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  1. Super Mario 3D World (Nov 29th)

    Nope (we didn't say that).
  2. Oh man, just seen this thread! Cheers Mokong And Serebii - you know I always credit you
  3. Correct To be fair to my colleague on the right, he was indeed very hungover.
  4. Questions

    Spoken again with our tech guy Vorlx, who says that the DNS issue is fixed, although maybe your ISP is lagging somewhat at realising this. For the moment either utilize the temporary link until a time your ISP's dns servers decide to play nice, or switch dns to opendns or google's public dns which seems to be the root of this problem anyways.
  5. Questions

    Raining_again, let us know if you're still having problems. Otherwise I think we hopefully have this one under control
  6. 3DS Console Discussion

    It looks good, sure, but it isn't perfect. Nintendo still haven't reach Apple's level of aesthetics.
  7. Questions

    For anyone having problems, pass this alternate URL along: http://ne.dnssite.net Please let us know whether this solves anything for you guys (or not, as the case maybe). We're still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.
  8. Questions

    Apologies for the problems folks. We've passed on this thread to the server guys, fingers crossed this can be resolved asap
  9. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Ironically yes, you can clear it without flipping the entire level Still stuck on the final final star - it is the hardest level in any Mario game I've ever played.
  10. D_prOdigal_Son_Returns

    or prodigy! Have a great one you amazing fella
  11. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I would say press on for the simple reason that the World 3 map screen has the best music in the entire game 90-something stars now, going on after beating the game. It has a great ending cut-scene that will have anyone who played the first Galaxy beaming from ear to ear.
  12. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    If you've beaten 120 stars on Galaxy then beating Galaxy 2 shouldn't be too much of a struggle, at least to conquer it initially. Going on from there though it does get more difficult, but that is because there's simply more to do. You'll be playing it for a long time
  13. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Up to World 4 now and it's effing fantastic. I can see why people are saying its better than the original, there is much more to do - and the stars are spread over a larger number of galaxies. Was unsure about Starship Mario at first, but it feels so much more your ship than Rosalina's ever was. It's becoming a