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  1. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    8D 9 Glorious pages of glorious DLC... Currently Dean is in the middle of something. He'll be with us shortly! i'm getting on now. :'3 I'm getting on now! i'll have to add people to my friends list.
  2. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    * ^ * but it's still as annoying as hell! 8'D Google my dear...google... Also this kinda happened
  3. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    It's alright @Glen-i I'll need your help with this
  4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    8D I'm sure up for some hunting for sure! <3
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    :'3 It just dawned on me...But i'm not sure if i've added anyone to my Friends list here...8D to avoid any embarrassment later down the line here's my FC! 5697-4258-4783
  6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    D8 Sadly the server isn't back up. I keep checking though. This wait is BEYOND agonizing! Alas...not much to do but wait...and wait...and wait HUZZAH! save data moved over! I can now hunt! ( Though everyone's asleep for the most part so i'll be doing single player for now) BUT TOMORROW! We hunt!
  7. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    > ^ < I'm sitting here checking my switch every couple of minutes to see if Nintendo might be nice and let me play a few hours early, Whilst @Dcubed is stuck on 99% with the server being down for maintenance. Doesn't seem like Nintendo are going to be nice though so I've gotta sit it out and wait.
  8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    I have the most part of this week off for this...
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    It doesn't help that the armour in the demo is REALLY bad...like...The hardest Monster in the Demo is a Plus monster, While the armour your given is Low rank, and barely upgraded at all. Like, at that point of the game you would at least have high rank armour, if not fully upgraded low rank armour.
  10. Splatoon 2

    @Glen-i Never forget
  11. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Man that was great! so much fun getting back into a good hunt! :'3 the default armour REALLY isn't that great at all. One of the best thing is that we can record some of our best moments, Which is something I took the pleasure of doing already!
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    That's right...back in the good old days we had to Claw...
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    ...That feeling when you're trying the hardest monster...Using Dual blades and everyone else picks hammers...as soon as we get to the monsters 1 person quit's... then moments later another dies...Then another player quits...I miss hunting with the gang.
  14. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Oh my gosh I just got cat quest too! It's supurrrisingly fun! Dean just got Monster Hunter worlds and that kinda kicked us in the mood for some hunts. Sadly I'm working tomorrow and Sunday evening. So I won't be home till like midnight-ish. Would love to get some hunts in with you guys soon though! Gotta get some bling armour ready for ultimate @RedShell @S.C.G
  15. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Even though it's been a whole day since the reveal...The hype hasn't changed at all...Found an amusing picture that I felt would make a few people smile! PS. This is cute
  16. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    ...I was the only one to guess K Rool? I know I screwed myself over more then the gain... ( > ^ < I WAS SO CLOSE WITH ALUCARD! GRRR ) Even so..,I can't help but feel a little giddy
  17. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    ...This direct was AMAZING... my hopes for Lloyd in smash increases! :'3 K Rool was originally just a costume...Also The King K Rool character video made me love Dedede even more then I did already. :'3 I'm going to try and main K Rool! I did it with Dedede i'm sure I can do it with K Rool!
  18. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    @<3 Man I honestly can't wait for this! the day is getting closer and closer! @RedShell I believe I go by UFA on there..i'll confirm that when possible, but when i'm not at work i'm pretty much free most the day, if I had to put a time on it i'll say 5pm till stupid o'clock. :'3 When I am working though I'll normally be on about midnight till stupid o'clock in the morning. :'3
  19. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    No words can describe my hype...so here's a gif instead
  20. Digimon Survive (2019)

    :'3 Aaaah Glen...you know me all too well...I was admiring this already. I love the simple animation in the visual novel part! I do love a good SRPG! though I do agree that they all do tend to turn into transformer, mecha things...then again how can you not like this?
  21. WarioWare Gold ( 3DS 27th July 2018)

    I want this game so bad...But with octopath, monster hunter ultimate later this month, My recent obsession in Binding of Issac and more...I don't know if i'll get a chance just yet. ; ^ ;
  22. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    It's so close... I can taste that well done steak...just under a month now!!!
  23. Enter the Gungeon

    I bought this but have yet to play it. I played it with a good friend of mine and really enjoyed it, so when I I saw it 50% off with the new Dragun update it was a instabuy! > ^ < I've been really into binding of issac though but I know it'll have that same kinda feel to me!
  24. Mercenary Kings: Reloaded

    O . O Oh my goodness this looks like a lot of fun! ( I really need to pop on more, I only just saw this post now ) O w O i'll totally have to give this a go! I like the animation style plus there's a cat gun...how can you not love a game with a cat gun?
  25. Splatoon 2

    Yeah those games were fantastic last night! <3 gotta do it again!