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  1. Official Neighbours Topic

    I was thinking this could be quite funny as well. I really hope it happens then Stuart has to arrest her, for REAL! Instead of one of their little sex games. Oh and good old Toadie cracking the jokes today, he was keeping 'abreast' of things. Super stuff.
  2. Official Neighbours Topic

    Yes I love Darcy. I knew he was going to change into the good old rogue character that we all love at the end. You tell her Darcy! Oh and some good old house of trouser fun and of course some Cindy whining even though for once she was in the right. Good neighbours fun, although this episode didn't have the older or younger demographic in today, they are some of the best characters Harold and the adventures of Sky etc. Well nm seeing Darcy back on form was classic enough.
  3. MP3 Player Guide

    Just got my ipod nano today. And wow is it pretty and very very small. Looks : Is sleek and looks brilliant in black, makes the white writing really stand out and of course adds to its petite nature. And I can't overstate how small this thing is, I thought it was a joke when I first opened it or some sort of demo model. Oh and plus points go to the superb packaging, Apple really know how to make you feel special. 9/10 Memory : 4GB memory version for me, which is small but then again I only want it for a few albums and the occasional audio book. Wierdly though like many memory formats, 4GB doesn't really end up being that it is slightly less. 6/10 Features : Hmm I haven't really looked into this. It has a clanender a colour screen an alarm I think of course the scroll wheel and the headphones are on the bottom not the top of the ipod. Oh and you can get it personalised with some text on the back. 8/10 Software : Newest ITunes which seems very nifty so far. Has various cool stuff like top 25 and decade specific tracks. Also converts files for you into an ipod friendly format. 8/10 So far I am very pleased with my purchase the headphones are more powerful than I thought and don't pop out either. However I have a problem, Itunes and quicktime has for a while not being playing sound back properly. It is very jittery, as in a pattern rather than the occasional jitter. It is hard to explain but if anyone has any advice on how to solve this it would be much appreciated. Anyway I am back to playing with my new ipod
  4. Seriously Enter at your Own Risk!!!

    I don't think they have many mods or people in it at all. I think we could teach them a nice lesson before they even knew what hit them
  5. Seriously Enter at your Own Risk!!!

    The forums on that place are a sick place. Racism and other nastyness seems to be rife, we should invade it and put pics of hippies and videos of the muppets :happy:
  6. new here

    Hi Gus how are you? Whats it like in Texas just out of intrest? I hope you enjoy your stay here and get into the atmosphere of the forum.
  7. Tiberian Sun > you

    Before this thread drifts and dies, I had a fun game of Generals with Space yesterday. It was us two vs two computers and it would be fair to say he wiped them both out while I tried to remember the difference between and overlord and the er fire tank thing. It was a cool game and reminds me of how great generals is. So if anyone else here has it that would be great as we could get a few big games happening.
  8. Revolution iPod like ads

    Hell yes! Please Nintendo advertise this you have something different and visually impressive sell it to the masses.
  9. Tobbacco takes it in the pooper....

    Like others it makes no logical sense to me at all. The only benifits it seems to offer is to fit into a paticular social group. But I am really to apathetic to take up something that is going to harm me to gain some friends who share the habit. Makes no sense at all to me. At least cigars look cool though in a old fashioned british empire kind of way.
  10. The LOST topic *spoilers*

    My favourite characters are Locke, that Southern guy and the hobbit :wink: I can't stand the bambi eyed main woman character. I have got up to episode 16 and am enjoying it immensly. The camera work and enviroments are wonderful and characterisation is coming along nicely. A few nice overlapping bits of storyline in the flashbacks as well. Will be intrested to see how this concludes. Oh and Bowser your new sig rocks my socks. :happy: Leanardo FTW!
  11. Sounds exciting Ford, glad you had a fun time. That chickzor does indeed rockzor. Dero Dear whoever came up with adding zor on the end of a word needs a good slapzor.
  12. Games your currently playing.

    Playing through Prince of Persia the original which I am very impressed with. Although the voice acting for the women reminds me of Natalie Protman "The city is abandoned, it is so sad... yet so beautiful." However the wonderful acreobatics and the less brilliant but still superb combat makes this game a winner. I need to carry one with BGE thats great too. Playing Battlefield 2 which is a classic game on my PC, if anyone wants a game just PM me.
  13. I will be purchasing this as well, seems a real tatical game. I loved the advance wars series on the GBA and this seems just as tatical.
  14. I agree I think Nintendo needs to show peple the potential and diversity of this device. In a Star wars game for example you could have superb sword fights, use force powers brilliantly (a flick of the pad could be a distraction or you could lift someone up in the air), space fights would be incredible fun, you could enact the Han Solo bar brawl then even flick a coin at the barkeeper and say "Sorry about the mess". Many actions that have been confined by the joypad have been opened up now. I agree with Reggie when he said something like, going down a new road at a slower speed is much more intresting than going down tha same road quicker.
  15. Tiberian Sun > you

    Hey Space I have generals. I am pretty poor really but I would be up for a game, it would be cool if we could get a whole load of CE people to play. I have the expansion pack to, go motorbikes! :wink:
  16. Things That are Excellent!

    I am excited likes it christmas eve after seeing the Revolution controller. Oh and nice one Surrealist what will you be doing? And welcome back
  17. Best Ever... (Results Are In)

    I will let you know that my group had the highest standards to pass. You had to play a game of chess with me over msn, share a pimms or two then muse about the congress of vienna. It was the people who failed not me! :wink: Oh and well done to all involved and praised.
  18. Tiberian Sun > you

    I agree with you Lammie. Red Alert is one of my fave games ever. Tiberian Sun did have two great features though, no wait three! Number 1 it had robot men who you could shoot so much that their legs would explode, but they would still hunt you down! Like something out of T2. Number 2 it had AT-AT's Number 3 it had missions at dusk which of course is cool. Nice one on making a PC gaming thread btw FL I hope for lots of these :happy: btw if anyone has any C&C games and wants a game PM me or we could have a big team game with CE people.
  19. Who do you think you are?

    I am Aragon son of Arathon, Elessar the Elvenstone and the Heir of Isildur. Not really I am Haden, I have now found my head.
  20. Lovin the new look

    Cool cool board guys. Credit to those who made it including Mr Lammie. Stroke of genius timing it with the event of today, I think Master Tim has some inside knowledge now :wink: