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  1. 3 minutes ago, Tales said:


    Yeah, I don't know if it's an actually category or anything. I just assumed it could be. Anyway, I just bought the traditional tea set at the store. Don't think I have the low screen though.

    I can also orger you a tatami bed if that would help too? that one I will have to order and send you via catalogue order but i'll be more then happy to! 

    <3 thank you for letting me come over and sell... I should only need like 2 trips?  <3 I won't hold you back long though I promise! 


  2. Just now, Eddage said:

    On my way!

    I have a spare Diplo tail, Dinosaur track and Bunny Day lamp recipe if you need any of those? Otherwise I'll leave you some Bells :)

    I'm not sure if I need those... I do have all the Bunny day recipe's though! AH! Thats so kind of you! <3  I'm so sorry about the connection thing D8 alas it seems if I try to connect to either my brother or my cousin while they're close we have that issue <3 but thank you for being so patient!