies were crucially able to outclass the 5 man midfield of Eights Reunited. Three men were key to this winning performance. The goalkeeper Mack Partridge was outstanding with the star performance of the entire opening week. He defended his goal with supreme confidence given his underperforming defence instructions throughout the entire match. The other two players were Claudio Grais and Jerry Danielsson in midfield, they scored one a piece and Grais especially was dangerous throughout setting up the two goals he was not involved in. This was the perfect start for the Baggies but for Eights this was a very drab performance their team has potential but lacks stand out stars, they fave a tough away game against the Angry Greeks next and will want to improve massively if they want to take anything away from it. The home formation of choice Three different formations were used by home sides in the opening fixtures with varying degrees of success. 3-5-2 was the most popular choice with Hull-Federer Alliance, Eights and Haden using this attacking possession based formation to varying degrees of success. Every one of these teams conceded goals but Haden and Hull came away with the victories, as noted above Eights did not. Next in popularity was the old classic balanced 4-4-2, Drahkon and Moria chose this formation and interestingly both teams drew 3-3 for Drahkon and 1-1 for Moria. However the most intriguing opening day home formation came from Seahawks. Up against their pals the Angry Greeks they chose a suprising 5-3-2 formation and came away with a 1-0 victory. The Seahawks were down 1 chance to 3 at half time and only had about 40% formation throughout the match. However their defence held out with the extra men at the back able to also assist in attack. This was seen when captain Samson Harewood came up from defence to take a corner that Eugene Abell headed in for the win. It will be worth looking to see if teams change their home formations after this opening set of games. Drahkon makes a tactical start Drahkon FC are a team whose manager has little history with the game and they went up against the Winston Warriors who are a team whose manager knows the game very well indeed. However with a slice of luck and tactical knowledge Drahkon managed to take a point in a riveting game. The first half was quiet but controversially Warriors had a goal disallowed when it was deemed the scorer Artobolevsky had strayed marginally offside. AT half time Drahkon brought on 3 subs and after falling behind to a Winston opening goal, Drahkon levelled to make it 1-1 and then 2 of the subs had an immediate impact. Eigenrauch sprinted down the wing to curl the ball into Rincewind who headed in for his first goal of the season. However after this Winston came straight back into it, Artobolvesky scored on the half volley from a set piece and then Valentenko headed in a corner. Winston Warriors were getting the best of the game with more possession and chances but a late Drahkon corner was swung in and Valentenko ended up prodding it into his own net. It was a devastating blow but a draw is not such a bad result away and as for Drahkon it was a good point that demonstrated the power of impact substitutions. Early runner for top goalscorer? BB eg Bernie Bigsby of Hull-Federer Alliance made a blistering impact on the MadDog league in the opening weekend. He scored a fine hat trick in his teams 5-2 victory over Return of the Bob. He scored two breakaways and one close range shot in a brilliant performance that terrorised Bobs team. The only other player to score more than one goal was Benito Mena who netted two against Silverdale to help Haden United to an opening day victory, his 2nd goal was pratically the last kick of the game in the 91st minute. However at the moment odds are on Bigsby ending the season with the golden boot he is an ice cold finisher and his only rival seems to be Jordi Rincon of the Angry Greeks who has a mediocre opening game. With that being said there is a long way to go so lets see how Bigsby does under the spotlight! Xpert 11 Finally lets look at the Xpert 11 this weekend to see if it gives us any clues on which teams to watch. It must be said that the Baggies have not just the captain but two other players both midfielders with very high ratings in the X11 this week. Apart from Hull's Bigsby no other non Baggies player scores more than an 11 rating. Also impressive is Winston Warriors with three players, two defenders and a midfielder in there despite conceding 3 goals. Making up the Xpert 11 are two players from Haden United, one from Moria United and one from Nuclear Submarine. It is still early days but this weekend in both player ratings and results really did belong to Hull Federer Alliance and The Baggies. Still with a long way to go we will see where these two teams end up on the final day!
  12. Hey Dan did you want to share the writeups? I quite enjoy a 5 things I learnt. Maybe I could do Fridays 5 things I learnt/writeup if you want to tackle Tuesday?
  13. Great write up dan! Off to a good start there with a last minute winner!
  14. Xpert is gone. We all know what is at stake here. There aren't many managers left! Pull the plug on Xpert! What do you say about an Admin like that. Two years ago you lost the longest running playground game on NE. Haden reporting for duty. Where the hell have you been? Enjoying death. I only have one question? Why not stay dead there is no shame in saying you are no longer popular. Welcome to the new Xpert. I am your admin. You must be joking. 1 league 12 players coded just for NE, less a league more a personal statement. NE? Haden? I want to start the league again. How much do you know about NE. All there is. Well not like this. Not like them. Just look at you. Starting a league. Xpert. 4-5-1. You have started the league knowing you are not ready, knowing it may die, you have been very bad. The twelve survivors this is what you have made us. Everyone needs a hobby. So whats yours? Resurrection. Charlie Dan Drah DuD Haden Joe Kwelta Matt Nikos Rowan Tales Zell Starts this Friday. Games 7pm every Friday and Tuesday. Xpert 11 For Xpert James? No for MadDog.
  15. More than one season was the idea I think Xpert is all about the long term vision.
  16. OK we are up to 12! I will set the league up this weekend, what do you guys think two leagues of 6 or a big league of 12? I am thinking of a big league of 12 but happy to go with two leagues of six if voted for. It will be different when the league starts my friend :P
  17. We are currently stuck at 11 managers. I will give it to the weekend to see if any other Peeps or Odd people want to join us? If you know anyone obvious that we are missing just yEll.
  18. I will wait until we have 12 for now, I think one league will be better unless somehow it gets to 14. Anyone up for doing some reports could be shared out they always add some fun to proceedings!
  19. We are up to 6 so we can officially start the league but I think 10 is a nice number to aim for! I am rather low on time nowadays but if anyone would like to try and recruit a few more people that would be great. If Nikos joins it should only be three that are needed unless you guys want me to hold out for more?
  20. Who are you? I am no-one I was raised to play Xpert But now I have nothing to fight for Nothing will stand in our way Odwin I will finish what you started There were stories about the formations It is true all of it The 4-5-1 The 3-5-2 They are real The tactics it is calling to you Just let it in Xpert 11 is a football management simulator that is both free to play and very enjoyable. In Summer 2016 a new N Europe only season will gather both old veterans and new managerial talent together to test their wits and skill against each other. This thread will be updated but for now just remains a teaser, if you want to get in on the action earlier check out the current Xpert 11 thread to join the ongoing NE season! Sign up below to declare your interest and I will make sure I invite you when the time comes next summer. Please keep checking in for updates and invites.
  21. MadDog has passed away

    Just saw this obviously very sad :/ MadDog will be for me forever linked with Madpool his Xpert team. They may have never won the big league but like the man himself they were beautiful and admired by all. MadDog, Madpool, Reggie Hales we salute you! I will create a new Xpert thread honoring MadDog
  22. What is it? Xpert You're a manager aren't you? I saw your notebook only a manager carries that with him. Perhaps a killed a manger and took it from him. I don't think so no-one can kill a manger. Promise me you will train NE Yes Master This game is your life This game is of a manger it is an elegant game of a more civilized age. Once you start down the Mafia path consume you it will as it did many other managers. I was once a manager like the founder of this game. I wish I had known him. He was a good manager. He wanted you to join when you were old enough. A good manager feels his teams form peaking. A manager flows from his teams tactics, but beware of the darkside, frustration, fear, 5-4-1. Why did you make this thread? A good question for another time. This game was @MadDog and others before him. And now it calls to NE. That game it belongs to the archives! It belongs to us If you plan to join the NE League on September 1st 2016, sign up below and bring a friend
  23. Inspired for September My Playground game is Xpert Xpert? You gotta be kidding me. You haven't been in NE for a minute You haven't done anything in NE Mafia is in trouble! NE is becoming a believer in Xpert Xpert Xpert I've turned into a manager Playground game of the year is Xpert I want this be the best sub forum for no other reason than this is the best game in NE Xpert has never been the most popular subforum Could this year be Xperts year? NE curbstomp It is NE's job to ensure the best product for everyone Xpert is not the product we want for our audience Not everyone can be a hits pull in Xpert is a Bplus game, that is a good little spot for you The game is just not good enough to succeed No! you don't listen to NE we are not going to take it anymore Don't disrespect NE The only way we will get NE to listen is to start a new thread I am getting tired of this fantasy crap, you want to fight NE at E3 this summer you are on! With the playground I am stronger than ever. You shoot like a girl! Here I stand unbroken with these managers behind me
  24. The date of Xpert is moving The date has come Every day we move closer to Season 1 How do we know Xpert is alive? What does your scout tell you Come Xpert come to me This is your test every game you have played, GTA, Minecraft has led to this road. The Playground will never let Xpert rise again It is time Give Xpert a new lease of life Become the manger you were born to be The title will be ours... He means to play 5-4-1 Never! I'm not turning him away The date is September 1st The managers are moving They are here We come to 2016 at last I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of other managers. A day may come when Xpert's appeal fails when we forsake tactics and break our team but it is not this day this day we sign up. All you have to decide is what to do with the team that is given to you. We will see an active thread again. You gave away your dirty tricks I cannot protect you anymore. We cannot achieve members through strength of this thread. Not just through this thread but through telling others we can give it a chance. September 1st Xpert NE Season 1: Tell others be part of something special.