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  1. Week 2 Tuesday Cubic County 5-0 Hull Federer Alliance County kept up their strong start to the season with an easy win against the managerless Hull. They went with a 4-4-2 and Cullen, Lambert, Martin and Fuller all had goals. It was indeed a whitewash with County having 70% possession and 8 chances to 0. County did a professional job and the goal difference increase may be crucial come the end of the season. Winston Warriors 1-1 Haden United This was the kickoff match for the Warriors who before this game had a 100% record against United. Warriors lined up with a 4-4-2 formation against 4-5-1 from United. While the Warriors enjoyed the majority of possession United crafted the only real chances in the first half. This pressure paid in the 2nd half as a rare combination between two United defenders caused the opener as McLean crossed in a ball that Burtila powered home. The home crowd were growing restless as time ticked on and chances proved very rare. However their talisman Wimmer saved the day with a humdinger of a shot that he blasted in right near the end of the game. United got their tactics right in this game and will be pleased with a first point against the Warriors, as for the Warriors they will have to pick up some wins now if they are to keep up with the league leaders. AVFC 4-0 Leeds Reunited AVFC were seen as a force to be reckoned with when they first entered the league but had a disappointing opening day loss to the Greeks. However at home they gave a footballing lesson to Leeds. Playing a 3-5-2 they utterly outclassed Leeds who went for an inverted 5-3-2. AVFC came storming out the blocks with Costa who is in his last season for AVFC showing why they will miss him. He scored the fastest goal in the league so far with a close range shot from a corner, he then set up two goals to give AVFC a 3-0 lead after 21 minutes. When Costa was subbed just after half time the fans were chanting "1 more year, we want just 1 more year!" to their hero. Sjunnesson completed the rout with a lovely curling long range shot to make it 4. In the end AVFC made 14 chances if Costa stayed on it could have got embarrassing for Leeds. For AVFC this game was the real start to their campaign and a statement of intent, for Leeds it was a worrying reminder that every point will be precious for them in this campaign. Friday Leeds Reunited 1-3 Angry Greeks Leeds had a hard week facing what many see as the top two teams in the league in one brutal 3 day stretch! Leeds kept their 5-3-2 formation while the Greeks went for a 4-4-2 setup. Things started badly for Leeds as Blæstrud headed Greeks into the lead after a mere 7 minutes. However Leeds plan was obviously to soak up pressure and hit on the break and they timed this to perfection as Gough relesaed Diana to hit back to the delight of the Leeds fans. However in the 2nd half the class divide became apparent, this was personified by Westman who had both the stamina and skill that is lacking in the Leeds midfield. Westman scored a lovely headed goal and then set one up to make it 3-1 in the 74th minute. From this point Leeds had no real chance to get back in the game. For the Greeks this was an important win, they now face County in another away game where they will look to maintain their 100% record. For Leeds they have a game off but realise they will probably be in the relegation zone when they come back, they need to train hard and be ready for their next game. AVFC 5-1 Cubic County The 2nd part of AVFC's redemptive week took place on Friday as they tore apart County to shoot to the top of the table. Again AVFC played a 3-5-2 formation against the 4-4-2 of County. It was Costa who started things off with a delicious long range shot to get the party started early. Shuttlewood the wing back caused chaos on the wings as he bound forward to set up Stensass and Cambiasso after corners. Costa then blasted in another one as the County defence gave him so much time on the ball before Stensass looped in a header to make it 5-0 before 40 minutes. AVFC eased down in the 2nd half taking off Cambiasso and Costa to bring in some youth. County did get a consolation goal when Martin hit in a free kick off the post. However AVFC were brilliant value for money and won the match in a mesmerizing first half. AVFC now face the challenge of the 1st season winners Winston Warriors in what should be a barnstormer of a match, while County have to brace themselves to face the current champions the Angry Greeks. Hull Federer Alliance 0-5 Winston Warriors The game that sadly cost the manager his job as Hull sunk to another 5-0 loss. Good news for Winston though as Wimmer had a brilliant game with 3 assists and a goal. It pushes the Warriors up to third with a crucial game against AVFC next it will be fascinating to see if the Warriors can carry this momentum forward and leap into the top two with a win. Team of the week: AVFC easily take team of the week this time around with two brilliant wins that send them to the top spot. Player of the week: Firmino Pinto da Costa, AVFC, behind the success of AVFC was the genius of Costa who now has 4 goals and 2 assists to his name. It may be his last season but he is not going out quietly!
  2. @Dyson where are you the season is here! Embarrassing though even with not much activity you still have more points than me...
  3. Game 1 report Premier League Leeds Re-United 3-1 Hull Federer Alliance Quite a strange match for the opening of the Premier League as Leeds took on an inactive Hull Federer Alliance. You would imagine Leeds in only their 2nd season may be concerned about relegation this season but they have got off to a good start with this game. Both teams played 4-4-2 but it was clear that Leeds were out to dominate this game from the get go. Botham scored early with a blistering shot but HFA did not want to go out without a fight and responded with a headed goal less than 10 minutes later. However in the 2nd half Botham to poked in a free kick to restore Leeds lead. Giggs who had been troublesome all day delivered a late corner that Diana smashed home to make it 3-1. This was in essence an easy start for Leeds but three points on the board is an important start for them, they are away to AVFC next and will look to try and get a point to turn this into a good start to the season. Angry Greeks 3-1 AVFC This could be seen as a clash of the two merged leagues, as the current NE champ Angry Greeks take on the best team and admin of the old league AVFC. Both teams decided to go with a 3-5-2 to try and dominate the midfield. However right from the get go a sluggish looking AVFC seemed to be outpaced at every turn by the Greeks. When trying to mount an attack AVFC were caught by a beautiful Westman through ball on the counter, he found Ostrovski who calmly rounded the goalie for the opener. Westman was causing trouble again as he was felled in the box, he picked up the ball himself for the penalty and blasted it home.By the time Gomide curled in a beautiful 3rd it looked like it may turn into a rout. However after the break AVFC started to take less risks and slowed the game down, it looked like a fightback may be on when Costa hit in a shot against the post. However it was not to be and the Angry Greeks started their title defense with a very good win. The Greeks have a game off in the next round so will be able to rest and take their time planning for their next game. AVFC are against Leeds which should be a more winnable game for them but they will need to come out the blocks quicker in front of their home crowd. Haden United 0-0 Cubic County The closest game came between two old league veterans as Cubic County held Haden United to a 0-0 draw. Both teams played 4-4-2 but despite the scoreline there were a good amount of chances with Haden having 5 and County having 4. United had the lions share of possession and their manager tried to make this pay by making some offensive substitutions in the 2nd half however a bad injury to midfield Xicluna seemed to take the momentum out of United's game in fact County had more momentum towards the end of the game and it was their new goalie and captain Aurora who impressed with a couple of great saves to make sure United didn't lose their opening game. In the end this was a job well done for County, United will be happy to have a clean sheet but dissapointed by their strikers. County should have a nice easy 3 points next against Hull while United will need to stay very solid at the back as they travel to Winston. Team of the week: Angry Greeks, a very good start to their title defence with an impressive win. Player of the week: William Botham, Leeds M.O.T: scored twice to give Leeds an important opening win.
  4. The season is starting on Friday! Already a mouth watering match between the Angry Greeks and AVFC beckons. @dan\-likes\-trees I have kept Rodger in although at this stage he may want to start a new team! Did you want to do a quick report of one division if I do the other?
  5. Great to see you back Dyson.We are pretty much ready to go however in quite big news Elstak who recently quit is potentially offering to come back with quite a few friends making the league a lot bigger. I am looking into this at the moment and will not accept if it imbalances our league too much. Talking of which I have boosted all the teams that have not been with us since Season 1 to balance things a bit better. I will start the league either on Tuesday or Friday just want to see what the offer is by Elstak before I do. If anyone wants to join before then let me know! Btw @dan\-likes\-trees any word from Rodger?
  6. Just thought this may interest some people. I have gone with John Lewis for my console and it is still in stock I also picked up Zelda from here. They do click and collect so you can collect on launch day after 2pm from a Waitrose or John Lewis if you have one near you. https://www.johnlewis.com/nintendo-switch-console-with-joy-con/p3154182?colour=Grey
  7. Gearing towards a 7th March start just wondering if @dan\-likes\-trees has heard from Rodger also saw @Dyson on the board the other day so may see if he sees this thread! We have two new teams so we should be in good shape to go with a competitive 8 but could stretch to 10 if anyone else wants to join. The link is here: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  8. NE MadDog League - NE MadDog League - Season 2 - Overview 1 - TEAM RELATED - Most efficient team Angry Greeks 50,0 % Most inefficient team Haden United 36,4 % Team with most goals Winston Warriors 42 goals Team with least goals Hull-Federer Alliance 3 goals Most injury days Angry Greeks 63 Most money spent on transfers Winston Warriors 100 300 econ Most money earned on transfers Haden United 72 912 econ Most press releases Angry Greeks 8 - PLAYER RELATED - Top scorers Jordi Rincón [Angry Greeks] 13 goals Most assists Vadim Ispravnikov [Winston Warriors] 8 assists Most points Jordi Rincón [Angry Greeks] 15 points Most yellow cards Eddie Mostyn [Leeds Re-United] 6 cards Most red cards Max Teague [Leeds Re-United] 2 cards Most X11s Stuart Preece [Winston Warriors] 11 Most X11 Captains Günther Wimmer [Winston Warriors] 4 Most clean sheets Gianluigi Buffon [super Star F.C] 9 Most injury days Tajo Gañán [Hull-Federer Alliance] 26 days - GAME RELATED - Most goals in a game Nuclear Submarine - Haden United 3 - 5 Biggest win Winston Warriors - Hull-Federer Alliance 6 - 0 Some interesting stats form the overview!
  9. He has gone afk after quite a promising start but will hopefully be back. Speaking of which you need to make your return bob! The team in third are new this season so it can be done we also have another new team joining so it is a good time to rejoin the game Yes well done Cube it is good to have you back and you did indeed have a huge influence on the title race with your win!
  10. A truly glorious last game to decide the new Xpert champion! Well done Nick!
  11. NE vs Xpert Bully! A challenge! I love competition! Now, where would I mount the stuffed head of an Xpert! (Ha!) I'm into relationships, Star Wars through I'm a gamer Rough riding down to Playground like, "What's up, bitches?!" I keep my rhymes pure like my Chat about relationships! I'm an NE stud, and you're the British Elmer Fudd! I mean, for Christ's sake, look at that HTML mug! At least grow a spruce Facebook page and cover part of it up! And let's face it, you're not all that popular ! You tossed away users in the GameCube era like they were scraps off your plate! Your whole miserable game is the size of one thread! I could see my way through running that without donning my ban hammer! Don't go toe to toe with me, you bloated, drunk, old man! Why don't you do-si-do on over to a twelve-step program? I'll bust a trust fund lush with my European muscles, So walk softly over here and give my big stick a suckles! Pass me some tactics and a large glass of brandy. I'm about to take you out prematurely like the wii u! I'm the Manager Minister, fresh in a hat and dinner jacket! You look like a mix of Ashley and a Pringles packet! (Ha!) I was saving the planet from an axis of bad games While you were back home opening threads, yes! You were born trigger happy; you're going to choke hard, While I wake up every day and chain smoke new managers! I'll fight you on the beaches; I'll fight you on the beats, yes! Any way you want to fight, I'll fight ya, and I'll beat ya, see? I might be battling you even though I'm toasted, But tomorrow, I'll be sober, and you'll still be roasted! Wii u died when it was young, and it was morbid, But at least they didn't ditch me while they were alive like Xpert did! Oh shit! World War too soon? Well, Ashley's dropping bombs, so you best go hide in your tube! (Ooh!) You should be ashamed of your military honor! Everyone knows you're back at home like, "Thank God for Gen playground merge" Don't worry, the NE will give you a pass! Just change your poster to "Keep calm and kiss my NE's ass!" Steady there! I don't think it's very fair For Xpert to melee with a GameCube there!! (Ha!) You're no man; you're an overgrown Boy Scout! I should stuff you in a pram just so you can throw some game boys out! They put your fat head on the site to save face, But if NE was a band, then you'd play bass! Look at NE! The dude's about to lose the bout to Xpert! If a bullet to the chest won't stop you, my words will! A bullet can't stop the NE! NE will give Xpert the full deuce! Whatever shit you throw at me, I'll just return to sender! I'll battle to the end, and I will never surrender!
  12. Don't be too disheartened away to Zell was a hard first game. Keep your form high and experiment with some formations that may cause a surprise or two. I would also sack a few of your players to keep your team focused, Pritchard, Billingham, Lincon and Morrison should all be shown the door imo.
  13. Brutal game though injuries and cards flying all over the place! Welcome back
  14. All Xperts managers are robots, take it slow Wait for them to guess your formation you who you know Please don't play 3-4-3 You don't know the half of the tactics All Xperts managers are robots, take it slow Wait for them to ask whose your playmaker Please don't dirty trick me You don't know the half of the abuse Welcome to the room of managers Who have rooms of players that they loved one day Retired away Just because we check the PRS at the door Doesn't mean our brains will change from comments You're lovin' on the 21-9 midfield sitting next to you You're lovin' on the 15 goal forward sitting next to you You'll think, how'd I get here, playing you? But after all I've said, please don't forget All Xperts managers are down to eight, take it slow Wait for them to doubt your change report you who you know Please don't play retire You don't know the half of the game yet Winston Warriors @dan\-likes\-trees Glorious imagination Winston Warriors are a team that have players who can make a little miracle occur at any moment. From Wimmer to Jaume they are able to find that through ball that other players cannot see. Preece stops other teams doing this to them at the back but they are vulnerable up front and in between the sticks. However they are also of course champions, can they carry on the dream or will they be brought back down to earth? Angry Greeks @Nikos9 Iron Will The Greeks are on a unbeaten streak that goes back to the times of the heyday of Athens (or the middle of last season). It is easy to see why every player in the team is there for a reason, every player is capable of greatness with many being brought in to fill any collective weaknesses that the Greeks suffered from. It will take a lot to stop them this season for many they are advancing with the menace of a Trojan Horse. Hull Federer Alliance @RogerFederer Pin Point Passing The Alliance did well but did not quite have the string of results they needed to challenge for the top spot. What personifies this team is a real love of players who can craft a superb cross or float a free kick over over the top of back tracking defenders. In Bigsby they have one of the best strikers in the league who will guarantee a good haul of goals if he stays fit. With well thought out tactics the sky is the limit for this team if they can find consistency. Nuclear Submarine @Zell Leading from the front and back Nuclear Submarine are powered by a powerful engine at the front and back of their machine. Small is one of the best goalies in the league while Slater can both create and finish goals playing as almost an advanced playmaker. The team is also one that is dominant in the air, their weakness may be in the middle where any cracks in the armor could see them flooding possession. Small and Slater will indeed be crucial for them in this up and coming season. Haden United @Haden No home for a hero In their last campaign Uniteds season was fatally undermined by a miserable home record which saw them basically lose every single game against competative sides at their home stadium. If they can beat the curse at their new home stadium in Weybridge they could be in good hands with the experience of Mena and Dale in midfield driving them forward. Other areas of their team look passable but vulnerable to any sort of injury, how far can their midfield carry them? Leeds Reunited @Lucas3693 Numbers overwhelm figures Leeds at the moment represent the anti Greeks. Every man is not a specialist, the team almost merges into one as you look at it a cog ready to be turned in motion by its manager. Which direction it will go in up or down at the moment is unclear. However among the chaos lies perhaps an answer in Cain Lee the young midfielder who is both quick and creative good perhaps be a great if the team can harbor a talent like his it will go far. Cubic County @Cube Creative Lands County sees the return of an old manager who still has something to prove as Cube comes back to Xpert. With him is a forward line up that seems to be seeping innovation. Cullen and Culip while not having the best stats are a dangerous pairing if they find form who could not only create but finish moves for the County. Rowlands in the middle could prove to be a fantastic box to box midfielder with both stamina and a cool head. Cube will need to harness this trio to succeed. Super Star FC VIP incoming The only VIP that is playing looks to bring a maverick edge to the NE league. The only outsider he has already trimmed his squad to 15 players mixing future talent to experienced regulars. His team has a familiar ring with Bergkamp and Larrson up front and Pirlo directing traffic in midfield. While their midfield may need his guiding hand the expertise of the manager will mean this is one time you might not want to underestimate youth.
  15. Going to activate the league tonight, did you want to do a run down of teams your one last time was quite good? Looks like it will either be a league of 8 or 10 is Federer still active? I think DuD has moved on but I will keep the team to balance it if we get one more applicant before I start the league. NE MadDog League - NE MadDog League - Season 1 - Overview - FINAL STANDINGS - 1 Winston Warriors 22 16 5 1 71 - 13 58 53 2 Angry Greeks 22 16 4 2 63 - 8 55 52 3 THE Baggies 22 13 5 4 50 - 16 34 44 4 Hull-Federer Alliance 22 13 5 4 45 - 25 20 44 5 Nuclear Submarine 22 12 4 6 63 - 23 40 40 6 Drahkon FC 22 10 8 4 47 - 26 21 38 7 Haden United 22 10 5 7 40 - 19 21 35 8 Silverdale 22 9 1 12 27 - 34 -7 28 9 Seahawks FC 22 5 0 17 12 - 70 -58 15 10 Return of the Bob 22 5 0 17 24 - 94 -70 15 11 Eights ReUnited 22 1 3 18 6 - 60 -54 6 12 Moria United 22 0 4 18 8 - 68 -60 4 - TEAM RELATED - Most efficient team Nuclear Submarine 45,3 % Most inefficient team Eights ReUnited 13,3 % Team with most goals Winston Warriors 71 goals Team with least goals Eights ReUnited 6 goals Most injury days Drahkon FC 92 Most money spent on transfers Drahkon FC 2 988 500 econ Most money earned on transfers Winston Warriors 1 371 384 econ Most press releases Angry Greeks 10 - PLAYER RELATED - Top scorers Rory Slater [Nuclear Submarine] 23 goals Most assists Günther Wimmer [Winston Warriors] 15 assists Most points Rory Slater [Nuclear Submarine] 29 points Most yellow cards Percival Deacy [seahawks FC] 8 cards Most red cards Matthew Healy [Moria United] 3 cards Most X11s Stuart Preece [Winston Warriors] 18 Most X11 Captains Mack Partridge [THE Baggies] 5 Douglas Hargreaves [THE Baggies] 5 Stuart Preece [Winston Warriors] 5 Most clean sheets Mack Partridge [THE Baggies] 13 Most injury days Jeremias Sawyer [seahawks FC] 29 days - GAME RELATED - Most goals in a game Return of the Bob - Nuclear Submarine 1 - 7 Biggest win Winston Warriors - Seahawks FC 7 - 0 A new season is upon us, the elite eight now fight it out for the season 2 trophy starting on Friday! Unless you want to do one dan I will try and get a write up ready before Friday to launch the new season properly
  16. Reserving this post for a bit of an explanation of the rules I need Peeps guide! Anyone have any pals now is the time to invite them we should be at least around 10 but would be nice to ensure that and hopefully get a bit higher!
  17. Epic Xpert of history! MadDog VS! Xpert BEGIN! MadDog Picture a manager sitting next to a tactics screen Learning from your games to become a much better manager Now picture a 3 billion dollar midfield machine Who can block bust all over your attacking duster scene! Try to Duel with me Nikos, ya must be Psycho I'll bring back Barcelona tactics and take a bite of your ball I'm Always so on the top of my game, I get the possesion My balls in the goal, waiting for me to Murder! ya I rocked the champions league and the DGA You rock as many titles as that schlep Haden Next time you're filling up those jowls with 3-5-2 Check the trade, see me Amblin to my next big match report I produce tactics and made games for all ages You produce Oscar making one of two faces Maybe next time I visit, you'll be a bit more gracious Now kiss my possession stats and just bask in my greatness! Nikos That was a Close Encounter of the defensive kind But there won't be a pretty ending this time Half your billions should go to del Bosque Now brace yourself as I reveal my brilliance I'm the master, of suspense, so intense No defense against Eights once he presents My skill is enormous, orchestrate brilliant performance You're more horrible than Domestercool acting in League 1 Come on, fish defenders and real defenders to stir the fears up I squeezed screams out of chocolate sweepers I'm the best mamma-jamma ever stood behind the screen Damage panderers and haunt you like the last Liverpool defender Eights Cut! Gimmie a Tylenol, stop rhyming, y'all MadDog you got no style dawg, I'm the king of tactics There's only one league I know you from And I've seen more good games when I stubbed my toe in one You tried to fight in the cup but couldn't do that The league wouldn't let you join cause your tactics were too fat Look it up, it's a true fact, Wikipedia that Now allow me to attack Nikos the hack Due to the leagues a failure's what I label you It looked like some sell-out bullshit manager Haden would do Ask anybody "What's your favorite naming part?" No one's gonna say "What's his name, from Star Wars refernce part?" Tactics that I write ain't the... Cleanest (Fuck!) But when I grip the game I'm the... Meanest (Dick!) Eights is a... Genius A bad motherfucker from the wallet to the trophy Odwin Genius is a powerful word, but there's no reason to use it 'Less you're talking about the Odwin Then there's really nothing to it Every thing I do is visionary Every single game a painting made exactly how I wanna make it Do another take and get it right, 127 times I'll make you learn to love me, I'm the bomb, drop ultra-violent rhymes Like Clockwork, make you all hurt, beat Haden in Season 1 Season 12. is the worst waste of potential since the Ninja Turtles Haden That's enough, I've heard enough crap from all of you Why don't I come down there and show you what a real star can do? I swoop low with the telephoto, no Odwin, I work solo If there's one thing I've learned, bitch, this game is about motherfucking money I make that dollar, y'all, motherfucking money Even make Carzola make some motherfucking money I set up shop and got a few drops of that Got Milk money Rose to The the top now I got that socks made of silk money I ain't got that guilt money, I don't give a fuck I take my checks to the bank and I sign 'em with my nuts I give the people what they love, while the critics say I'm evil Got no time to read reviews, while I'm working on the sequel Got a gift from above, and the eyes of an eagle When it comes to blowing up, no director is my equal http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282 Starting date: start of October when we have enough numbers, join now!
  18. Congrats to Winston Warriors! Good second place to Nikos as well! At the moment I am counting 8 teams for next season potentially 9 with DuD being a bit awol. We should be able to get to 10 pretty easily with outside help but may be good to push as far as we can with recruits. I will make a new thread today if possible and look to start the new season in the new year.
  19. Big game today! Will my home form ever improve or will this be the worse loss of all Will start new season in the new year prep everyone you know lets aim for 10 min and hopefully more! @DuD hope you are still around
  20. Why is it so hard to get players above 16 DV!
  21. @Lucas3693 @Cube your teams are ready We also have a new manager under the name of Elstak so please make him feel welcome. As noted by Elstak's arrival I have opened us up to managers from other leagues just to keep our league competitive I am aiming for at least 10 teams for next season. I will be accepting them at my discretion so have no fear we will not be flooded by teams outside of N Europe it is just to make sure the league is active.
  22. Sorry to hear you wont be coming back I think after season 1 the game gets more interesting as you get to see your team develop but well done for this season. I will try my best to cause an upset but with my home form...
  23. So with todays result I have now drawn away with all the teams 2nd-5th but lost at home. This is why we are moving ground!
  24. Epic post man and thanks for the praise regarding Downfall vid haha. I have had that in my head for a while so was nice to post it lol. I might try and do some more vids like that as they are good for a laugh. Going full on youth team tomorrow will get a hiding I am sure!