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  1. Xpert managers are like any other poster. They are either a benefit to the league or a hazard. If they a benefit they are not my problem. I was an admin to a 30 user league once. I was a good admin. Things were simpler then. The following replicants are being searched for @dan\-likes\-trees @Ellmeister @DuD @Zell @The_Peeps @Rowan @Aqui1a @MilaGi @Lucas3693 @Dedede @Agent_Gibbs @Esequiel @Fierce_LiNk @Jimbob @gaggle64 Please register below or risk permanent termination Any other replicants not listed above but looking at this thread must also register. http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282 Registration closes and the games begins on January 6th
  2. Saul Goodman It's like it's Saul Goodman Holy crap Haden's a dad? What kind of dad are you going to be, are you going to play it straight or play it colourful? My manager title is just a name. NE made a mistake and I will never forget it. People don't forget you are the failed Xpert admin As far as NE is concerned the last post is all you are. I have people waiting for me they don't know that I post they never will, they are protected. When it is my time to go I know I have done everything for xpert I can. The Winner takes it all. Is there any chance Haden could make another league if there is interest by Christmas 2022?
  3. Another good season that saw Winston Warriors come back and reclaim their crown with a very strong league win! The league is at the moment still divided into two leagues so it is a great time to come and join the next season of Xpert 11 NE League which will start on 12th May Past Winners: Season 1: Winston Warriors Season 2: Angry Greeks Season 3: Winston Warriors http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  4. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Sorry man I am out as mentioned to Nick give me an email if another league gets started some time! Just to hard to keep a league going nowadays, still glad we had a few good seasons for MadDog
  5. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    You just keep on winning you are a classic Fergie manager! I am hoping you draw your next game so the final game against me is worth something! Yeh @Dyson come back we miss you. Do you know where Mcoy is?
  6. Hey man just noticed you posted a youtube video on the forum no chance you could let me know how you did that?

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      You just have to post the address for the youtube video. It doesnt need any code anymore.

  7. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    @Happenstance @The Peeps @Fierce_LiNk @Zell @Dyson @Mr_Odwin @DuD You have two options you either play Xpert or play Xpert I resign thank you. I can make Xpert more fun! No its ok thank you. Your league is down to 9 you're fired. My team is just hitting form. Yeh I see the fried egg, you're fired. I just saw your team play and I wan... It is pretty strange this forum and xpert keep running into each other. Maybe it means something? I doubt it. Yeh I don't think so. We can just write our own posts make something as interesting as the game. What are you going to do. Mould my own league. Youtube music video promoting xpert. Is that going to happen at the start of every season. I think so. How are you going to get people into Xpert if you are such a traditionalist? You are holding onto the past but Xpert is about the future. Maybe Xpert is not good enough. Yes it is. Xpert is a pipe dream. No this league is the dream it is 4-5-1 vs 3-5-2 it is very very exciting. Someone in the forum will be the one you need to know Someone who can lift the league off the ground Someone in the crowd will take the league where it needs to to go Someone in the crowd will make you Someone in the crowd will take you Finally off the ground, with a new manager ready to be found
  8. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Weekly Report Greeks fading? The Angry Greeks have been near the top of the league for some time now but their old rivals Winston Warriors took 2nd place from them this week. The Greeks lost ground when they were held to a draw in a dramatic game against Haden United. The Greeks started off very well with the vital goal that they needed from a Tochourochou free kick, they looked to have a huge advantage when he scored a 2nd shortly afterwards, however the ref said their was a foul in the build up play. The away fans were then even more furious when Gawad smacked in a rare chance for United. It looked like United may have stolen a win but a late Wizzini goal was disallowed as it was now the home fans who turned on the referee. The Greeks went on to what was seen as an assured victory against mid table Cubic County but went behind after 24 minutes when Lambert hit in a looping header. The captain for the day Westman got a vita goal to equal things out for the Greeks on the eve of half time. Chances were hard to come by and it looked like it may be another 1-1 draw but Vardar scrambled home a freekick to make it 2-1 much to the relief of the home fans. Thanks to other results the Greeks actually gained ground on the top spot but have a huge game away to Phalanx FC next which where a statement win is needed as the title race goes down to the wire. Haden United 2-0 Exeter Gently The most important result this week was surely this one as Haden United beat league leaders Exeter Gently 2-0. United who have been looking for a marquee win this season came out with an ambitious 3-5-2 formation against the 4-4-2 of Exeter Gently. From the get go this paid off as United created chance after chance with their midfield running rampant. The Gently defence did not know who to mark as Gofrey crossed in a peach of a ball for Xicluna to head in off the post. Gently were reduced to damage control their goalie Crosby was by far the most valued player on the pitch. It must be said they were missing influential midfielder Bourjoirs to an injury and stemmed the tide slightly in the 2nd half. However it was all over as star midfielder Dale curled in a stunning long range shot to make it 2-0 in the 2nd half. In the end this was a painful loss for Exeter who see their league lead reduced to 1 point, they should see off Cubic County but other teams have underestimated them at their peril. For Haden United this was a great win and keeps a brilliant unbeaten streak going that sees them pushing for a top 3 place. Urban Street Foxes 1-1 AVFC Two teams that have had perhaps not a stunning season are Urban Street Foxes and AVFC. AVFC after a strong mid season run have stalled slightly, they faced a Street Foxes side who have picked up only two wins but did nick a point away to AVFC. However both teams did not want the game to be dull as the Foxes went with 3-5-2 and AVFC opted for 3-4-3. The game started off slowly with Street Foxes dominating possession but AVFC holding firm. The deadlock was broken when after 24 games AA Passot scored his first ever goal! It was a lovely through ball from star midfielder Kuijt that set him up for this special moment. The 2nd half opened up a lot more and the Foxes were searching for another goal to kill the game off but this proved to be their down fall. AVFC defender Silva intercepted a through ball and hit a beautiful long ball to Casanova who rounded the keeper to hit in his 5th of the season. The game ended with both teams slightly disappointed at a game that summed up a hard season. The Foxes have another home game but it is against the current champions Winston Warriors, while AVFC have a game they should win against Cuza-Voda. Team of the Week Haden United: United had a tough couple of games this week against two title contendors and while they shouldn't count a home draw as a good result against the Angry Greeks it isn't a bad one. The highlight of course was the victory against Exeter Gently, which was one of the best performances the team has put on this season. If they can keep this up they may have a shot at a top three place. Player of the week Paraskevas Almanidis of Phalanx FC had a brilliant week first he scored twice and set a goal up against Urban Street Foxes and then he added two more assists against FC Cuza-Voda in the Friday game. He currently has 12 points (combined goals and assists) and in that respect is behind only Exeter Gently's super striker Ewen Forbes who is way ahead with 18 points. We want you! Our current season is winding down so if you are reading this now and want to take part in the madness of life as an Xpert manager last season now is the perfect time to join for next season! http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  9. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Hey man no problem glad you love the reports I have one below! Any chance we can have you back for next season, numbers are at last pretty stable but we have at least 1 spot. @dan\-likes\-trees any chance of Fed coming back? Return of the reports Exeter keep the momentum Exeter Gently kept the momentum up this week as they easily beat Cuza-Voda 5-0 and then earned a crucial away draw against title rivals Angry Greeks. The result was 1-1 but Exeter had to withstand huge amounts of pressure as the Greeks made 8 chances and held more possesion. They also struck first as lone striker Cederholm hit one in on the break, however Bourjoirs got a crucial header in the context of the league moments before the break. The Greeks were somehow held at bay in a cracking 2nd half as they attacked again and again. You feel this is a vital result for the league leaders who are now in pole position to win the league. Winston Warriors 0-1 Phalanx FC Part of the joy of Exeter's team came from a damaging loss to Winston Warriors who could have been just 1 point behind the leaders if they won this game, they now find themselves 4 points adrift. 4-5-1 the formation of choice was used by Warriors and earned them more chances and possesion, however Phalanx used 4-4-2 and the two strikers proved vital when Salling lost his marker and headed in goal just before half time. Warriors came back but the game was quite tepid and both sides only managed a few chances. In the end the game played out, for Phalanx this kept their very slim title hopes alive and cause a big blow to Winston. Cubic County 2-1 Urban Street Foxes As well as the upper echelons of he league there are subplots further down the table, the Urban Street Foxes score a win over Cubic County a week ago and knew another one would see them move up the table. County for their own part wants to keep in touch with AVFC who are pulling away. County played a solid 4-4-2 against Foxes usual 3-4-3, the first half was quite even but the defender Brace scored the vital opener with a brilliant header. County began to grown in confidence and in the 2nd half Cullen set up Lambert to volley in a great finish. However the Foxes looked good and it was deserved when Georgopoulos hit in a close range shot 5 minutes later. The game died down after this and County held out for a victory that moves them up the table, the Foxes will now have to do a lot to try and gain ground on the rest of the league. Team of the week AVFC carry on their fine run of form after a dreadful opening patch at the start of the season. They looked magnificent against Phalanx as they played a risky 3-5-2 to great effect and won the game 2-1, they then destroyed Mapchester away 6-1. They have earned 13 points out of a possible 15 in their last 5 matches and are challenging for a top four finish, if they start this well next season could they have a tilt at the title? Player of the week Lifa Falzon for Haden United had a good showing against the Foxes as well as a storming performance against Cuza Voda as the 20 year old was at the heart of everything good United did, scoring once and setting up two goals in their 3-0 victory. Apologies for lack of reports have been without my laptop for a couple of weeks now! Dan let me know if you can do next week and good luck to everyone for the week ahead!
  10. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Haha wouldn't bank on me taking points off anyone but Madchester at the moment! I honestly cannot believe that last game, I feel like Mourinho in full on moan mode but I had the offensive play guessed, the playmaker marked, 10 chances to 5, at home...
  11. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Week 2 report Greeks and Phalanx set the pace So now we are down to just two teams who have won all of their games, these two teams are Angry Greeks and Phalanx FC. For Phalanx they had a tough game against County that they won 1-0 thanks to a priceless header by Stensaas with 10 minutes to go. They then beat Haden United 2-0 away from home with a 2-0 victory were they controlled the game and deserved to win. For the Greeks it began with an easy victory against Urban Street Foxes but they won a crucial game against Winston Warriors 3-1 away from home. Playing 3-5-2 they were rampant in attack against the Warriors and sealed the victory when Westman slammed in a brilliant goal at the 69th minute. Both these teams are well fancied by the bookies to go all the way but one thing is sure at least one of them will not have a 100% record by the next report as they fave each other on Friday. AVFC not functioning AVFC had what can only been seen as a bad week. Starting with a 2-0 away loss to Haden United they created 1 chance even though they had 5 midfielders to only 3 against United. To pour salt on the wound they lost their new striker Casanova to a brutal injury that will see him miss some of the coming week as well as all of last week. AVFC tried to recover by playing a defensive 4-5-1 against Exeter Gently. This did give AVFC 7 chances but they also allowed Exeter to have 11 chances. What was also an issue was Fadhilah who stepped in to fill the Casonova shaped hole was ineffectual up front by himself. When AVFC did score it was already game over with 90 minutes gone and 3 goals conceded. AVFC have some star players but need their new players to start to mesh and Casanova to come back firing sooner rather than later. FC Cuza gains some traction After their opening loss 6-0 FC Cuza were seen as easy prey for other teams but it must be said they had a really good week. They started with a 1-0 win against the abandoned Mapchester, they used a 4-4-2 formation and scored a goal after just 2 minutes by the captain Stratan. They made 5 chances but their forwards were not really up to much but luckily their defence was very good in this match. What was more impressive was their 1-1 draw with Urban Street Foxes away. Again the captain Stratan was impressive as he set up Malloy for a long range shot after 20 minutes. Urban struck back and came after Cuza really hard with 61% possession and 6 chances, however with Uliu superb in goal and Stratan commanding the back line they held firm to gain a valued point. This puts them 6th which after the opening day is not a bad place to be. Player of the week Ewen Forbes - Exeter Gently After a 2-0 home loss to Winston Exeter had a lot to prove in their next game at home to AVFC. They needed players to stand up and be counted and it is clear that Forbes is a captain who leads from the front. He scored via a header and breakaway for the first two goals and then beautifully held up play and released Logan for the 3rd. He was menacing throughout and kept pushing his team forward after a poor first half, this was a really important win for Exeter and they have Forbes to thank for it. Team of the week Angry Greeks have been so professional this season it is scary. Last season they may not have lost but they were dropping points where they shouldn't have been. This time around they are beating lesser teams with ease as seen by their mauling of Urban Street Foxes and crucially they won their first test with a brilliant 3-1 away win against Winston. They need to keep this momentum up as they look to take back their crown.
  12. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe League 2017

    I used to love these back in the Wii days. Fridays aren't great for me but if I can join I will be there finishing 11th, @Charlie will be last.
  13. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Epic report @dan\-likes\-trees! Good win today needed to switch things up a bit after the opening day.
  14. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Talking points Week 1 Winston are offensive! It was a strong start for Winston Warriors as they started their title defence with a 3-0 win against Haden United that was full of confidence and bluster. Despite only starting with 1 striker the Warriors were full of attacking intent creating 8 chances with the evergreen Wimmer at the centre of every goal. Wimmer scored a screaming shot within 2 minutes and then set up chances for Galisteau to hit home on the 53rd and 80th minute. United were simply blown away and could not find any sort of footing in this game. Warriors were able to push up constantly with their 4-5-1 formation and expect them to use this formation again in big games as it allowed them to stay solid at the back but commit men forward. United may need to go back to the drawing board after this loss, they simply were not competitive and will feel their title hopes have already suffered a big blow. For the Warriors they may well offend more teams in the future! Two small squads meet With a combined total of 31 players Urban Street Foxes and Exeter Gently have focused teams but on evidence of this game they may be where the similarities end. Exeter Gently lived in the shadow of Phalanx FC last season but will want to get ahead of their rivals this term. They have started off well as the manager equipped his team perfectly to take out the Foxes. While the Foxes lined up with a commendable 3-4-3 Exeter countered with 4-4-2, their stronger midfield meant they won 7 chances to 1. This meant the Foxes 3 strikers were isolated for most of the game while Exeter scored firstly on the break in the 27th minute and then drew out a penalty in the 68th to seal the game. The manager even had a chance to bring on some youth at the end of the match. Exeter face a huge home match against the Warriors next while the Street foxes have a massive challenge as they face the Greeks away. Greeks are first among men The Angry Greeks may not be quite so angry as they demolished FC Cuza-Voda 6-0 in a blistering first game. While both teams played 4-4-2 it seemed the Greeks had an extra player in each part of the pitch. In truth these title winners were beyond the scope of what Cuza-Voda could comete with and by the 41st minute it was already 5-0. Cuza-Voda had a midfield that featured three 19 year olds. By the time Greeks young prospect Blaestrud came on he must have felt and old hand at 21 years old. Hopefully Cuza Voda can progress with a victory or two this season while the manager sorts out their team, for the Greeks they have the momentum and the form they are off to a very strong start. AVFC Galácticos fail to make instant impact AVFC have been ringing in the changes with 7 players leaving and 9 coming in during the past few weeks. Not all of them were ready for the fixture against Cubic County but it must be said those that were did not make a dream debut. New midfielder and new captain Dwight Red looked to be injured early on but toiled on in what was a stop and start performance from AVFC. Cubic County seemed wary and played a 4-5-1 formation but most of the game took place in the center ground with both teams only having 1 chance each! Neither of these were taken and both teams may look at this as a lost opportunity. For County it was a home game where they looked scared to play while AVFC know they need to wait for their top men to learn to play together but will hope the wait does not take too long. Phalanx enjoy training game opener Whlie all efforts were made to open the league with 10 active teams. Sadly however shortly after taking over Hull Federer Alliance the new owners of the renamed Mapchester United seem to have left the club. Still it means all the teams can enjoy a couple of training games this season. Phalanx was the first to have this privilege and made the most of it playing a 3-4-3 formation that netted them five goals. Phalanx have to be seen as one of the title contenders this season and with a home game against County next you would imagine they will still be at the top end of the table heading into next Friday's game. Player of the week: Gunther Wimmer, a great match for Wimmer with a goal and two assists as he made sure his side got off to a winning start. Team of the week: Exeter Gently, with a tactically astute away win Exeter have got their campaign off to a strong start.
  15. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Stinging defeat! Your team is way too good now I will just have to contend with a top 5 this season I think!
  16. Xpert 11 Season 3 In past threads they have been themed in one way or another on a movie or image that had nothing to do with what Xpert is really about. So I thought for newcomers I would go back to basics. Here is @Mr_Odwin post introducing the game in this thread 10 years ago: http://www.n-europe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16598 Xpert Eleven is the game where you can challenge your friends in the noble art of coaching a football team. Get your friends together and create your own league system. It is completely free to play Xpert Eleven. You can either create your very own league or join an existing league. We play this at work and it can be a right laugh. I don't like football but it's still great. It's a simple version of something like Championship Manager. Beware: This is no short thing. It will take many weeks to complete the season. Please join the N-Europe league only if you plan to continue. It would be sad to have a league full of dead teams. As we're all forum members, try to use your forum name as part of the team name or your user name. That'll make the connection with this forum stronger. For our current season we are nearing the end of what has been a great season! The title has gone down to the last game this Tuesday with defending champions Winston Warriors having to beat Angry Greeks at home to retain their crown. New team Super Star FC beat Haden United to gain 3rd place and Cubic County and Leeds Reunited are battling it out for 5th. Anyway it would be great to have a few more active teams, it does take a while to get into but it is great fun when you start to build your team up. Would be good to see some old faces return as well as some new hands taking up the challenge If you are interested please sign up here: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  17. Congrats to Winson a two time winner of the top trophy!
  18. Tuesday Haden United 2-2 AVFC United lined up against AVFC as both teams looked to secure a vital win in the race for 3rd place. Both teams have favored 3-5-2 formations recently and stuck to their guns in this game. It was Chafik who broke the deadlock with a great opening goal that he poked in to give AVFC the lead. United changed things up at half time bringing on Dale and Curmi. This combo made the difference as Dale swung in a corner that Curmi whacked home. It was a real back and forth game but Dale was now causing all sorts of problems, he curled in a lovely cross that Mena headed home to give United the lead. However AVFC who had been pinned right back had one last rabbit to pull out the hat. Deep into injury time Cambiasso looped in a cross and it was that man Chafik again who nodded in a header to make it 2-2. The United team were crestfallen but the AVFC fans were ecstatic. For both teams this was not an ideal result, it makes United's quest for 3rd place unlikely and kills off any chances AVFC have. It was a great game though the real winners may be the spectators. Cubic County 2-0 Leeds Re-United County strolled to an easy win against a Leeds side that seem to be heading towards the end of their time as a club. County played 4-4-2 and while they did not make a lot of chances (4) they had Wiston on hand to score two headed goals, after these went in the game was over. However sadly for County their defender Lassiter received a really nasty injury near the end of the game that he is still recovering from. County haven't quite kept up their early season promise but this was a solid victory for them. Winston Warriors 0-0 Angry Greeks Carrying on the theme of a draw that suited no-one the Warriors and Greeks again battled to a stalemate. Sadly this was not their usual 3-3 thriller but instead a nervy 0-0 draw. Warriors went with a 4-5-1 formation hoping to dominate the midfield and make enough chances to score even with a weakened attack. The Greeks on the other hand seemed contented to lose the midfield battle and hope to score when they had a rare chance with a 3 man attack. In the first half their were no chances at all but things did pick up in the 2nd as both managers made changes to boost their team. It was Warriors who made most of the running creating 5 good chances but the Greeks goalie Haraszti was equal to every chance, Winston's midfield limited the Greeks to 1 chance which they were unable to convert. Both teams may look at this as a lost moment when they could have changed the course of the league but of course Warriors will feel the more aggrieved that this was not the moment they won the league. Friday Hull Federer Alliance 0-3 Haden United This was a nice win for United against Hull who have long since given up the ghost. In the end United made 9 chances to 0 and got an early penalty that Falzon scored to settle the nerves. Sadly Haysbert pulled up with an injury after just 10 minutes in what would have been a good no pressure game for him. However another 2 goals eased United to the win and thanks to other results they reached 3rd place, they may still have a shot at this target but will face tougher challenges in their final two games than this one. Angry Greeks 3-0 Cubic County For the Greeks they cannot afford to make any mistakes so they wanted a clean victory at home against County. Playing 4-4-2 as were County the Greeks wanted to play a balanced game to be assured of victory. They were the better team in the first half but did not score. However after County defender Brace had to be taken off with an injury the Greeks sensed their moment. Westman hit in a close range shot and then Vardar was brought on, he helped finish the game with two lovely passes to Cederholm who made it two and then three nil. After a nervy start the Greeks eased to victory in this one, all they can do now is hope the Warriors slip up in their final games and keep winning their own games. AVFC 0-4 Winston Warriors This was perceived as a big test for the Warriors in their run in but they demolished AVFC in a remarkable game. Both teams played 3-5-2 but from the outset this was an utterly one sided affair. The Warriors outmatched AVFC in every part of the pitch and when Preece swung in a cross for Svedberg to head in it was a just reward for Warriors play. It was Warriors midfield that was the engine behind this game with Jaume scoring twice and Wimmer providing a lovely assist. AVFC could do nothing to stop the tide and in the end the Warriors scored 4 with 10 chances to 3. This was a huge match for the Warriors who now only have to beat the managerless Hull and gain a draw against Haden United to win the title unless the Angry Greeks reverse a large goal difference. For AVFC this puts their 3rd place credentials in doubt and will have cause a large loss of morale among the team. Team of the week: Winston Warriors again win this award, they will have wanted a win against the Greeks but responded with a trashing of AVFC to put them one good result away from their 2nd title. Player of the week: Szabolcs Haraszti, Angry Greeks, the Greeks title defence may be hanging by a thread but it would be over if it wasn't for the heroic saves of their keeper Szabolcs Haraszti.
  19. @\[b\]Haden @dan\-likes\-trees\[/b\] Welcome to the NE shield of justice We are the nastiest dirtiest Xpert of justice These dogs are hungry Whoa I'm waking up to 4-4-2 and dust I wipe mytactics and I sweat my rust I'm breathing in the marking I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the 4-5-1 bus This is it, the CL final Whoa I'm waking up, I feel it in my playmaker Enough to make my tactics go Welcome to the new 4-4-2 to the marker Welcome to the 4-3-3to the new playmaker Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive I raise my formation, don my clothes It's a revolution, I suppose We'll paint it red to fit right in Whoa I'm breaking in, marking in then sending a playmaker out on the prison bus This is it, the apocalypse Whoa I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones Enough to…
  20. Don't worry I will be taking at least a draw if not more from Winston "FACT" I will be getting the Wenger 3rd place trophy "FACT" We are the team to beat there is nobody to touch us when we play well me and Arora know we are the best "FACT" He is fired up but you can't blame him pleasure is all yours "FACT" If none of this comes to light don't quote me "FACT"
  21. They're gonna lay me low (Lay me low) They're gonna sink me in the snow They're gonna throw back their heads and crow When I go They're gonna jump and shout (Lay me low) They're gonna wave their arms about All the stories will come out When I go All the stars will glow bright (Lay me low) And my friends will give up the fight They'll see my work in a different light When I go They'll try telephoning my mother (Lay me low) But they'll end up getting my brother Who'll spill the story on some long-gone lover That I hardly know Hats off to @Mr_Odwin On top of the world Come crawl up here, baby And I'll show you how it works If you wanna be my friend And you wanna repent And you want it all to end And you wanna know when Well do it now don't care how Take your final bow Make a stand Take my hand And blow it all to hell They gonna inform @Charlie (Lay me low) Who'll breathe a sigh of relief He'll say I was a @Rowan a badlander, and a thief When I go They will interview my @Fierce_LiNk Who'll say I was one of God's sorrier creatures They'll print informative six-page features When I go They'll bang a big old gong (Lay me low) The motorcade will be ten miles long The world will join together for a farewell song When they put me down below They'll sound @130131301364 (Lay me low) And the sea will rage, and the sky will storm All man and beast will mourn When I go Hats off to the man On top of the world Come crawl up here, baby And we can watch this damn thing turn If you wanna be my friend And you wanna repent And you want it all to end And you wanna know when Well do it now Do it now Take a long last bow Take my hand Make a stand And blow it all to hell Lay me low... When I go... Now is a better time than ever to sign up if you are interested sign up here: http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=427282
  22. Week 3 report Tuesday Haden United 4-0 Hull Federer Alliance An easy win here for United as they gain there first 3 points of the season, they fielded what must be considered a youth side against Hull. Curmi was the stand out player with two well taken goals. This was a much needed win for United that sends them shooting up the table. Winston Warriors 2-0 AVFC This was a hotly anticipated game that both sides really wanted to get a result out of. Both teams played 3-5-2 but oddly this seemed to cancel each other out. AVFC really toiled here unable to craft one real chance for their star man Costa. The Warriors struck in the first half when Artobolevsky headed in a beautiful cross from Preece to make it 1-0. This turned out to be AVFC's weak point as just after half time another cross this time from Jaume to Ispravnikov undid the AVFC defence a second time. Warriors then began to sit really deep and AVFC could not break them down. It was in truth not the most exciting game but it was a very good show of tactical play from the Warriors. Cubic County 1-1 Angry Greeks County have gone under the radar this season stringing together some really good results. This has to be up there as one of the best so far. County set up with a 5-3-2 formation against the 4-4-2 of the Greeks. Straight out the gate County hit the Greeks quickly and Martin curled in a fabulous header that was buried by Cullen. This shook the Greeks who never found a rhythm in the first half and did not create any real chances. The Greeks then begin to bring in substitutes to try and alter the game with Grubb, Directo and Westman all being called on to help turn the tide of the match. The Greeks began to create chances and with just 6 minutes to go two of the subs Grubb and Westman combined as Grubb hit in a corner that Westman bundled home. It was a cruel blow to County but their fans were cheering them all the way to the end and were really proud of the team. It is close at the top and the Greeks may look back at this as a lost 2 points but on the other hand may be happy they came away with anything. Friday Angry Greeks 3-3 Winston Warriors The last game of the season that decided the title between these two was a epic encounter that ended 3-3 giving the Greeks their first championship. Surely this could not live up to that epic? At first it seemed not Warriors played 3-5-2 against the 4-5-1 of the Greeks. Again the Greeks had a very bad first half with 1 chance to 5 for Warriors and again conceded an early goal as Jaume headed in a curling cross. The Greeks improved in the 2nd half and seemed fired up. They got their reward when again Westman was the hero hitting in a powerful shot, Souloganis then heade in a goal just before the 70th minute as the Greeks began to take control. The Warriors manager responded by freshening up his midfield and attack bringing on Artobolevsky and Anunciação, this turned out to be a move of genius as first Artobolevsky and then Anunciação scored within two minutes of each other to give the Warriors a 3-2 lead! However the Greeks had also brought on some players, one of whom was Lavado who with minutes to go was threaded through by Westman, he ghosted past the keeper and smashed the ball in the net. The Greeks fans went crazy it was Lavado's first ever goal for the club! A truly brilliant game by two sides who bring out the best of each other. The Greeks have slipped slightly this week due to starting slowly in both games but importantly managed to retrieve a point in each one. The Warriors on the other hand would happily have taken 4 points from this testing week if you offered it to them at the start and look every bit the title contenders. Leeds Re-United 0-3 Cubic County This was an important game that highlighted the gap between Leeds who seem to be spiraling down to relegation to County who are reaching new heights with every game. Leeds set up with a 5-3-2 that was perfectly countered by County's 4-3-3. County paid no price for their 3 men in midfield and were able to strike with deadly efficiency when they wanted. This started just before half time with a long range strike from Cullen. Then Rowlands and Lambert sealed the game with some great quick movement in the 2nd half. For Leeds they actually made enough chances but Diana and Griffiths were really not efficient enough. For Leeds you have to say this was a must win game and now they are looking at a double with Haden United as a way to haul themselves out of the relegation zone. For County this was another brilliant result that sees them 1 points below top place. AVFC 1-0 Haden United This was the first meeting between these two clubs and ended up being a good win for AVFC who controlled most of the game.Both teams played 3-5-2 but AVFC controlled what was a close opening half. Chafik found some space for AVFC and curled in a ball for Bellhammer to head in his 2nd goal of the season. United never really got going and while they looked quite solid they did not have a creative outlet. Things got worse when Godfrey was sent off for a reckless challenge that ended any chance United had for a come back. For AVFC this win combined with the drama of the Warriors-Greeks match meant they climbed to the top of the table. United have fallen behind the leaders but will not be too dissapointed by this performance. Team of the week: Winston Warriors just edge out Cubic County who also had a superb week. The Warriors did really well to win at home without conceding a goal and then take a crucial point against the Greeks in a drama filled game. Player of the week: William Cullen, Cubic County, 2 goals and an assist for the week for the 26 year old striker who had fun against Leeds and struck early against Greeks to help his team earn 4 points.
  23. Pleased with my new keeper, still don't really have a team for a title punt but a lot more stable than the last two seasons.
  24. I am up for it you could advertise it on xpert as well. Cube would be a good candidate considering his great start to the season!