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  1. ' ^ ' Jumping in on this! hew hew hew 1: Super Mario brothers 2 2: Kirby's Adventure 3: Zelda 1 4: Final Fantasy 1 5: Tetris
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Thread

    ' ^ ' I shall too be joining the smash festivities!
  3. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!

    @Glen-i It's not a Charmander! He is a Hamilton! and he is very happy! So i've had a lot more fun with this game already then I expected to be honest...I've had some crazy luck already... First pokemon I saw entering Viridian forest was a Bulbasaur, not knowing that it's a rare spawn. I've had a little too much fun in naming my rival too. I've got way too much mileage out of this name then expected and i'm only at Cerulean city! Oh yeah and this happened
  4. Smash Bros Switch Roster Prediction Competition

    ...I'm still saddened by Alucard...
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    ' ^ ' Glad to be given my proper name! Thats MISS crazy towel lady to all! If you're ever up for some hunts...and well...i'm available 8D i'll be more then happy to join in and help! Never forget to bring a towel!
  6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    <3 thank you for all the hunting! ; w ; It's been a lot of fun! > w < Hopefully we can get some more in again soon!
  7. :'3 Time to get in the way and make a big mess!
  8. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    <3 Thanks on helping me get my G rank Glavi armour....and in true Rpg fashion Less armour is more defense in this world. :'3
  9. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    8D Won't be long with my foodsies now guys! ' ^ ' a true hunter has to eat! Both IRL and before a quest! > ^ <
  10. Well done, well done to all competitors! There were many fun moments had in tonight's races! And i'm looking VERY forward to highlights for tonight's races. Now i'm not just randomly posting here... ( though that Daisy video posted earlier just fit tonight's theme so well. I'm here to reveal who's the Smartest steerer of the evening! And That is.... viceview51 I'm going to leave the rest to @Glen-i now 8D
  11. I may not join in Mario Kart night...but I can provide lol's ENJOY!
  12. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    * ^ * Yesterday I had to pop into work and then got side tracked with things and stuff...but 8D i'm totally up for some mon hun later! <3
  13. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    XD Hey it happens! it's All A ok! I just love to help honestly! :'3 I did kinda get how they were as soon as they kinda ignored as I was telling them i'm switching weapons. XD It's alright though! things happen! :3 The main thing is that we all have fun! and that we grind what is needed! 8D I've been refreshing my the hunting hub Friends list on and off! I'm MORE then happy to help! > w <
  14. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    XD That's ok! I was a little confused at first... I only joined after seeing you had both joined. O w O I would love to join still! XD it's ok I was a little confused at what's happening. 8D We'll grind still as long as is needed! <3 i'll keep refreshing my friends list!
  15. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    @Hero-of-Time we have a space free if you're up for it! 8D
  16. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    @Hero-of-Time my friend code is 5697 4258 4783
  17. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    :'3 @Dcubed Say's he'll be up for mon hun a bit later! 8D I'll have to add you to my friend list @Hero-of-Time
  18. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    ' ^ ' did I sense that there might be possible monster hunter goings on tonight? :'3 after the craptastic last few days at work I could really do with taking my frustration out on some monsters...If there's space I'll be in! 8D
  19. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    ...This is the definition of wobbly legs...Oh my gosh I spat out my cola laughing...
  20. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Aaaah such a good night of hunts. Thank you all for such a great night! Here's just a few personal highlights of the evening
  21. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    At least you even get a single bar. My room is literally a black hole for wifi... thankfully any other room is alright! > ^ < That's something I honestly love about this community, always take the time to explain things to others!
  22. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    8D I'm totally up for it more monster hunter tonight! 8D * ^ * I got a few clips but only one that really stood out..
  23. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    <3 Thank you again! Wish we could of played more! > w < but it was amazing still! <3 I hope that we could play again soon! I'm free tomorrow to play for sure!
  24. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    :'3 @S.C.G I didn't have you on my friends list so I just added you now!